White Shorts Outfit-Catch Clean Girl Aesthetic

Hi, stylish! Our topic today is how to style white shorts, which are one of the trend pieces of summer and never get old. First of all, wearing white always gives me a fresh, clean, and healthy vibe. That’s why, when I think of white shorts, I will think clean girl aesthetic, which is definitely one of the most recent trends. This aesthetic style that will make its mark this summer is the first style we can use when creating white shorts outfits. So, in this article we’ll go over a few things. According to the clean girl aesthetic, we will examine pieces that work well with white shorts outfit ideas, complementary accessories and makeup. I hope it will be an impressive article for your style. So, let’s start!

How to Create a Clean Girl Aesthetic Outfits with White Shorts?

white shorts outfit

Firstly, with its white color meaning and appearance, it always reminds me of pure cleaning. It never gets old and lags behind as it reflects light in harmony with summer. The clean girl is a trend focused on light colors such as white and beige in terms of aesthetic style and meaning. While catching this style, we will use white as much as we can. And light colors that will be compatible with white. We will prefer darker colors for our shoes, bags, and glasses to achieve contrast. You will understand what I am talking about very easily with the photos of white shorts outfits in our article.

white shorts outfit

While creating a white shorts outfit according to our own style, we need to focus on some topics. Choosing the right fabric according to our body type, the style of the shorts, and the positioning of the complementary parts according to the places we want to highlight on our body. So if we want to highlight our waist, we can choose a crop top, a thin shirt, and white shorts. If we want to highlight our upper body, we can choose a thin-strapped top and Bermuda white shorts. Or you can apply this formula to wherever you want to draw attention. Don’t forget to look at the examples!

Casual Look with White Shorts Outfit

white shorts outfit

A white short outfit can be used not only for a sporty look but also for a stylish look. For this style that you can be use even for meetings, dinner, and work, you need to pay attention to the right shorts fabric and complementary pieces. You can combine black blouses and white jackets with short heels. A more stylish bag and a bulk hair outfit are some of the choices that can make it a formal look.

Types of White Shorts

white shorts outfit

White shorts, which comes with many different models, have a few popular models today. Although denim shorts are the most classic type of white shorts, we have many alternatives. There are also many popular models are Bermuda shorts, wide-leg shorts, boxer briefs, cycling shorts, ribbed shorts, and the like. You can find examples of these shorts in the photos in our article.

You will choose the type of shorts by considering your body type and what kind of style you want to capture with the white shorts outfit. My favorite is the boxer-style cotton-blend terry fabric white shorts. When these shorts are styled using white to all the pieces, when they have been completed with natural hair and natural look makeup, you definitely get the look we want. In addition, the green bags used for two different white shorts outfits in the photos above look absolutely iconic. There’s a perfect bag that you should definitely check out that would look stunning with these outfits!

Types of Tops You Can Wear with White Shorts

white shorts outfit

White shorts are one of the easiest styles to outfit. But matching them with so many pieces can make it difficult for you to choose. Therefore, dwelling on a few basic parts will make our work easier. Crop tops look fantastic with high-waist white shorts. In addition, it is possible to wear crop tops and white shorts in many different styles, an oversized blazer or a loose shirt will strengthen your look.

Spaghetti strap blouses are still among the preferred stylish pieces. You can choose the color of your blouse according to your skin tone, my preference is to stay away from very vibrant colors and choose pastel and white tones. You can choose tops with floral patterns, the point you should stay away from is very large prints. Floral patterns will reflect the soft girl aesthetic and clean girl aesthetics beautifully. If you like floral printed clothes, you should also check out our Floral Midi Skirt article, you will love the beautiful models!


You can choose colorful oversized sweatshirts over white shorts in the autumn season or summer evenings. Orange or green sweatshirts are my favorites. If you do not want to give up the soft white look, beige or white sweatshirts are for you. But if you want a more casual look, as I said, you can use blazer jackets or trench coats. These pieces will go well with white denim shorts or fabric shorts.

Shoe Choices

white shorts outfit

White shorts outfits can be interpreted with many shoe styles according to your style and sense of comfort. White or colored converses can be perfect for closed shoes. However, if you are going to use a white shorts outfit in very hot weather, open shoes and slippers are the most preferred types. Hermes Oran sandal is the complement to the white shorts outfit that many influencers can’t give up. You can choose black or brown Hermes Oran sandals to add some contrast to your full look white look. But if you want a more iconic image, you should definitely choose a white thick heeled boot. As you can see in the photo above, these boots are the perfect complement.

White Shorts Outfit Accessories

white shorts outfit

Accessories are must-have items for every outfit. For the white shorts outfit, gold and silver jewelry that goes with white is among the suggested pieces. Colorful large and small acrylic rings can be preferred to spice up the outfit a little more. If you want to get a more basic and sporty look, a baseball cap and sunglasses are the accessories you are looking for. Sunglasses can be my indispensable accessory for every outfit. For contrast colors, black sunglasses can be the perfect complementary accessory. Also, isn’t the ribbed shorts look great above, I found almost the same for you, you should take a look at these excellent shorts.

Clean Girl Makeup for White Shorts Outfit


The makeup part is my favorite. Because the look completed the way all of the items fit. Considering this aesthetic and white shorts outfit, I will make a makeup suggestion. Definitely, you can complete these outfits with clean girl makeup that we are all familiar with its slightly lighter skin makeup. Firstly, considering the heat of the summer months, you need to avoid thick skin makeup. You can still give your face a slanted look, but since it is summer, you need to moisturize your skin well. And apply a little more sunscreen on it. Besides, it is necessary to apply a small amount of concealer to this glowing skin. And complete it with a moist makeup sponge.

For eye makeup, one tone darker eye shadow than the skin is applied only to the finishes, making the eyes more slanted. Eye makeup is completed with lightly applied mascara. Lastly, lip gloss is the must item for this glow look. And here you are! Perfect makeup for a totally fresh white shorts outfit.

Finally, here is the perfect video for you! In this video there are about 9 different white shorts outfits, and each outfit is different. Additionally, where people of all styles will find their own inspiration, my favorite part of this video is the beach part look for the daily summer outfit. In addition, many outfits are suitable for our casual category, the minimalist look is a source of inspiration for this look.

Stay Stylish!

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