Basic T-shirt Outfits For Summer


T-shirt outfits! I think, this is the most common thing that we wear at hot summer days! Because it is really easy to combine t-shirts with basic clothes like jeans or skirts. So, today I’m going to show you my basic t-shirt outfit ideas and I’m going to give you some styling tips to make your t-shirt outfit more like a fashion blogger’s outfit! So, if you ready, let’s get it started babes!

White T-shirt Outfits

I can’t imagine a wardrobe without white t-shirts! I can make too many different outfits with it! Therefore, I want to start with some stylish white t-shirt outfits that you can easily make.

As you know, there are too many different t-shirt types. However, I want to show you some basic ones that goes perfect with any outfit idea. And of course, I’m going to start with my favorite ones, jean t-shirt outfits.

White T-shirt Outfits with Jeans

t-shirt outfits

Basic white t-shirts are perfect fit for jean outfits. Because, it doesn’t matter which tone of blue your jean is! And it looks pretty nice with darker and lighter tones.

Styling Tips: Try to find a white t-shirt that has longer sleeves like this one. Because it is more trendy these days!

Wearing a belt bag can make your outfit trendy and stylish! It can be a snake print belt bag like mine or a fancy red belt bag! In this way, you can look like a fashion blogger girls! Because, your outfit is no longer ordinary!

t-shirt outfits

Styling Tips: Having a white bag can save your too many summer outfits girls! I bought this white bag from Bershka and I have to say that, it goes very nice with everything! One white t-shirt one white bag. That’s what we need for this summer!

With a basic white bag, you can make a sporty white t-shirt outfit like the right side or you can make a fancy outfit like on the left. It is all about the things that you combine with your t-shirt! You can make it look more fancy with big earrings and a satin floral top like this. Or just wear red lipstick and take your blazer jacket! That’s pretty enough to look fancy.

t-shirt outfits

What about this white t-shirt outfit idea girls? I think you can make your outfit look sporty chic with this kind of linen beige blazer jackets. And this kind of jackets can be very useful for your other summer outftis.

Styling Tips: Don’t be ordinary! Try to wear different bags like mine, with this kind of basic outfit ideas!

t-shirt outfits

You can combine your black bottom with a white t-shirt and you can make your outfit look more trendy with this kind of red accessories!

White T-shirts & Summer Bottoms

t-shirt outfits

My favorite summer colors are white and beige. I think they make any outfit look cool and stylish. Therefore, I want to start with this all white outfit!

Styling Tips: If you don’t have white pants, you should have one! And try to combine it with white items like sneakers and t-shirts. Because this kind of all white look is really in girls!

t-shirt outfits

Here is another comfy summer bottom from Bershka. You can make a stylish t-shirt outfit with this kind of colorful bottoms. Additionally, matching it with big colorful earrings can make your outfit look complete.

Styling Tips: Complete your comfy t-shirt outfit with trendy belt bags. They are very useful for hot summer days! Small, light and cool! My favorite color for this kind of belt bags is of course white! Because this color is pretty nice for summer outfits girls!

t-shirt outfits

As you can see, you can wear your white t-shirt with any colored bottom you have. Just try to make a good color combination like this! I combine my red jean jacket with this khaki summer bottom.

Styling Tips: Try to wear contrast colors together with your white t-shirt outfits! Do you know how to make a good color combination? If no, click here to learn it girls!

White T-shirts & Shirts

Here is another styling tip for white t-shirt outfits!

Styling Tips: Try to wear a linen or chiffon shirt on your t-shirt outfits. In this way, your outfit can look more stylish! I usually prefer to wear like this, if I’m going to stay outside whole day. Because weather can get cold sometimes.

t-shirt outfits

t-shirt outfits

By the way, if you don’t have this kind of oversized shirts, no worries! You can make the same outfit look with your oversized pullovers. Just tie up your pullover like that! And it will look cool too!

t-shirt outfits

If you say yes the weather is getting really cold here in the nights, let me introduce one of my vacation t-shirt outfit! This time I’m wearing all white outfit. And I take my pullover and jean jacket with me. In the mornings, I tie my pullover like that. If the weather starts getting colder, then I wear my pullover and tie my jean jacket like that. If it gets more and more cold, you can wear that jean jacket girls! This is my tactic if I don’t have any idea about the weather in the country that I’m travelling.

White T-shirt Outfits with Skirts

t-shirt outfits

For sure, you can easily make a white t-shirt outfit with summer skirts. However, if you want to look different and stylish, just read my styling tip girls!

Styling Tips: This kind of vinyl high heel sandals are really trendy! I bought them from Stradivarius and they are perfect fit for any summer outfit! Because they don’t have a color! So, you can make your outfit look more stylish with your high heels sandals.

White T-shirt Outfits with Jumpsuits

I like to wear jumpsuits in summer. If I don’t have enough time to combine my clothes, I quickly wear one of my jumpsuits or dresses. And also they are really comfy to wear on vacations!

Styling Tips: You can wear an oversized t-shirt into your jumpsuits. So you can make too many different outfits with one jumpsuit. Just need to change the bags and t-shirts! However, my favorite is jumpsuit outfits are the ones with white sneakers and white t-shirts.

t-shirt outfits

Black T-shirt Outfits

My other favorite color for t-shirt outfits is black! I think it looks pretty cool if you combine it in a correct way. So, let’s have a look at my black t-shirt outfits and small styling tips.

Black T-shirts and Jeans

t-shirt outfits

Here is one of my favorite color combination. Black and white! I combine my black Mango t-shirt with white H&M jeans. And of course my white summer bag! I told you it is a perfect fit for summer outfits girls!

Styling Tips: If you don’t have a black t-shirt yet, you should buy which has this kind of a bit long sleeves. As I said before this sleeve lenght is more trendy than others.

t-shirt outfits

Let’s continue with basic jean and t-shirt outfits. I think this jean color is the best one for black t-shirts. So, you don’t need to think too much. Just combine it with a small black bag and black sneakers. Such a basic weekend outfit!

Styling Tips: Instead of a skinny jeans, mom jeans look more trendy with this kind of t-shirt outfits!

Black T-shirts & Summer Bottoms


Furthermore, you can make sporty or chic outfit with same black t-shirt and sneakers. As you can see, I just changed the pants and the bag. Then, take your linen beige blazer jacket and you’re ready. And it looks totally different from the other outfit!

Styling Tips: You can wear some gold accessories to make your outfit look more chic. And also you can wear a bag like mine, which has gold chain details to complete the look.

t-shirt outfits

Styling Tips: Accessories accessories! More and more! Gold looks great with black isn’t it?

Black T-shirt Outfit with Skirts

t-shirt outfits

Okay, we like black but it is summer right? Let’s make a t-shirt outfit with energetic colors like orange! But how can we make it look like a fashion bloggers outfit? Answer is in the styling tip part girls!

Styling Tips: You should wear a summer top on your t-shirt to make your outfit look more stylish and fancy! Can you imagine this outfit without that top? It would be so ordinary!

Printed T-shirts Outfits

Finally, I want to show you my two favorite printed t-shirt outfits.

Styling Tips: If you don’t like to wear basic black and white t-shirts, then just buy white pants girls! Because you can wear what color and what print you want on it!

t-shirt outfits

Finally, if you want to see more trendy and different ways to style t-shirts, just click here girls! See you at the next article girls!

Stay Stylish!

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