White Shorts Outfit-Get the Clean Girl Aesthetic

white shorts outfit

Hi, stylish! Our topic today is how to style white shorts, which are one of the trend pieces of summer and never get old. First of all, wearing white always gives me a fresh, clean, and healthy vibe. That’s why, when I think of white shorts, I think clean girl aesthetic, which is definitely one of the most recent trends. This aesthetic style that will makes its mark this summer. So, in this article we’ll go over a few things. According to the clean girl aesthetic, we will examine pieces that work well with white shorts outfit ideas, complementary accessories and makeup. I hope it will be an impressive article for your style. So, let’s start!

How to Create a Clean Girl Aesthetic Outfits with White Shorts?

white shorts outfit

Firstly, with its white color meaning and appearance, it always reminds me of pure cleaning. It never gets old and lags behind as it reflects light in harmony with summer. The Clean Girl is a trend focused on light colors such as white and beige in terms of aesthetic style and meaning. In order to get this Clean Girl Look, we will use white as much as we can.

And of course light colors like beige will be compatible with white. Plus, we will prefer darker colors for our shoes, bags, and glasses to achieve contrast.

white shorts outfit

While creating a white shorts outfit according to our own style, we need to focus on some topics.

We should mainly focus on 3 things:

● Which fabric is right for your body
● What type of white shorts suitable for your body
● Which part of your body you want to emphasize

In other words, choosing the right fabric according to our body type, the style of the shorts, and the positioning of the complementary parts based on the parts we want to highlight on our body. For instance, if we want to highlight our waist, we can choose a crop top, a thin shirt, and white shorts. If we want to highlight our upper body, we can choose a thin-strapped top and Bermuda white shorts. Or you can apply this formula to wherever you want to draw attention.

Casual Look with White Shorts Outfit

white shorts outfit

A white short outfit can be used not only for a sporty look but also for a stylish look. For this style that you can use even for meetings, dinner, and work, you need to pay attention to the right shorts fabric and complementary pieces. You can combine black blouses and white jackets with short heels. A more stylish bag and a bulk hair outfit are some of the choices that can make it a formal look.

Types of White Shorts

white shorts outfit

White shorts, which come with many different models, have a few popular models today. Although denim shorts are the most classic type of white shorts, we have many alternatives. There are also many popular models such as Bermuda shorts, wide-leg shorts, boxer briefs, cycling shorts, ribbed shorts, and the like. You can find examples of these shorts in the photos in our article.

White Bermuda Shorts

The normal length of a pair of white Bermuda shorts is right above the knee. They’re a safer bet that can transition between dressier and casual settings with ease. For a chic look, try a pair of white Bermuda shorts with your shirt tucked in and Mary Janes. On the other hand, if you are obsessed with comfy outfits, styling it with Converse sneakers and an oversized graphic tee or basic shirt is ideal.

White Paperbag Shorts

White Cargo Shorts

Cargo shorts are great for everyday use and outdoor adventures due to their many pockets. They tend to be composed of long-lasting fabrics. Wear white Bermuda cargo shorts with oversized navy blue t-shirts and style them by wearing white sneakers, a white crossbody bag, and a baseball cap. It looks so comfy!

White Paperbag Shorts

White Paperbag Shorts

The waist of a pair of paper bag shorts is typically tightened with a fabric belt to create a chic folded impression. Paperbag shorts are definitely summer staples. You can wear these shorts almost with everything. My favorites are fitted crop tops or lace tops and flowy blouses! Also, you can check our article about Paperbag Shorts.

White Paperbag Shorts

White Bike Shorts

A white bike short has become a wardrobe essential for us because of its adaptability and sporty elegance, hasn’t it? Especially, their bright and pure color makes them a great summertime addition to any wardrobe. You can just wear white bike shorts for the gym or a casual bike ride. Actually, if you style a pair of white bike shorts, you can wear them for your coffee dates, brunch meetings, etc.

White Paperbag Shorts

For example, you can style them with a baby blue or white basic t-shirt and a navy sweatshirt. Add amazing New Balance 530 Sneakers and a navy ballcap to your outfit. That’s it. It looks cool and put together. Besides that, try wearing oversized blazers with oversized t-shirts and loafers.

I’m sure, with this guidance, you will choose the type of shorts by considering your body type and what kind of style you want to capture with the white shorts outfit. My favorite summer pieces are the boxer-style cotton-blend terry fabric white shorts. When these shorts are styled using white to all the pieces, when they have been completed with natural hair and natural look makeup, you definitely get the look we want. In addition, the green bags used for two different white shorts outfits in the photos above look absolutely iconic. There’s a perfect bag that you should definitely check out that would look stunning with these outfits!

What to Wear with White Shorts?

Types of Tops You Can Wear with White Shorts

white shorts outfit

White shorts are one of the most effortless pieces for styling an outfit. But matching them with so many pieces can make it difficult for you to choose. Therefore, dwelling on a few essential parts will make our work easier.

Crop Top and White Shorts Outfit

Crop tops look fantastic with high-waist white shorts. In addition, it is possible to wear crop tops and white shorts in many different styles, an oversized blazer or a loose shirt will strengthen your look. You can consider wearing white or black tank crop tops.

Blue Oversized Shirt and White Shorts Outfit

Blue and white is a timeless color combination. So, pair your white linen shorts with an oversized blue button down shirt and beige New Balance 574 or brown sandals. Especially, Hermes Sandals are a need for this cute look.

White Paperbag Shorts

However, if you are into white button downs or black shirts, they will also match together. Surely, the All white shorts outfit look is another timeless summer outfit. Add a black or brown crossbody bag for some contrast.

Basic T-shirt and White Shorts Outfit

Basic, plain tees are also a great piece for styling white shorts. Combine white shorts with pink, red, white, or black T-shirts. Actually, any color you want. And then, style your outfit based on your preference. If you want to be casual, add white Converse sneakers or sandals but if you want the more bossy look, add a brown, black, or white blazer and Mary Janes.

white short outfit ideas

Spaghetti Strap Blouses and White Shorts Outfit

Spaghetti strap blouses are still among the preferred stylish pieces. You can choose the color of your blouse according to your skin tone.I love the Strawberry Girl look. Red and white is totally another level. This color combination makes you look more healthy and beautiful. You may consider trying this combination.

white short outfit ideas

Flowy Blouses and White Shorts Outfit

Moreover, you can choose tops with floral patterns, the point you should stay away from is very large prints. Floral patterns will reflect the soft girl aesthetic and clean girl aesthetics beautifully. If you like floral printed clothes, you should also check out our Floral Midi Skirt article, you will love the beautiful models!

white short outfit ideas

There are a lot of options for floral print blouses! I love the combination of white shorts and pink floral button-up blouses more. They look so cute.


Sweatshirts and White Shorts Outfit

Sweatshirts are the best for chilly nights during summer. You can choose colorful oversized sweatshirts over white shorts in the autumn season or summer evenings. Orange or green sweatshirts are my favorites. If you do not want to give up the soft white look, beige or white sweatshirts are for you.

white short outfit ideas

Stand collar embroidered sweatshirts are able to show your entire outfit so elegantly. Especially, pink and gray sweatshirts are the best choices.

Blazers and White Shorts Outfit

Also, if you want a more chic and classic look, then styling white shorts outfits with blazers is a great idea. Absolutely, blazers will go well with white denim shorts or fabric shorts.

white short outfit ideas

For illustration, try a black tank top over white shorts and style your outfit with a great blazer. Adding a black or brown belt, a simple necklace, and a straw bag will enhance your whole look. Furthermore, just wear all-white and add a pink crop blazer to the outfit. You will also look cute and bossy. A combination of pink and white colors reminds me of Barbiecore outfits.

Denim Jackets and White Shorts Outfit

Wearing a denim jacket with an outfit gives it a cool, comfortable edge. Pair with sneakers or ankle-length boots for a cool, modern style that’s excellent for an entire day. Denim jackets over white shorts go well for almost every occasion. So, denim jackets are a kinda of timeless piece.

white short outfit ideas

Cardigan and White Shorts Outfit

A cardigan is a warm and convenient way to pass through the seasons. To achieve a joyful, summertime look, try layering necklaces and wearing sandals.

white short outfit ideas

Plus, while v-neck cardigans look so soft and comfy, collared zip-cropped cardigans look so flattering and cool.

Bolero and White Shorts Outfit

The fitted, cropped form fitting of a bolero exudes an air of luxury. Put together a lively and sophisticated ensemble by pairing white shorts with a bolero.

white short outfit ideas

Vest and White Shorts Outfit

A vest and some crisp white shorts are the epitome of calm elegance. The fitted and structured vest elevates a basic outfit of white shorts. You can wear just the vest without anything or a simple basic T-shirt or shirt inside the vest.

white short outfit ideas

Shoes for White Shorts Outfits

white shorts outfit

White shorts outfits can be interpreted with many shoe styles according to your style and sense of comfort. Let’s review.

1. Converse Sneakers

White or colored Converse sneakers can be perfect for styling white short outfits. You can wear a white crop top and a blue shirt with white denim shorts and complete your look with black and white Converse sneakers.

white short outfit ideas

Hermes Sandals

However, if you are going to wear a white shorts outfit in very hot weather, sandals and slippers are the most preferred types. Hermes Oran sandal is the complement to the white shorts outfit that many influencers can’t give up. You can choose black or brown Hermes Oran sandals to add some contrast to your all white look.

Moreover, you can style your white shorts with a puff-sleeve top, Hermes sandals, and a romantic necklace.

white short outfit ideas

3. Boots

But if you want a more iconic image, you should definitely choose a white heeled boot. As you can see in the photo above, these boots are the perfect complement. Also, you can consider ankle boots, mid-calf boots, knee-high boots, and over-the-knee boots.

I know that wearing knee-high boots with white shorts is a risky and on-trend choice. However, with polo shirts and blazers or leather jackets, outfits become more edgy and cool. Especially, you can try this combination for concerts such as Coachella or just night meetings with your buddies.

white short outfit ideas

4. Mary Janes

Moreover, pair some white high waisted shorts with a pair of Mary Jane shoes for a cute and girly outfit. Pearl jewelry absolutely will add a touch of old-fashioned elegance. There are a lot of amazing suggestions for styling Mary Jane pumps for white shorts outfits.
You can put together a gorgeous party outfit with white shorts, a red or black puff-sleeve top, Mary Jane heels, and a pearl necklace.

white short outfit ideas

5. Birkenstocks

Wearing Birkenstocks and white shorts is the definition of casual chic. To get a peaceful, hippy vibe, earth tones it is a great choice. A pair of Birkenstocks somehow match with every white outfit idea and look great.

Accessories for White Shorts Outfits

white shorts outfit

Accessories are must-have items for every outfit. To boost our white shorts outfit, we need them.

Gold & Silver Jewelry

For the white shorts outfit, gold and silver jewelry that goes with white is among the suggested pieces. So, you can add some sophistication to your white shorts outfit with gold and silver jewelry. Add some subtle sparkle to your look with a tiny necklace, and hoop earrings to go with your fresh white shorts.

Colorful Acrylic Rings

Colorful large and small acrylic rings can be preferred to spice up the outfit a little more. A pair of white shorts can become a bold fashion statement when paired with these colorful accents, believe me.

Baseball Caps

If you want to get a more basic and sporty look, a baseball cap is a need. Baseball caps are a great way to dress casually while still looking great.


Sunglasses are the accessories you are looking for. Sunglasses can be my indispensable accessory for every outfit. For contrast colors, black sunglasses can be the perfect for summer complementary accessory. So basically, put the finishing touch on your white shorts outfit with a stylish pair of sunglasses. Hailey Bieber Sunglasses are in high demand. You can add those sunglasses to your outfit. Especially, square sunglasses make white shorts outfit more cool and chic.

Clean Girl Makeup for White Shorts Outfit


The makeup part is my favorite. Because the look completed the way all of the items fit. Considering this aesthetic and white shorts outfit, I will make a makeup suggestion. Definitely, you can complete these outfits with clean girl makeup that we are all familiar with its slightly lighter skin makeup.

1st Step of Clean Girl Makeup: Glow Your Skin

Firstly, considering the heat of the summer months, you need to avoid thick skin makeup. You can still give your face a slanted look, but since it is summer, you need to moisturize your skin well. And apply a little more sunscreen on it. Besides, it is necessary to apply a small amount of concealer to this glowing skin. And complete it with a moist makeup sponge.

2nd Step of Clean Girl Makeup: Eye Makeup

For eye makeup, one tone darker eye shadow than the skin is applied only to the finishes, making the eyes more slanted. Eye makeup is completed with lightly applied mascara.

3rd Step of Clean Girl Makeup: Lips

Lastly, lip gloss is the must item for this glow look. And here you are! Perfect makeup for a totally fresh white shorts outfit.

Finally, this is the end of our review of white shorts outfit ideas. So, I hope you like this article and find it instructive. If you want to review more about white shorts outfit ideas, join our Instagram, Pinterest, and YouTube community for more content. You can also find us via email.

Stay Stylish!

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