Chanel Vanity Case Bag

Hi girls! Today we are going to talk about cute Chanel Vanity case bag! Because box bags are getting trend every single day! And if you’re a real Chanel lover, you will be very happy about it. Because Chanel has the most perfect box bag I’ve ever seen! Let’s have a look at how they combine this cute chanel vanity case bags!


chanel vanity case bag

Especially this soft pink Chanel vanity case bags are my favorite ones. Because a soft pink handbag goes well with every color! As you can see from the photos, you can combine it with dark or light colors. It is really up to you! But if I were you, I would combine it with white clothes. Because white shows the bag better than black, for me.

chanel vanity case bag

You can combine your Chanel Vanity case bag with jeans! Look at that color harmony!

chanel vanity case bag


There are different color options and sizes for this cute Chanel Vanity case bag! Let’s find your favorite color. Mine is the light pink one with white stripes! What is yours? Write me it at the comments below girls!

chanel vanity case bag

chanel vanity case bag

As I said before, this Chanel Vanity case bags have different sizes. If you are not sure how big they are, here is a video for you. She is showing what you can put into a medium Chanel Vanity case bag! Actually, she has too many things in it. I’m surprised!

Do you wonder this season’s bag trends? I really like the red box bag at number 40!

Ups! By the way did you watch Chanel’s 2019 Fashion Show? Oh if the answer is no, you should definitely watch it! It was really uniqe and the place was amazing!

See you at the next article girls!

Stay Stylish!

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