White Coat Outfit- White Touches to Winter


Firstly, I want to talk about colour white… It is the color of elegance and fashion. It is timeless and indispensable. And the most important, it is the color of winter and snow! In this cold winter days, I want to make an outfit with this trendy color. Let’s have a look at my new white coat and the other outfit details!

Wearing white in winter is very trend this season. If you looking to buy something white, I can recommend you to buy some iconic white trendy items like sweaters, small bags, boots, coats and jeans! These white things are the hit of this winter!


Let’s come to my white outfit for the winter. I wear a white puffer jacket from Pull & Bear. This white coat is perfect for daily outfits with mom jeans and thick sweaters. It is oversized so you can wear thick sweaters or cardigans in it. Besides, this white coat is pretty warm and also you can wear it as a raincoat! It is made by nylon which can protect you from the rain. Good news, you won’t get wet anymore!

Season Trend: White Bum Bag


Bum bags are new trend! And they are pretty comfortable to wear on jackets or coats. I think they can be good choice for travelling or shopping. If you don’t want to carry lots of things with you or feel comfy when you walk around the city, you should buy one of these trendy bum bags! Where were they before? I like to wear them!

I think this white coat and white bum bag combination is perfect for every outfit! It can help me to make different outifts with the same items because white is pretty available to combine with different colors! For example one of my favorite outfit idea is wearing this white coat with all blacks! Black sweater and black pants, with this white coat and bag combination will look perfect! You can make a contrast like this. Please stop buying black or dark colored coats. It is time to change the habits! Don’t be ordinary, be different and give a color to this cold winter days!

Here is the link of PullAndBear but please don’t see other products 🙂

white coat

Complete your White Coat Look with Colours

I wear a burgundy scarf and a hat with this outfit. And I complete the look with pink eye makeup and nude nail polish. I think white looks perfect with this soft pink tones. Although, I like to wear colorful hats, it is very nice to use this big hood in windy or rainy days. So ,here is another good way of this white coat!

By the way, I have another perfect suggestion about wearing French Berets. I’m sure that, you’ll love it! Just click visit this article!

white coat

white coat

Finaly, I know it is cold and it is hard to be energetic, but you can use colors to do it! Please don’t wear all black and dark things, just give a color to your outfit and be energetic. Forget about the cold weather, feel happy and keep travelling! Look at these colorful houses that I found while I was walking around the city. Isn’t it look so cute?


Wishing happy and colorful winter days you all!

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