Vintage Outfit Tips

vintage outfit

Do you know the golden rules about vintage outfits? I do! And I’m going to share you some cute vintage outfit ideas that you can easily make! And of course some outfit tips to make you look more stylish! Let’s check out the tips quickly!

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Use Colors to Look More Vintage Outfit

vintage outfit

vintage outfit

My first vintage style outfit tip is about colors. There are some color combinations that makes us feel more vintage. For example, when you see yellow, red and green together, you can easily realize that it is a vintage piece. Or blue, yellow and red is the same. But as you can see, there are always more than 2 colors! You can wear a sweater, shirt or a t-shirt with these colors to catch a vintage look. Besides, colorful floral print clothes can help you to catch this vibe!

Second important thing about vintage looks is the colorful socks! You can buy colorful striped socks and wear it with your high waisted mom jeans! You know mom jeans are one of the hit pieces of vintage looks!

Wear High Waisted Jeans with Belts

vintage outfit

Belts are also important for vintage outfits. Therefore, I highly recommend you to wear a dark colored belt with your vintage outfit. It looks pretty nice with shorts or jeans. Even if it is a short or jean, you should prefer to wear a high waisted one. Because it is the key of vintage outfit.

Additionally, this tone of blue looks really vintage!

Styling tip: You can fold your pants! In this way, your colorful socks can appear much better!

vintage outfit

However, if you don’t like wearing belts, please put your tops inside like this! It will look better.

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Finally, here is a video about vintage looks! My favorite is the last one!

See you at the next article girls!

Stay Stylish!

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