Vintage Outfit Idea from Mango

Hey girls! Today I want to share a vintage outfit idea with you. However, this one is not kind of very vintage one. I like to match vintage clothes with modern items. And I think that it looks much cool in this way and it doesn’t seem that old.

I will share the links of the clothes that you can still buy online, therefore keep reading! You may want to buy one of them.

Comfy Striped Mango Pants

Let’s start with the pants that you can still buy from Mango. It is a new season piece and it goes perfect with even spring and summer outfits. It has a lycra fabric so it doesn’t tighten your legs. This is really important for me! I mean, it doesn’t seem like an old-fashioned skinny pants!

This Mango pants has black stripes on brown color. Therefore, it looks pretty nice with beige clothes. You can wear it with beige cardigans for spring looks or you can wear just a basic beige t-shirt with it! Trust me, it will look pretty cool! If you want to see a beige outfit idea with this pants, just click on the photo below! I dropped the link of this pants there so you can easily buy it!

outfit idea

outfit idea

If we talk about my outfit idea, I matched this striped pants with a basic black top from H&M. And I complete the look with long black cardigan from Mavi. I think that, this kind of long cardigans are really cool! Forget about ordinary short cardigans girls! If you want to look more fancy and fashionable you should wear something more bold like this kind of long cardigans. By the way, they are perfect fit for spring days which are not that cold or that hot!

Trendy Cat Eye Sunglasses

outfit idea

That cat eye sunglasses are the star piece of my outfit idea! I bought this cateye sunglasses from Mango last week. And I think that, they look pretty cool with even vintage outfit idea or a modern outfit idea! If you want, I can combine it with a modern outfit too! Just write me down on the comments girls!Oh by the way, if you want to buy this sunglasses just click on the photo girls! This Mango sunglasses has a basic design which makes it simple and easy to combine with everything. Because of its gold details I combine it with my shapeless big gold earrings from Koton.

If you want to make an outfit idea which looks fashionable and trendy, you should take care of some small but important points like wearing sunglasses, fancy earrings or hair accessories. Trust me girls, these are the items which make you look different from others. Because you can show your own style by matching these accessories. I mean, everyone wearing a bag and pants or what else. Just think what is your difference? What shows your style the best? I think it is the way that you match accessories with your outfit idea! Isn’t it true girls? So, this is one of my favorite earrings. Because I think that, wearing big earrings look more fashionable instead of small ones. And I like how shapeless it is! Okay, if you like my earrings you can click on the photo to buy it easily!

Small Bags are My Favorite!

Finally, I want to talk about my bag from Zara. I really like to wear small bags even I can’t put my phone in it! If you want to buy a new bag these days, my suggestion to you is not to buy very big bags. They are really old-fashioned! I know all of us have big bags because of the last fashion trends but… Just put them in your wardrobe and wait. Trust me they will be trend again in one day!

outfit idea

As you know that, I like to show my outfit ideas with the places I went! This time I found a perfect place to stay in Istanbul. If you are planning a vacation to Istanbul, you should have a look at this perfect hotel! “Zenovitch Apt” It has a perfect cafe on the top which has a view of amazing Galata Tower!

woman outfit idea

mango outfit

outfit idea

outfit idea

outfit idea

outfit idea

Outfit Details:

Pants from Mango
Sunglasses from Mango
Bag from Zara
Cardigan from Mavi
Earrings from Koton

See you at the next article girls!

Stay Stylish!

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