Sage Green Nails Designs

Hi lovelies! We are here to talk about a gorgeous color and particularly about nails. They are sage green nails. I am pretty sure you have seen this beautiful color before or maybe even own a nail polish in this color, but I am going to show you some more inspiration for your next designs.

Sage green is one of the most beautiful and the hottest color out there. If you ask me, many people choose sage green for a reason for sure. This color just goes so well with any type of nails designs and any type of nail. It can be short nails, long nails or press on nails. The Sage green nails aesthetic is very earthy and (I think) peaceful, so that when you look at these green nails you feel the freshness and the calming vibe it gives. Sage green nail polish is, unfortunately, not many people’s first choice, but I believe we can change that. The versatility of sage green can attract more people, once people decide that it would be good to give this color a try. And I am here to give you some reasons why you should try.

Inspirations for Sage Green Nails

Just like many colors, for sage green nail designs we have lots and lots of options. I will be showing you some designs that people have tried before. Some are the easiest designs ever and some are just as complicated as they are. So this color looks good in both simple and complex designs.

Regardless of their challenges, they are beautiful and definitely exciting and swoon worthy. When you see what I am about to show you and some of these nail techs, I am sure you will want to give it a try. If you are not so good at doing this type of nail design, you can always go to a salon or I have a better idea. You can gather with your friends and do each other’s nails. I bet you will have one of the most memorable times of your lives. Now let’s see what we have here.

Wavy Shapes Nail Designs

sage green nails

The left wavy sage green nail design is, I think, one of the cutest designs for sure. Why? Because it is not really complex at all, you can easily do it at home by yourself, you don’t really need much equipment for it and it contains beautiful color combinations that you can try. This design shows us a good combination of sage green, dark green and white. Topped with a glossy top coat, voila! You got yourself a pretty cool design. Now let’s look at the design on the right side. This one is pretty simple to do at home too. Choose two of your nails and draw waves on them, the remaining ones can be simple and plain. Here, the nails with waves have a matte coat underneath them and I think with glitter, it looks wonderful.

Sage Green Nails with French Tips

sage green nails

Who can say no to french tips? No one, absolutely no one. We all know how chic sage green french tip nails look. You can have fun with it and add freshness to the design. Just like on the left design, you can add two beautiful flower designs to your two nails. Also, shiny stones look so cool with this one. The one on the right side is much more simple than the other one. You just make a simple french tip design. Additionally, if you want, you can add tiny stickers on them but still keep it simple. Again, with a glossy top coat, it looks beautiful. I always loved the combination of french tip nails and satin midi skirts and you should absolutely read this Satin Midi Skirts Ultimate Guide article.

Matte Sage Green Nails

sage green nails

2There is something soo cool about matte nail polish. They definitely look badass. And to make it matte, you don’t have to buy every color in matte. You just have to buy a matte coat and make every nail polish you own matte. The left design may look easy but it is tricky if you ask me. To have this kind of design, I think going to a salon might be the best choice. And this monochrome look is simply gorgeous. The right one is a plain matte sage green nail design. And because of that, you can’t go wrong with this. It will look fabulous with everything. This one should be a “must try” on your list.

Sage Green Nails with Different Hues of Green

sage green nails

It is always nice and exciting to try something new. Don’t just settle for one shade, try them all. And if you don’t know how to start, you can start with a slightly paler and darker shade of sage green just like the photo on the left. It is a fabulous design, not just because of the color combination, but because of the shape of the nails and little accessories. And obviously, they finished it with a matte top coat.

The design on the right is seemingly much easier and also similar to the left one but different, of course. This time they added thin white lines and it looks so cute. The fact that those two nails have french tips is also a unique and fresh idea. You can do it at home by yourself and have so much fun while doing it. Moreover, for this one they used a glossy top coat.

Checkered Nail Designs

sage green nails

I don’t even know where to start with this one. Just look at them, how incredible they are. Checkered designs are always so much fun to see. And you can mix and match it with different designs. Just like on the picture left. She used a checkered design, a flower design and a plain sage green one. All three of them look absolutely stunning together. And by combinating with white, I think she made a great choice. And when we look at the design on the right side, we see that the checkered nails are black and white but the rest is a beautiful shade of sage green. This combination looks so good if you ask me. Apparently, the colors blend really well together.

Flower Nail Designs with Sage Green Polish

sage green nails

These floral prints are so refreshing and relaxing to look at. Plus, it is not as hard as you may have thought about. The design on the left side is pretty simple if you compare it to the design on the right side. This one has a narrower color range, but that does not mean it looks less beautiful. On the contrary, most of the time, simplicity is beauty. This design will look so fresh on a sunny day with your favorite outfit of the summer. And when we look at the design on the right, you can clearly see this one has a wider color range and looks absolutely adorable.

The combination of pink, red, white and sage green looks astonishing. I would happily wear this design every day in the spring or summer. Again, it might seem like this design is hard to do, but once you try you will see that it is not that hard, but of course, if you are drawing a flower on a nail for the first time you might need some time to adjust. But I promise it will be worth it.

Leaf Nail Designs with Sage Green Polish

sage green nails

Now these designs are perfect for plant lovers and fashion forwards. If you are a minimalist like me, you will adore this design on the left. It is so simple yet so unique. The combination of white and this hue of sage green looks complete together. And with little jewelry, rings or bracelets, altogether they will look delicate just like leaves in the design. I mean who wouldn’t love this design? It is gorgeous. But when we look at the design on the right, you can clearly see that this one is bold and looks daring. We see the color combinations of white, sage green, black and brown. They are all earthy tones and undoubtedly inspired by mother earth. With the finishing touch of a matte coat, these bold black leaves look super cool.

3d Nail Art Designs with Sage Green Polish

sage green nails

As you can see, these are not the type of designs you can do at home on your own, if you don’t have the right and enough equipment to do it or somebody to help you, because I believe these 3d designs can be much harder to do. On the left design, they used 3d flower stickers and it is easier to do the flowers on your own definitely. Glittery french tips look fabulous with the matte coat underneath them. And the color suits her skin color very much.

And we have come to the last design we will see in this article. The design on the right is a mix of many designs and it looks so much fun. We can see thin wavy lines, braid motives, flower designs and french tips. Some of them are easier to do, but I think the 3d flower design is not that simple. Maybe going to a salon to have this type of nail design could be a better idea.

Shop the Trend & Try It!

And we have come to the end of the “sage green nail designs” article. Also, I found this video on youtube “ 11 easy nail designs – easy nail art designs complitation – green nails ”, she is showing eleven different and interesting designs that you can try at home on your own easily. You can see it down below.

Moreover, I have found these nail polishes and some equipments you may need while doing your designs, maybe you would like to try them. Who knows, these equipments can be just what you need and hopefully make you glad that you bought them. What do we have on our list? We have sage green press on nails and a clear one, two different shades of green nail polishes, a nail polish holder ring, a gloosy coat adn a matte coat nail polish and that is it.

You should definitely check them out. I hope you found this article helpful and enjoyed it as much as I did. And don’t forget “Wear to express, not to impress”.

Stay Stylish!

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