Horseback Riding Rules For Beginners

horseback riding

Hi everyone! Today we are going to talk about very enjoyable and energetic sport : Horseback Riding. (English Style) I’ve been doing this sport for 7 years and by the aid of this sport, I feel myself more dynamic and full of love. Because, horseback riding is not only a sport. During the education time, you’ll learn how to communicate with an animal in body language and finally you’ll see that, this is a different kind of love. Even if you are afraid of the animals, you should give a chance to yourself and should go to a stud farm as soon as possible!

Before going to a stud farm, you should learn some basics about Horseback Riding. Thus, you can feel more confident. In this text, you’ll find some suggestions about what to wear or how to steer a horse in basic ways. This information can help you to get an idea about horseback riding . However, if you want to do this sport regularly, you should have an education from a trainer.

Finally, I want to share some equestrian sport terms with you , so that you can easily understand what I’m trying to explain. Here is your small riding dictionary!

REINS: A long narrow leather band that is fastened around a horse’s neck and is held by the rider in order to control the horse.

SADDLE: A leather seat for a rider on a horse.

STIRRUPS: The metal rings that hang down on each side of horse’s saddle, used to support the rider’s foot.

CHAPS: Leather coverings worn as protection over trousers when riding a horse



Whatever you wear, you need to feel yourself comfortable first! Usually, we prefer to wear tights as trousers. Because if you wear very loose trousers or very tight jeans you won’t feel comfortable on the horse. Tight jeans may hurt your back of legs and loose trousers may cause your stirrups to go out of control. Additionally, you need to wear chaps which are compatible with your leg size. They must cover your leg, so that’s why loose trousers won’t be suitable for wearing chaps.

When you go to horseback riding, you can prefer a t-shirt or a long sleeve top according to the weather. However, if it is really cold you can wear a short cardigan on it. If it is your first time, you should wear a riding helmet to protect your head from any accident. Furthermore, you should wear riding gloves to hold the reins easily. Finally, riders usually prefer to wear comfortable boots, but you can also prefer to wear sneakers at the beginning.

If it is your first time at this sport don’t be in a hurry to buy riding helmet, chaps and gloves. Because some of them are not really necessary at the beginning and also they are a little expensive. You can rent the helmet from the stud farms. When you decide to do horseback riding regularly, you can buy your own clothings.


If you are a first time rider, you can ask for help to mount your horse from stableboys. However, normally we mount the horse from left side. Firstly, hold the saddle’s left side and also the reins with your left hand, then put your left foot into the left stirrup and pull your body upward! Now, you are on the horse. If it is hard to do it because of your height or the horse’s height, you can prefer to use a mounting block.

The first important rule about horseback riding is sitting up straight. However, it doesn’t mean you should stay like a wood, just sit straight but be relaxed and flexible at the same time.



Firstly, you should always be polite to your horse while you are in the saddle. You can steer your horse with your reins, your legs , feet and also the noises you made. However, the main way to steer your horse is using the reins correctly. You shouldn’t hold the reins in the air. They must stay on the saddle’s level. This is a mistake that beginners usually make.

If you pull the reins, this means you want to stop the horse. But please don’t pull them very hard. It is enough to pull lightly. However, if your horse doesn’t respond, you can pull a little bit harder.Furthermore, if you want to turn right or left you should also use your reins. Pulling right rein to back means you want to steer your horse to right. You can do the same things with your left hand, if you want to turn left your horse.

You learned how to steer a horse, and now you should learn how to signal your horse to move. As I said before, horseback riding is not only a sport, it’s also a different kind of communication method with an animal. There are different ways to signal your horse to move. One of them is, squeezing the sides of your horse with your legs. If he doesn’t respond, you can also try to kick with your heels gently. Besides, some of horses can move with some verbal cues. You can ask the trainers, if there are any noises he respond to.

You learned the basic rules about horseback riding. If you watch this video, you’ll get clearly what I’m trying to explain. I hope you guys to try this sport as soon as possible and have too much fun!


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