Bags For Women – 2018 Summer Trends

Hi girls! It’s finally summer and we are ready to renew our wardrobes with different and colorful bags, clothes and shoes! So, all of us going to buy some new items and of course we wonder about the new fashion trends. That’s why I wanted to create an article about 2018 trend bags for women.

Like every woman, I also like to go shopping. However, my favorite thing to buy is, our everyday used products: bags! Depending on our outfits, the place we go and even our daily mode, we prefer to use different kinds and colors of bags. So, sometimes it can be hard to match bags with different outfits by staying stylish. In that case fashion bloggers or celebrities can help us to get an idea about true combinations. I follow various bloggers so I can find the bests for me from any fashion trends. So it is time to share these informations about 2018 trend bags for women with you. Before go shopping, I highly recommend you to check out here. If you are ready, we can start with my favourite ones : Wicker bags.

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Natural Wicker Bags

bags for women

These bags are the perfect fit for the summer. That one is my favorite bag for women because of its natural color. You can combine it with many outfits of yours. It will easily compatible with printed and multi-colored clothing items. Because its color and also texture is really nice. If you have this kind of bag, you can easily use it anywhere in summer months.

Furthermore, you can find them in many sizes and shapes but I find the small basket ones as more modern and stylish. I think that they are compatible to use at nights and also mornings. And their size is vey useful for hot summer days. In my opinion you shouldn’t carry a big and heavy bag in summer! You can see from the picture above, I choose a small wicker bag for you from Zara. I think this is a cute and useful bag for women in summer times.

However, bigger ones are useful for putting your bikini and towel in it. You can prefer to use them when you go for swimming or a small pleasent walk in the shore. So you needn’t to carry it for long times.

Very Comfy Belt Bags

bags for women

As I said before our first rule for this summer is light bags girls! We should stop carrying lots of things with us. It will so comfy to use small bags in summer times. So this belt bags are really good for it! Just put your phone, favorite rouge and wallet in it and travel freely. And also I can easily say that you will look very cool with it because belt bags are really trend this season.

If you still don’t have any, don’t wait to buy it girls. Especially a white one can save your life! I decided to buy a white one because it has a potential to be the joker bag! I can combine it with many colored or printed clothes. However, If you don’t like to wear multi-colored clothes, or if you have a classical style you can prefer a black one. It can also a joker bag for you! I have already found a black and a white belt bag from Zara. If you like this belt bags for women, you can look for it from Zara.

Super Cute Beaded Handbags

bags for women

Beaded handbags are the unusual things for us. I’m 23 years old and I have never used a beaded handbag before. So I can say this with peace of mind, they are really different and unusual bags for women. However, I’m not sure how useful they are. Because this kind of star items generally not available with many different clothes or stylings. But I must say that, they are really cute! When I see a beaded handbag I always remember my childhood, because I used to use it when I was 10! So, if you interested about it or if you like beaded handbags, this trend is for you girls!

By the way, I told about the Beaded Handbags in my last article. If you haven’t read it and want to get more information about this trend, you can have a look at this article.

Be Brave and Use Bright – Colored Bags for Women


This is my favorite part because I really like to use bright colored and small bags. Especially red and yellow ones are my favorite. We generally think that the bags which are basic colored can be most available to wear with different colors or outfits. However, I think that it is a kind of old-fashioned way of thinking. We should brave enough to match different colors together that’s why we need to buy different colored bags. I can suggest you to buy yellow or a red one. You can see from the picture above, the red one can be usable with white and it looks perfect! I also like to use red bags with jean jackets or denims. Just wear your jean and a white t-shirt on it, then take your red bag with you. Trust me you’ll look really modern and cool.

The yellow one can be usable with blacks, whites, jeans and also this tones of orange. As you can see, it is a really brave styling and also it looks really cool. Don’t afraid to make this kind of unusual color combines. It can sometimes give us perfect results. Finally, I have to say that if your best friend’s birthday is coming, this different colored small bags for women can be a good present to give. I have already bought a red one for my sister’s birthday!

Clear and Plastic Bags for Women


Here is an another unusual and trend bags for women. These are the plastic and clear bags. I told about this Plastic & Clear Trend in my another article. If you interested about it and want to get more information about bags and also plastic clothes, you can have a look from the link below.

In my opinion, it is a little bit hard to use these bags because of their transparency but I must say this, they are the new trend! I hope you got an useful information about new trends and I hope you like it girls! See you at the next article. For more bags, visit harpersbazaar.

Stay Stylish!

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