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Gender Reveal Dress Ideas for Mamas

Hello, again ladies! Today, we will talk about a subject that is closely related to mothers. If you are one of them, first of all, congratulations! Our topic today is Gender Reveal Dress! I am sure it is very exciting to learn that you are pregnant. After receiving this news, you may think a lot about being a mother and the pregnancy process and you may be a little worried. But concepts such as baby shower and gender reveal dress can help you reduce your stress and enjoy the pregnancy process. First, I’ll make a few suggestions based on your guesses about the baby’s gender. Then I will give you my accessory and shoe recommendations for the gender reveal dress you will choose. I hope this article gives you pleasure in your great excitement. So let’s get started!

What to Wear for Gender Reveal Party?

One of the most important factors when choosing your outfit at Gender Reveal parties is your guess about gender. If you have a feeling or a guess about the gender of the baby, you can choose your clothes accordingly. In fact, if you have already found out the gender of the baby and you are organizing this party just to have fun with your friends, then choosing a gender reveal dress will be very easy for you to choose. Conversely, choosing your dress can be a lot of fun if you have no guesses as to the baby’s gender. In this section, we’ll go over your predictions about the baby’s gender and look at the gender reveal dress options.

gender reveal dress

Gender Reveal Dress for the Baby Boy

If you are guessing that the gender of the baby will be boy, then of course your gender reveal dress should be blue. You can choose many different dress models in blue. For example, the skirt part of the maternity dress can be tulle. Or a bright and sparkly gender party dress can also provide a stylish look. If you are in favor of a simple look, a basic model will be suitable for you. The leg and sleeve length of the gender reveal dress may vary depending on the season you are hosting the party. Now let’s take a closer look at these models I mentioned!

gender reveal dress

Blue Pile Fabric Dresses for Mothers

Dresses with tulle fabric always provide a cute look. If your concept for the gender reveal party is cute and fun, a blue tulle dress will be the right choice for you. Depending on the season, you can choose long-sleeved or sleeveless gender reveal dress. In addition to the models in the images, I suggest you take a look at this model I have chosen for you.

gender reveal dress blue

Blue Shiny Gender Reveal Dresses

Shiny and sparkly dresses are indispensable for parties. This party will also be a very special day for you, so you can wear your brightest and most striking dress. Your dress may be made of a shimmery fabric or may have small glittery embroideries on it. So your dress will look great when the sun rays are reflected. You are the star of the day! If you are guessing that your baby is a boy, a blue sparkly dress would be the right choice.

gender reveal dress

Simple Look for Gender Reveal Party

If you want to look simple but stylish at your gender reveal maternity party, you can choose a casual dress in blue. If you have an authentic party concept, it would be right to choose such a gender party dress. By providing both a stylish and simple look, you can move comfortably throughout the day and take care of your guests. Here is a dress that will give you that look!

gender reveal dress

Gender Reveal Maternity Dress for the Baby Girl

If the mother thinks the baby is a girl then her choice should be the pink color baby reveal dress. There are many pink dress models to choose from. For example, it can be a pale pink dress made of silk fabric. Or a satin fabric fuchsia pink maxi dress can look very stylish. Along with these, a different shade of pink that you want will also be a good choice for a baby girl. Let’s take a look at these model gender reveal maternity dresses.

gender reveal dress

Dresses for Gender Reveal

If you like pastel tones rather than bright and vibrant colors, a light pink gender reveal dress will be suitable for you. Your pale pink dress can be in different styles. If it is summer, you can choose a model with low shoulders or straps. In the winter season, you can make your decision according to the environment where your party will take place. For example, if the party will take place indoors, you can wear a dress as I mentioned.

gender reveal dress

Satin Dress Ideas for Reveal Party

The satin dress provides a stylish look in every location. We talked about satin dresses in one of the previous articles. If you have a special interest in satin dresses, you can have a look at this article. A pink dress as gender reveal dress can make you “cool mama”. You can gain a modern and stylish look with the accessories you prefer in gold tones.

gender reveal dress

No Guesses About the Baby’s Gender

If you have no guesses about the baby’s gender, the most correct dress you can choose will be a combination of both blue and pink colors. There are such dresses specially designed for gender reveal parties. These gender reveal dresses with pink on one side and blue on the other are in perfect harmony with the party concept. I suggest you take a look at this sweet dress as well as a few examples here.

gender reveal dress

Accessory Suggestions for Maternity Party

Accessories are one of the complementary parts of our look. On a day like this, which is very important to you, it is necessary to choose the right accessories. Your jewelry preferences may vary depending on the model and color of the dress you choose. At the same time, the concept and location of your gender reveal party will be effective in your accessory preferences. For example, flower crowns will provide a very beautiful look at your outdoor party in summer. On the other hand, you can complete your look with necklaces according to the collar of the gender reveal dress.


Crown Style for Mamas

You can choose a flower crown according to the color and style of your dresses baby shower. For example, if your dress is pink, a flower consisting of pink roses, peony flowers or daisies will complete your look. If you have chosen a blue dress, your crown may consist of blue and white flowers.


Necklace Models for Gender Reveal Dress

If you have chosen a V-neck maternity dress, it will be very good to complete your dress with a necklace. If you have a necklace that has a spiritual meaning for you, you can wear it on your special day. Or you can use another necklace according to the color and style of your dress.

gender reveal dress

Which Shoes to Choose at the Reveal Party?

Although we wear many different shoes in our daily life, we can say that these options are very limited during pregnancy. Because the most comfortable shoes are the priority for mothers. Generally, sneakers or flat-soled shoes are preferred by mothers in order to move freely. We can say that this is also true for the gender reveal party. Because on this special day, your comfort will be as important as your elegance. For this reason, you can complete your gender reveal dress with a stylish sneaker or sandal.


I hope you enjoyed the advice I gave you in this article for your very special day. Pregnancy and being a mother are really special processes. For this reason, I want you to feel the best and most comfortable on this exciting day when you will learn the gender of your baby. In addition to my suggestions here, you can get different ideas for your gender reveal party from this link. However, the information in this article can also be helpful in determining your look for both you and your partner for party day. I hope it will be a very fun party and your gender prediction will come true. See you in the next article!

Stay Stylish!

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