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Hello again! Today our topic is skirts. Skirts are one of the building blocks of the fashion world. It is the most worn piece of women from past to present. There are many skirts of different models in the wardrobe of every woman. We wear various kinds of skirts, from long to mini, from pleated to straight cut. In this sense, we can say that it is an indispensable item for us. Firstly, we’ll take a look at the types of skirts in this article. Later, we will mention which skirt is suitable for different body shapes. If you are looking for a comprehensive article about skirts, you are in the right place. So let’s start!

types of skirts

Types of Skirts in Depth

We can define the variety of skirts as a whole world. When we divide them into categories such as height, style, and period, we observe that there are many different types of skirts. Therefore it can be one of the pieces we wear the most. In every century, we come across many skirt models suitable for every style. Also I can say that skirts fit the spirit and style of every period. In addition to this, it is also possible to see types of skirts that can be used all the time, not just for a specific time. Let’s enter this wide world of skirts!

types of skirts

1- Line Skirt

These types of skirts are usually midi length. We can find these model skirts in different fabric types. It does not embrace the body. As a result, it is easy to walk in this skirt. According to the piece of fabric used, line skirts can be classified as vintage or modern style.

types of skirts

2- Circle Skirt

We can see these skirts in different lengths. While maxi skirt was used more frequently in the past, today it is mostly designed as knee-length or mini-length. Circle form types of skirts in different patterns and colors are one of the most ideal pieces for the summer season.

types of skirts

3- Tulip Skirt

As the name suggests, this type of skirt is reminiscent of tulips in design. These skirts, which are usually mini-length, are one of the types of skirts that are suitable for both daily life and formal events. It is a model that can be worn in all seasons, depending on the type of fabric used.

types of skirts

4- Tiered Skirts

These types of skirts are also called “layered skirts”. The layers add a sweet and elegant look to the skirt. These skirts, which can be of any length, provide a casual look. You can easily wear it in daily life, especially at outdoor events such as festivals.

types of skirts

5- Flare Skirt

These model skirts are reminiscent of the line skirt. Such skirts, which can be of any length, can be easily combined with different pieces. Therefore, you can choose flare skirts for any location. It is the type of fabric that determines where you will wear these types of skirts. You can wear flare skirts made of silk and satin fabric at special events. However, you can prefer cotton textile flare skirts in daily life.

types of skirts

6- Gathered Skirt

The feature that gives these skirts their name is that they are gathered at the waist. Choosing this type of skirt can be useful in terms of showing the thinness of your waist. It is one of the most common models in maxi skirts. It is more suitable for wearing in daily life.

types of skirts

7- Gored Skirts

The most important feature of these types of skirts is that it provides extra movement comfort. As a result, you will not have any difficulty walking with such skirts that are loose-fitting from top to bottom. One of the long skirt styles, gored skirts are usually designed as knee length or ankle length. It is one of the pieces that you can use daily in every season.

types of skirts

8- Bubble Skirt

Bubble-style skirts, in the category of mini skirts, are one of the most preffered pieces of by young girls. The volumes on the hems give a young and sweet look. Bubble skirts made of shiny fabric can be preferred for fun events such as parties. So, if you want, you can take a look at this party-style bubble skirt that I have chosen for you.

types of skirts

9- Yoke Skirt

Yoke skirts are similar to flare and a-line skirts. It is a model that can be preferred to reveal your waist and body shape. These types of skirts mostly designed as knee-length or longer. It will give a nice appearance both in daily life and in different events you attend.

types of skirts

10- Pencil Skirt

Pencil skirts have a straight and narrow cut. It can usually be knee-length or longer. It is a model that can be easily preferred in business life and official occasions. The only drawback of these types of skirts is that it makes it difficult to walk and move. If you are in search of a stylish pencil skirt, you can take a look at this pencil skirt model.

pencil skirt

11- Straight Skirt

Straight skirts are very similar to pencil skirts. The distinction between the two models is that straight-cut skirts are not completely narrow. These skirts, which can be seen as knee-length or ankle-length, are preferred on casual and formal occasions.

straight skirt

12- Wrap Skirt

Another model that takes its name from its stance is the wrap skirt. Connecting a piece that wraps around the waist with a button or an accessory on the front gives the appearance of a wrap. These skirts can be of any length. It is a model that you can easily use on the beach, at parties or even formal locations.

wrap skirt

Types of Skirts 13- High Waisted Skirt

High waist skirts are skirt types with accessories such as elastic, belt, or ribbon at the waist. Thanks to these accessories, the waist of the skirt stay higher than normal. Accessories give the skirt a different stance. This style of skirts can be preferred in both casual and formal events. For example, this high waisted skirt can complete your stylish look for a casual event.

types of skirts

Types of Skirts for Different Kinds of Body Shapes

One of the basics of being stylish is that the clothes we choose are suitable for our body type. Sometimes, although the pieces we want to wear are stylish and beautiful, we may not like the look when we wear them. Most of the time, the reason for this is that the clothes we choose are not suitable for our body shape. These articles can be useful to have information about general body shapes. But you can stay in this article to get information about skirts specifically. There are many different types of skirts, but above all, the important thing is to choose the right model for ourselves. Let’s examine together what body types the skirt types I mentioned above are suitable for.




Types of Skirts Suitable for Hourglass Body Shape

Firstly, let’s start with one of the most known body type, hourglass shape. If you have such a body type, choosing the right outfit may not be easy for you. But I think I can at least help you with the skirt. The line, bubble, gored, and tiered skirt styles that I just mentioned will look great on you. You can often use these types of skirts in your combinations.

hourglass body type skirts

hourglass body type skirts

Types of Skirts Suitable for Triangular Body Shape

If you have this type of body structure, the most basic advice would be to choose an a-line cut for skirts. The straight but not narrow stance of this model skirt will prevent your hip area from coming to the fore. In other words, you can gain a nice appearance with this tactic.

triangle body type skirts

Types of Skirts Suitable for Pear Body Shape

As someone with this body type, I can say that it is really difficult to find suitable pieces for yourself. Because the lower parts suitable for the thinness of your waist do not pass through your legs. On the other hand, the pieces suitable for your leg type are very wide on your waist. If you’re struggling as much as I am, the information here may be helpful. The skirt types most suitable for the pear-shaped body shape are a-line, gored, and circle styles. You can combine such skirts with tight blouses that will reveal the slimness of your waist and upper body.

pear body type skirts

In conclusion, I wanted to present a comprehensive and informative article on skirts. I hope it was useful for you and you gained knowledge. It is important to have qualified knowledge about clothes and to choose the right pieces for ourselves in terms of creating an elegant style. So, I hope this article will help you in this regard. Moreover, this article will also be useful if you want to take a look at different sources other than the information I have provided here. However, this video can also offer different information about skirts. See you in another article.

Stay stylish!

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