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eyeshadow palette

Hi girls! Today I want to talk about a new eyeshadow trend and also an eyeshadow palette I’ve discovered last month. As you know that, makeup trends are changing in time. So, depending on trends, brands create new products. Makeup Revolution also created an eyeshadow palette which has really perfect colors in it! However, there is a one color which make me feel like crazy to buy this palette! Before I explain this color and the palette, let me tell you some news about eyeshadow trends.

If you love vibrant colors, this trend is absolutely for you! Because the new makeup fashion goes to vibrant colors like orange, pink, red, purple… We’ll see this eyeshadows more often during this winter. I also like using this kind of bold colors in my makeup with nude rouges. I think they look really cool and stylish together!

However, my favorite from these color group is orange eyeshadows. When I saw orange eyeshadow applications on the internet, I really loved them and wanted to buy at once! It looks really fashionable and stylish. You can just wear your white t-shirt and jean under this makeup. It looks really effortless but cool at the same time. Because of it, I started to look for an eyeshadow palette. And finally I found the best!


As I said before, I started to look for an eyeshadow palette which includes this kind of vibrant colors and especially orange! Then, I saw this MAKEUP REVOLUTION Flawless Resurrection Palette on the internet. There are 32 different colors in it however, one of them is my favorite. It is named: Story. This is a really perfect tone of orange. It is matte and really pigmented. And also, there are different lighter and darker tones of orange in it. I think these colors will be the first ending colors in my eyeshadow palette. When I decide to wear orange makeup, I generally use three colors in this palette. I combine Story, Based and Back colors and they look really compatible together.

Additionally, this eye shadow palette includes shimmery and also nude colors in it. Nine of them are shimmery colors as light and dark pink, light yellow, bronze, dore and silver. You can use them when you want to wear a fancy night makeup. Besides, this palette has earth tones, which are very compatible for everyday makeup. It has really useful colors and I really suggest you to buy this palette. Because, you can catch the 2018 makeup trends with only having this palette. By the way, you can find several 32 eyeshadow palettes from this brand. You should definitely check the other ones! They are also include different color groups. My favorite from others is Mermaids Forever.


I think that, orange eyeshadow is compatible with different colored eyes like blue, green, brown… As you can see on the first picture, Barbara Palvin wore an orange makeup which totally looks great. This color looks very beautiful with her blue eyes. And she finished the makeup with a nude lip gloss. And she looks really fashionable and fresh. If you have this kind of blue eyes, you should definitely try it!

Besides, if you have brown eyes, you can also wear this perfect eye makeup. You can see the orange eyeshadow application on Selena Gomez. She has also brown eyes and she looks very cool! Selena Gomez also completed the makeup with a nude rouge and I really like it! Also, I have brown eyes and I can say that, I’m always using tones of orange in my everyday makeup. If you are bad at smoky eye makeup, you can prefer this kind of makeup. All you need to do is blend different tones of a color and it will be look much clear and fresh even more.

eyeshadow palette

Finally, I want to show you some makeup ideas, which you can easily do with this perfect Flawless R. eyeshadow palette!

eyeshadow palette

As you see in the picture above you can use orange eyeshadow in your everyday makeup and make it look so casual and sporty. Duygu wore this orange makeup with an green basic t shirt and it looks so fresh and effortless. However, don’t forget to use a nude lip gloss or a nude rouge with this kind of eyeshadows. Your lips must be look natural and the star of your make up must be your eyeshadows! You can prefer an orange blush too. However, be sure that you blend it well and make it look as natural.

eyeshadow palette

If you prefer you can combine pink with orange and make it look more soft and warmundertone. If you have blue eyes, you should definitely go for it! The results are very clear, you can see the gorgeous look from the picture above. You can find this tone of pink and orange in this Makeup Revolution eyeshadow palette. And also, you can prefer a shimmary gloss with this eyeshadow. It will look more fresh and natural. Don’t forget to chose a pinky blush which will be compatible with this makeup look.

I hope you’ll like this orange eyeshadow applications and go for it! I really like this trend and I think that I’m gonna use this eye shadow palette for my many different makeup styles. If you want to look for this palette you can click the website below. See you at the next article girls!

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