Black Boots That I Couldn’t Take off This Winter


Hi girls! At these cold days, it is a little bit hard to worry about our outfits. However, I want to talk about some shoes that will make our outfits always look modern and chic without any effort. Actually, we can call them our joker shoes. Of course, they are our indispensable black boots! As you know that, we can match these boots easily with different kind of cloth combinations because of their color. This is why black is always trend in our outfits. It’s a timeless color for us and also for the fashion sector.

In my opinion, every women must have at least one pair of black ankle boots. Because, you can wear them with different colored pants, skirts, dresses or whatever you prefer, but the style of the boots should change depending on your outfit. So today, I want to share with you three different kinds of black boots which are my favourites during this winter. You can make your outfit sporty or chic with these boots, it is depending on your preference. However, trust me, these boots are really help you to get the best outfit!

If you ready, let’s start with the black boots which I have used all the time this winter!


Actually, I have already had an ankle black boots before I bought this one. However, first one was not complete my outfits very well because of it’s round toe. I was looking for a new one which has pointed nose because this winter, it is more trend than the other one. It looks much fashionable and elegant.

So, I started to look for websites to buy a pointed nose black boot. There was a model in my mind so, I was looking for it. Finally, I found it at Hotic, which is a popular Turkish brand. I think you can easily find and get your own pairs from several brands. When I saw this black boots I got really happy because they were actually what I’m looking for! That’s why I’m wearing them all the time.

In my daily life, I usually wear comfortable and sporty clothing items because of the places I go. For example I go to university for lessons and I stay there many hours, so I need to feel comfortable and also chic at the same time. It is important to look casual and stylish for me even if I’m at the university. This black boots exactly do this! I just wear my black pants and a thick and patterned jumper on it. Than, I wear this pair of black boots with my colored socks and it looks really different and also stylish! By the way, If you don’t wear different colored socks you should try to do that, because it is a new trend! You can see the total look from the picture below.


Sometimes I prefer to wear this black boots in chic outfits. In this way, I complete the outfit with black socks and cropped pants so it looks much modern and the black boots can shown very well. As you can see the picture below, it doesn’t matter what color you prefer on your trousers. I combined them with different colored pants easily.


As I said before, I usually wear sporty clothing items in my daily life, because of my lifestyle. However, like every woman, I also need to wear chic shoes and clothes when I have to go an event or an exhibiton. That’s why I bought this amazing high heels! I really love this pair of black boots because it is really fashionable. This season, transparent shoes, bags and all kind of transparent clothing items are really trend. In my opinion, this boot’s heels also catch this trend. It is metalic and it looks really cool. It is 8 cm, not too high so it is easy to walk with it! And also its zipper is at the back of shoe. This is also a different detail.

This high heels are your outfits star! You don’t need to wear really fancy things on it. Just wear your black pants and a jumper on it, it is pretty enough to look elegant and modern. I also wore this black boots in my final project jury at the university. As you see in the picture below, I combined it with a self colored top. Catch the details on my sleeves! I love this kind of details. In my opinion, they make the difference in our outfits.

Finally, I want to say that, they are really comfortable. It is an important thing for me because I need to feel myself comfortable when I explain my project to my teachers or whatever I’m doing. You should also be careful about buying high heels because they effect our health. You should try to walk in the store for a while to understand if it is hurts you before buying them.

black boots


This is the last black boot I recommend you to buy. I’ve liked this kind of boots when they became trend. And until that day, I have always had one pair of this kind of black boots. It doesn’t matter over the knee or below the knee, they are all fashionable boots for me. So I wear them very often.

Especially, I prefer to wear below the knee boots with my Zara tights and an oversize jumper as you see in the picture below. In this way, your outfit looks really clear.

I wore this boots in my project jury again! I combine it with an claret red oversize pullover and as you see it looks really casual and sporty chic! And also they are really comfortable.

black boots

Finally, black is one of my favorite color, because when you wear black clothing items it becomes automatically chic and cool. So, that’s why I wanted to write and share my opinions with you about black boots. I hope you’ll get a new idea from my article and outfits. See you at the next article! Stay happy and stylish!

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I literally went online after finding your blog this morning and found metallic heel boots ! I bought them! Thank you for the tips. Keep them up!! I follow your page on Pinterest

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