Two Tone Pants – Styling and Shopping Guide

two tone pants

In this fashion blog, we stan pants. Who doesn’t? You know that pants are the most useful piece of clothes. They are my go-to’s. Recently, the fashion of pants gone crazy and now we have different pants styles. In 2021, two-tone pants are extremely popular. We are about to discover how to style them in the most stylish way ever.

Same You, Different Legs

First, I will start with a familiar one. Two-tone pants where the legs has different tones or colors. My favorite one is probably the two-tone pants with white and blue jeans. As you will see in the pictures below, these pants are very easy to style because both white and blue jeans have a perfect situation to fit in each outfit. In the left picture, the outfit looks sporty and cool. In the right picture she looks feminine and classy. It suggests that we can style this pants however we want them to be and still rock the streets.

two tone pants

Secondly, you are seeing two different styles again. In short, the thing I need to say about the two-tones pants is that they just make every outfit cooler effortlessly. Such a must in your wardrobe, I say!

two tone pants

Dearest fashion brand Bershka sees the potential in these two-tone pants, and it designed a classic pants with camel and striped. If you are a working woman and like this type of stylish classy, elegant pants. This can be what you need exactly. Seems so comfy and I’m sure you can make a very beautiful style effortlessly with these pants. It also has a matching blazer jacket. It is also a good piece. We stan blazers here too.

two tone pants

You can read this Blazers for Women article to see how much we stan blazers and get some inspiration to style your two-tone pants.

Kylie Inspired Two-Tone Pants

The two-tone jeans that have different tones from behind and back are gift to the fashion world from Kylie Jenner. She was photographed with these Alexandar Wang Baggy Jeanss. After that, everyone wants to get these pants immediately. No need to say how beautiful she looks here and everywhere else.

two tone pants

Meanwhile, the talented creators of YouTube take this advantage into creating a new DIY video for how to get Kylie Jenner inspired two-tone jeans. When I watch these videos, I get a high motivation to do it. However, I am not a DIY kind of girl. It is always hard for me. Nevertheless, this video is the easiest way to make two-tone jeans

Above all, she tells in detail how to do it easily. If you like creating your own clothes. Give it a chance.

Fashion Inspiration

Similarly, I want to show you some stylish ways of combining two-tone pants with everything else. On the right picture we see a simply hot girl without much effort or any trick. She just wears two-tone pants with white sneakers and a black tee. She probably discovers how cool these jeans are and just let it be the star. Then, we see gorgeous Gigi Hadid, with her chunky boats and turtleneck sweater. So that, we see the winter version of how to style two-tone pants.

two tone pants

Shop the Two Tone Pants Trend

These jeans can be found everywhere anytime now! has amazing discounts on jeans. I have compiled my favorite two-tone jeans for you to shop on Amazon.

two tone pants

These two are typical type of two-tone pants. As I said in the beginnings of the article, they can go with anything and can be worn anytime. They have affordable price and looks really good. You can go with these ones if you want to shop the trend but not to take risks.


On the other hand, for the ones who are not afraid of taking risks in fashion and use their creativity, I have different kind of suggestions. In the time where we become fond of sweatpants and comfy pants. These two-tone pants can be what you are looking for. They look so comfy and different.


My last suggestions come from a different turn. They are classy and elegant two-tone pants where you can wear at the office or on any kind of official occasions. So, I am sure they will go very well with stylish shirts and heels.

In conclusion, there was almost all you need to know about how to style two-tone pants with some amazing suggestions. In this another article on How to style two-tone trend, you will find out much more ways to discover this trend at its finest!

Stay Stylish!

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