Pieces You Need for Your Grown-Up Wardrobe

Have you landed that dream job you have been aspiring? Have you clinched that promotion that you always yearned for? Have you closed that mega-deal that you have worked very hard to seal!

What are you waiting for! It’s high time to upgrade a part of your wardrobe. Walk the talk, make that fashion statement, and pick up your new status. Call the shots by presenting your new self to your colleagues, family, and circle of friends. Below are some must-have essentials.

A Briefcase

Show me your briefcase, and I will describe your character! A briefcase is the ultimate piece to show power and status and make you feel in control. For the best women’s briefcases, you can shop beautiful Italian online retailers like Mirta to find your special and exotic custom piece. Show them who’s in charge!

A Pantsuit

Well-crafted handmade pantsuits will always upgrade your wardrobe. They elevate your statute and give you this oh-so-powerful feminine feeling. A perfect cut pantsuit is considered by many women to be their secret weapon. You can style a pantsuit with a basic dress shirt or blouse for dressier occasion, or a t-shirt for something more casual.

Perfect Height Heels


A perfect pair of high heels is a timeless and priceless piece that you’ll get multiple uses out of. Be mindful of the height when picking your heel, because sometimes it may not be considered a good thing to wear sky high platform heels to a business meeting. Consider a 3-4 inch heel a good height to be professional, yet commanding. With this size heel height, you can also wear it out for an evening with friends.

Real Gold or Silver Jewelry


Silver and gold jewelry always compliment your choice of attire, no matter the occasion. These hold value for money since they do not depreciate. Jewelry can elevate your wardrobe, take you from minimalist to maximalists with the change of a blingy second. When considering jewelry for work, depending on where you work, you may want to keep it to a minimum (ex, small hoop, studs). If you work in a more creative field, you are a bit more free to choose what you want!

A Signature Perfume


Smell is one of the strongest scents humans possess. Humans can recognize a memory or person, just by the smell. Every woman has a signature perfume, it’s important for you to discover yours!

It’s important as time goes on you invest in pieces you’ll have for years and years to come. The future is also going more towards a trend of sustainability, becoming more quality over quantity. With this mindset, its’ okay to spend a bit more on essentials that will take you everywhere in life.

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