Vintage Midi Skirt Outfit with Modern Pieces!

Do you like vintage clothes? Or do you think that they are too vintage for your style? It doesn’t matter which one is your opinion! Because today I’m going to show you girls a vintage midi skirt outfit which has modern and vintage pieces together. Let’s have a further look to this vintage outfit inspiration girls!

Printed Vintage Midi Skirts are the Best!

First of all, making a vintage look doesn’t mean that you need to wear everything vintage vintage vintage.. Nope! In my opinion, it looks pretty stylish when you mix the old and new pieces together like this outfit girls. So, we can start with a cute vintage midi skirt. I bought this midi skirt from a local vintage store called Nillush Vintage. It has some small pumpkin prints on it and it is super cute! I think that the star of this outfit is absolutely this midi skirt. As a result, if you want to make a vintage outfit with a midi skirt, you can go for kind of printed ones. They totally give us the vintage feeling that we are looking for!

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But the point is combining this printed vintage midi skirt in a cool way! If you choose too vintage pieces for this skirt, you automatically look like an old lady… I’m sorry girls but we don’t want this. Therefore, you need to continue with modern pieces like this basic white t-shirt from Bershka. When you wear this basic t-shirt instead of a silk long sleeved vintage top, you can make this outfit look much modern and cool!

Besides, wearing vintage-vintage wrong, you need to be careful about the color and print choices too. If you are wearing this kind of very printed vintage midi skirt, you should continue with plain clothes to balance it. If everything has different patterns, your outfit can turn into something we don’t prefer. So, basic and plain pieces are a good idea!

In this outfit I’m wearing Vinyl Sandals from Stradivarius which is really trend this year. Vinyl bags, raincoats and high heels shoes were the stars of this year! If you don’t know more about this trend, you should definitely check it out girls! I’m pretty sure that you’ll find something you like…

vintage midi skirt

Transparent vinyl sandals and white basic t-shirt give us the neutral color combination we are looking for. And it is time to compelete this balanced outfit with a jacket. Ups wait, I hope you don’t expect something white on it! I choosed a linen beige oversized blazer jacket for this outfit! And it is a perfect fit for it. It helps me to keep my outfit look still vintage, although I wear too many modern pieces. And this beige linen blazer jacket catches the skirt better than a white jacket, because of its texture and color.

Choosing a Bag and Accessories

vintage midi skirt

It is time to choose the accessories for this vintage midi skirt outfit. For the bag, my suggestion is choosing a bag that you can carry on your hands. This looks the way more vintage and trust me girls it will make you feel more chic! 🙂 My bag is not from a vintage store but it looks pretty vintage with its style and color. It has some wood details which I really like!

For the earrings, my suggestion is absolutely BIG EARRINGS! They are just a-m-a-z-i-n-g. When you wear big and fancy earrings they instantly make any outfit look super cool! It doesn’t matter how basic your outfit is.. Just try it girls! My gold accessories are from Koton.

Here is a good vintage midi skirt outfit formula for my girls!

Printed midi skirt + Plain Basic Top + Vinyl Sandals + Oversized Blazer Jacket + Handbag + Big Earrings and a Huge Smile! 🙂 You can send us your Vintage Outfit Photos so we can share them here.

vintage midi skirt

Finally, if you wonder this beautiful garden, it is Sultanahmet Four Seasons Hotel in Istanbul one of my favorite gardens. If you have a trip to Istanbul, you should stay at this Hotel! Here is their instagram account.

And also if you want to get more inspirations about outfits, you can check out My Style Category from the blog! Here is another Vintage Outfit Inspiration from me to you girls!

I hope you like my style and they give you the inspiration you are looking for!

Stay Stylish!

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