Tips and Tricks to Make Your Jewelry Last a Lifetime

It’s no secret that jewelry is for sure one of the most expensive and delicate things we have. Of course, with earrings and watches costing this much, we want to protect them as much possible. Taking care of your jewelry is easy when you make it a habit and it will pay off. Caring for your pieces has its benefits including longevity, protected beauty, etc. Here’s a quick look at tips and tricks on how to take care of your jewelry.

Take them to get cleaned

Jewelry is no exception when it comes to cleanliness because this will keep them clean, new and always shining. It is important to take your treasured pieces of jewelry to a reputable and experienced cleaning shop such as the jewelry and watch repair shop of Pisa Orologeria in Milan. Not only do they clean watches but they also clean jewelry, if you are ever in Milan you can visit them and if you are not near Milan you can send your pieces and they will handle them for you! Leave it to the Italians to handle your precious stones with care.

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Don’t ever sleep in your jewelry

Sleeping in jewelry can be harmful to you or your piece. When you sleep in your jewelry you can exert too much pressure on them causing you to break a chain or dismount a stone and eventually lose it. There are instances whereby earrings have end up in a person’s ear and it is painful, or you could lose it somewhere in your bed or couch. Same goes for necklaces and bracelets too!

Don’t spray expensive perfumes directly on your pieces

Sprays contain chemicals that may react with your jewelry or even dirty your pieces. These reactions might not be visible to the naked eye but they can take their toll on your expensive jewelry and thus resulting in damages that you’ll see later on. Be sure to spray your perfumes on first, BEFORE putting on your jewels!

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Store it separately

Depending on how you store your jewelry can be the difference between you harming or helping your jewelry. Storing your jewelry pieces separately helps with knowing where to find your jewelry and they will not scratch each other. It’s wise to invest in a velvet jewelry box, as velvet is a great material for protecting every type of material and stones. If you notice, Tiffany, Cartier, all of the big jewelry brands store their pieces in velvet!

Put it on last, take it off first

When you are dressing up you should put your jewelry last, this will prevent the jewelry from coming into contact with makeups or getting entangled with your clothes. Before going to bed or when changing clothes, it is equally important to take off your jewelry first, as this will make sure you don’t lose them or they do not get damaged in the process.

Expensive pieces of jewelry and watches are an investment that needs to be stored in a safe place and well taken care of. This will help them to last forever and who knows, you could pass them down to your children and they can last in your family for generations.

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