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theatrical romantic

Hi, stylish! In this article, we will examine the Theatrical Romantic Kibbe body type. Theatrical Romantic describes a particular body shape that has curves, softness, and a romantic, ethereal vibe. How to dress this body type, which celebrities have the Theatrical Romantic body type, which is your kibbe body type, and you will find answers to many more questions in this article. If you’re as excited as I am, let’s get started!

Kibbe Body Types

theatrical romantic

David Kibbe created the Kibbe body types system. Classification of body types focuses on five basic types: dramatic, classic, natural, gamine, and romantic. The feminine traits in this body typing system are rounded, soft, delicate, and tiny. The elements that are angular, big, and sharp are masculine features. David Kibbe has created these types with an idea based on acceptance and celebration, away from shallow thoughts, without criticizing any body type. The system assesses how well your yang (sharp, angular) and yin (soft, rounded) traits are in balance. Before reading this article, you should understand David Kibbe’s mentality and purpose. It would also be good to know Kibbe’s 13 body types.

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Kibbe Body Type Test

theatrical romantic

First of all, the purpose of this test is to see which body shape you are closer to by looking at yourself objectively. Everyone’s body is different and unique, so our goal here is to find the category closest to you. If you are asking how do I know if I am a Theatrical Romantic? This test is for you, check out the video. While taking the test in the video, you need to think about yourself and how others see you.

If you have decided that you are a Theatrical Romantic as a result of the test, let’s continue our article! If you are closer to different Kibbe body types, I suggest you take a look at our other Kibbe body type articles.

What is a Theatrical Romantic?

theatrical romantic

Theatrical Romantic Kibbe body type is a glamorous subcategory. This body type emanates an ethereal charm that is both fascinating and stunning thanks to its softness, romantic essence, and delicate curves. We can describe this kind as the meeting of the feminine and the dramatic. It will be possible for you to dress in a way that celebrates your distinctive characteristics and lets your inner beauty shine through if you recognize and embrace your Theatrical Romantic body type. For all Kibbe categories, it’s crucial to take a wholly impartial look at yourself and consider each component of your body separately and collectively. You can identify the category your body falls under in this direction, use it in your fashion, and emphasize your gorgeous features.

Theatrical Romantic vs. Romantic Body Type

theatrical romantic

If you wonder am I romantic or Theatrical Romantic? Let’s examine the differences between the two body types. Many of the traits of a romantic type are shared by a Theatrical Romantic woman. However, the inclusion of dramatic type-specific features in the Theatrical Romantic type makes this category. The most feminine type of beauty, romantic features can show surprising changes in appearance and temperament when a pinch of Yang is added. You can clearly see the difference between Jean Harlow and Marilyn Monroe in the photos above. While Marilyn is made up of exactly yin features, these are rounded and soft structures. It will also be very easy to see Jean has dramatic elements.

theatrical romantic

Romantic body type is full of yin elements. There are no sharp lines in this body type, only soft rounded lines dominate. The body is formed in the shape of an hourglass, so you can think of it as two rings in balance. The double curve described by Kibbe is often seen in this body type. In the Theatrical Romantic body type, all these yin figures dominate, while yang lines are slightly visible. The most important feature that distinguishes these two body categories is that dramatic features (Dramatic kibbe body type has sharp yang features) are seen in the Theatrical Romantic body type. If your body type is completely on soft lines, you can be a romantic woman.

You can see the facial features of Mila Kunis and Christina Ricci in the photos. Ricci has a romantic body type and Kunis has a Theatrical Romantic both have oval faces, but Kunis has a more structured yang face.

What is Double-Curve that Kibbe Explained?

theatrical romantic

In the Kibbe bodies Type System, those with a mix of significant curves in both the upper and lower bodies are referred to as having a double curve body type. This body type is distinguished by an even distribution of curves over the body, resulting in a captivating and unified shape. The shoulders and bust of people with the Double Curve body type are well-defined shaped. The bust is frequently full and may appear rounded. In most people, the ratio of the shoulders to the hips creates balance in the body. Usually, a double-curve physique has a distinct waistline. The waist is usually narrower than the bust and hips, emphasizing the curves and giving the body an hourglass form.

The Double Curve body displays a proportionate and balanced form. An hourglass shape is produced by the waist being well-defined and the shoulders and hips being typically in alignment. Compared to other body types, the body may appear curvier and more sensual. Soft Gamine, Romantics, or Theatrical Romantic may occasionally have a double curve in their physique.

Theatrical Romantic Yin and Yang Balance

theatrical romantic

The dominance of yin and yang elements is the main factor in the formation of Kibbe body types. A harmonious and attractive appearance in the context of the Theatrical Romantic body type depends on achieving a balance of yin and yang. The opposing forces of yin and yang stand for the feminine and male energies, respectively.

The yin half of the body linked to softness, curves, and a romantic essence, is where the Theatrical Romantic body type leans more. As we just explained, Theatrical Romantics are a dominant category with soft and oval lines (Yin features) on their bodies and faces. However, these should also contain yang touches. Yang does not appear dominantly but affects appearance. This effectively means you can see them have sharp shoulders, noses, chins, or cheekbones. It’s crucial to counteract these feminine features with subtle yang elements. Therefore, you will discover the ideal balance that best represents your expression of the Theatrical Romantic body type.

Body Features of Theatrical Romantic

theatrical romantic

We examine three main categorizations of the features of Theatrical Romantic body types. Firstly, bone structure is small and delicate. TR has slightly sharp edges (yang features) such as shoulders, jawline, cheekbones, or nose. They have small hands and feet. A petite woman is in the TR category.

If you wonder how tall are Theatrical Romantic body types? and you don’t know the term petite. The height is moderate to petite, usually 5 feet 5 inches and under. Body type is soft and voluptuous, although trim and smallish. Arms and legs are soft or fleshy. Hourglass figure; curvy bustline and hips with a waspish waist. This hourglass figure is a double curve that Kibbe explained. Also, we will explain in detail what is double curve later. The TR woman is not a woman with very long, wide bones, wide and prominent facial features. If you have these features, you can be one of the other Kibbe body types.

The hourglass shape and defined waist are not distorted in the weight gain pattern. Generally, their face can get fleshier or softer, and flesh frequently gathers in their upper arms, thighs, and cheeks. Hands and feet remain small, and these women have slender bones.

Face Features of Theatrical Romantic

theatrical romantic

Kibbe Theatrical Romantic face features are yin and slightly yang undercurrent. Eyes are large and generally rounded. The jaw is slightly tapering, slightly pointed, and less often wider (yang effect). TR has full lips and a narrow to slightly wide nose. Furthermore, there is a slight or strong definition of cheekbones, and the cheeks are rounded and soft. In the following sections of our article, we will also examine the makeup types that best suit these facial features, keep reading!

What old celebrities are Theatrical Romantics?

theatrical romantic

First of all, this part is very important for you to understand the Theatrical Romantic body type. Because sometimes we miscategorize some celebrities and this leads to misunderstanding of the whole categorization. For example, Vivien Leigh has the certified Theatrical Romantic Kibbe Body type and is shown as an example of this type in the book.

Also, some old celebrities fit well into this category:

  • Ann Margaret
  • Hedy Lamarr
  • Jean Harlow
  • Joan Collins
  • Morgan Fairchild
  • Rita Hayworth
  • Vivien Leigh

theatrical romantic

Names like these are some of these examples, and you can easily see the atmosphere with petite, feminine but dramatic lines in all of them. The photos above show old celebrities Joan Collins and Ann Margret. They’re both exactly Theatrical Romantics!

How to Dress as a Theatrical Romantic?

theatrical romantic

We will examine the most suitable fabrics, models, and shapes for Theatrical Romantic body types. What do Theatrical Romantics wear? The question comes up very often on platforms such as Tiktok, and we will answer this question in detail. we’ll review celebrity outfits that you can easily create later.

Top Options

theatrical romantic

To dress according to the Kibbe body type, you should choose pieces that are compatible with your body shape and highlight the most beautiful parts of your body. You need to pay attention to the fabric when choosing the top. Select fabrics that accentuate your curves such as soft draped textures without adding extra bulk. Stretchy, lightweight textiles can be both flattering and cozy. You can try different textures and patterns to give your clothing more visual interest.



Firstly, in the selection of blouses, the pieces that highlight the hourglass appearance should be preferred. You should choose pieces that will leave the shoulders free or support the round shoulder image. Therefore, spaghetti straps with a fitted top will be chic and elegant for sunny days. Corset tops will also suit TR women for a baroque and elegant style. If I need to elaborate on the examples, suitable top models for the TR body type are wrap tops, blouses with ruffles, off-the-shoulder tops, lace or sheer tops, and sweetheart neckline tops.

selena gomez

My favourite is the puff-sleeved top or crop top, this model may have been created for Theatrical Romantics. Because rounded details on the sleeves will reveal and complement your curves. You can also see an example of Selena on it. In addition, I will give you detailed examples of a few tops we mentioned. The pieces we should avoid should be oversize (you can wear maybe slightly oversized), asymmetrical, and shapeless pieces. Because the Theatrical Romantic body type shines with balance and attractive clothes.

Wrap Tops

theatrical romantic

Wrap tops for Theatrical Romantic women can be an excellent choice, but there are a few points to consider. It is also a model easily preferred for slightly oversized Theatrical Romantic women. In the selection of wrap tops, blouses that do not have a high collar should be preferred. The wrapped part should not cover the waist view harshly. For waist emphasis, you should prefer wrap tops that fit the waist. Soft and patterned fabrics can be preferred such as satin. Although the pattern selection varies from style to style, it would be nice to use smaller patterns with higher feminity for the Theatrical Romantic woman such as floral or baroque.

Blouses with Ruffle Trims

theatrical romantic

The ruffle detail may seem a bit boring or classic to you, but not every model is the same. When you look at the blouses we have given as examples, you will see how important the choice of fabric is. If you have large breasts, choose a more matte and soft fabric instead of a semi-sheer fabric. For example, Salma Hayek, this will not ruin your elegant look and will provide harmony.

theatrical romantic

Ruffled blouses, examples of which you can see on Alexa Demie and Salma Hayek, create an elegant, chic, and vintage look.

Off-the-Shoulder Tops

theatrical romantic

The off-the-shoulder top looks like it was created for Theater Romantics, especially when combined with the puffy sleeve. Soft and curved lines become very clear. This blouse also tapers towards the waist, I can’t think of a better piece for Theatrical Romantics. Because it reveals all the eye-catching features of TR.

theatrical romantic

Off-the-shoulder tops, often preferred by Rihanna, provide both a stylish and sassy look. Rihanna, who has a sporty and stylish style, has styled different pieces in harmony. On the other hand, Selena preferred an off-the-shoulder flare-sleeved top, and we can say that this jacket-like top is the perfect choice in terms of waist emphasis and shoulder emphasis.


theatrical romantic

T-shirts are an indispensable item for many of us. We all look for T-shirts for any casual outfit. If TR women prefer soft and breathable fabrics that fit comfortably on the neckline that is not too high and do not cover the lines, they will have made an excellent choice. V-neck fitted cotton tees will be the best for TR. In addition, striped or minimally patterned casual t-shirts can be preferred.

Bottom Options

theatrical romantic

Let’s take a look at the bottom preferences we have divided into jeans, trousers, and skirts. When you catch some points that need attention and take a look at the parts you should avoid, you will find the perfect pieces that fit your body.


theatrical romantic

Trousers come across as a slightly more difficult choice. Kibbe advises wearing flowing, draped pants that highlight your curves. When choosing trousers and jeans, make sure that the neck is ankle length. On the other hand, avoid pants that are too heavy or have straight lines. The important point here is to choose trousers that do not overshadow the remarkable curve feature. Loose and heavy trousers such as cargo pants are the ones you should stay away from. In choosing jeans, high-waisted skinny jeans with soft fabric can be the best choice for you. However, if skinny jeans are not a comfortable choice for you, you can also choose slightly loose jeans, but not too baggy.

pants theatrical romantic

We’ve seen Selena in many different styles of jeans, but the flare jeans fit her perfectly. On the other hand, we can say that skinny jeans are Mila Kunis’ favourite, we know that the beautiful actress has many different skinny jeans, and now we know that she made the right choice.


skirts theatrical romantic

For Theatrical Romantics, skirts are a multipurpose and necessary wardrobe component. The goal while choosing skirts is to highlight your feminine curves and produce a romantic and ethereal appearance. A-line skirts, circle skirts, and pleated skirts are great choices for TR. High-waisted skirts are also perfect for drawing attention to your waist and emphasizing your hourglass figure. Look for clothing with a fit that falls at or slightly above your natural waist. To maintain equilibrium, choose a length that is knee-length or slightly lower. Pick skirts with feminine accents like lace, ruffles, sheer fabrics, or skirts with soft textures such as satin skirts.

Alexa Demie,Salma Hayek

Alexa Demie dazzles with her slit sequin skirt and matching top, which she wore to the prom of the popular TV series Euphoria. It is exemplary that she highlights her body lines so well. Salma Hayek, on the other hand, looks like a hot fairy in this 90s photo. She dazzles with a sequin top and a tulle A-line skirt, it’s hard not to get inspired by this look.



For Theatrical Romantics, dresses are the ideal clothing option since they perfectly express the romantic and feminine characteristics of this body type. However, if you forget the points you need to pay attention to, you can shade all the beautiful parts of your body. First of all, the best choice will be fit-and-flare dresses, because these dresses hug your waist area and reveal your hourglass shape. Also, fabric selection is crucial for dresses. If you choose thick and heavy fabrics, the result will not be beautiful, regardless of the model. Secondly, my second favourite model is the V-neck and A line dress for the TR body type. Because, the high waistline, which sits just below the breast, emphasizes your upper body and lengthens it. Choose dresses with flowing skirts that sweep over your curves to give you a delicate, dreamy appearance.

Casual Dresses

casual dresses

In our daily life, the use of basic dresses is very preferred because we can easily create a stylish outfit. For Theatrical Romantics, they can make these outfits easier than anyone else because the dresses suit them so well. Especially for the summer months, my favourites are spaghetti strap fitted dresses and strapless dresses.

rihanna white dress

Badgal Riri chose white colored dresses which is my favourite, I think white is perfect for giving a clean girl vibe. The short-length shirt dress is reinforced with a belt to accentuate the waist, it’s really easy to catch this chic. In another outfit, she chose a strapless white dress, I really love this model!

Dresses for Night Events

Gala, awards ceremony, and events. What we love most is what celebrities wear and how they style it. Many celebrities sometimes can’t dress according to their body style and use components they should avoid. Now let’s take a look at the most beautiful Gala dresses of TR celebrities.

Alexa Demie and Mila Kunis black dress

Fitted black dresses are a gorgeous choice for those looking for a simple and elegant choice for special occasion dresses. The outfit will be even more beautiful if the glitter is complemented by a few pieces of jewelry. It is impossible not to feel the romantic and dramatic atmosphere in the preferences of Alexa Demie and Mila Kunis. TR women should not miss these fitted black dresses.

Selena Gomez and Salma Hayek red dress

Firstly, red is one of the indispensable dress colors of Galas. It is indispensable especially for women who like to dress assertively because it really draws attention. When we look at Selena Gomez and Salma Hayek’s red dresses, the chest detail and waist detail look amazing, TR is a nice choice to show off the body type.

theatrical romantic night dress

Natural, bright, pastel colors, and tulle details, these women know their own bodies very well and know how to dress accordingly. Look at the photos above and get inspired, that’s your body type and get to know it.



Jumpsuits can be a good choice for those with TR body type. When selecting jumpsuits, seek styles that highlight your waist, accentuate your curves, and preserve a delicate, romantic feel. Therefore, the part you choose is very important, attention to fit it and avoid loose ones. Shiny details, horizontal lines, and narrower clothes are number one for you.


When we look at the preferences of Cheryl Cole and Mila Kunis, they both preferred striped overalls. Cheryl Cole’s preferred sequin jumpsuit is a very stylish piece that never goes out of style. The jumpsuits fit their bodies gently, and the details of the chest and waist are close to perfection. In addition, these outfits can be used easily in daily life.

Hair Styles for Theatrical Romantic Women

For a feminine, clean, and elegant look, Theatrical Romantics can style their hair slightly wavy. This will suit them well because it will support the rounded view. It will be better to use medium-length or long hair. Avoid masculine short cuts and very blunt pointed hair. A layered haircut will be fine, but it should be light and shapely. The wolf cut, which has been very popular lately, is definitely not suitable for TR women. If you will add a slight wave to your natural hair, you can achieve the perfect feminine and chic hair easily. You can also take a look at the haircuts and models in the photos we have reviewed so far.

selena gomez and rihanna

For a glamorous appearance, Rihanna has large, loose waves. In addition, the most beautiful hairstyle that suits Selena’s face can be natural waves for long hair.

Best Makeup Styles for Theatrical Romantic Women

theatrical romantic

theatrical romantic

If you do your makeup correctly, it will take you to the next segment, but if you can’t do it properly, it can extinguish your entire star shine.

theatrical romantic

Firstly, makeup for Theatrical Romantics should be soft but feminine. You should avoid sharp lines, like sharp contours. So, You should prefer right and light tones as eye shadow, cheeks, and lips should be used in light and natural tones such as rose and peach. You can frame your lips to support full emphasis and apply gloss on top. Smoky makeup will darken your face, so stay away. Our aim here is to increase the light on you. Anything with a natural tone can be created just for you. You can brighten your cheekbones by using a highlighter with a sparkle in it. You can choose lightweight products for your skin and use a fixing spray for a moist look. Finally, fixing your eyebrows slightly will suit you. So, you are ready! You can use this makeup comfortably anywhere or adapt it to your destination.

Stay stylish, love you!

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