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Summer Vacation In Antalya - Turkey - FashionActivation

Summer Vacation in Antalya

Hi everyone! Today I just want to talk about a vacation that I took this month to Antalya. I want to share my opinions and experiences about this city with you. If you want to get more information about Antalya keep reading and discover this place with me!



Antalya is a very popular city for tourists so every summer lots of tourists come from different countries. That’s why there is a big international airport in Antalya. So it is really easy to get there by plane. And the airport is pretty close to the 5 stars seaside hotels. I also stayed in a 5 stars hotel which is really close to the airport. It will take 15 minutes to get the airport from our hotel by car. However, we went Antalya by car from Bandirma. It is a kind of long way to get there beacuse it took 9 hours but it’s worth it!

The main reason which makes Antalya as a tourism city is its natural and pure beauty. Antalya has a beautiful sea called Mediterranean and lots of clean long beaches. Imagine a place that has lots of palm trees, long shores to walk and very clean sea to swim. Besides, there are awesome waterfalls in Antalya called Duden and Manavgat. They offer a view which is breathtaking. I went these waterfalls before, that’s why I didn’t go there again. But if it is your first time to go Antalya, you should definitely visit these places!



We stayed at Belek. There are lots of hotels near by the seaside and ours is one of them. There are lots of hotel options so you can choose your hotel depending on your budget. Mine has its own beach and it is full of bright yellow sands. It has a perfect scenery with the blue sky and sea The weather was 31 degrees when I was there however, it wasn’t make us feel very hot. The weather was so nice.

Meditterranean sea is very nice for swimming. You can walk through the sea very easy because it is pretty hot! You won’t feel cold when you put your feet in the sea. And also there are no stones under the sea. It is full of soft sands. The sea is a litte bit salty so you should prevent yourself to drink from it accidently. It won’t taste good! You can see inside of the sea while you are swimming because it is absolutely clear!



The most important piece of this article is Caretta Caretta sea turtles. As you know that they face becoming extinct. And Turkey is one of the most important nesting area in Meditterranean. Every early summer, Caretta Caretta turtles come and lay their eggs on the beach. Only one turtle of every 1000 babies can reach puberty. So it is important to protect them and their nests.

Especially Antalya – Belek is the one of major nesting areas in Turkey. That’s why there were lots of Caretta Caretta nests on our hotel beach. They try to protect and keep them safe with small structures which you can see from the picture. They were a part of our holiday and we share the beach together! We didn’t take our deck chairs close to sea to give them a chance to reach the sea easy!

I had 5 peaceful and happy day in Antalya. I hope you’ll have a chance to go there and swim with Caretta Carettas!

You can watch the video of my vacation and please don’t forget to subscribe my channel!



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Another major joy of exploring Turkey is its ancient sites – the Aegean and Mediterranean littoral is liberally strewn with superb Graeco-Roman ruins, from well-know places like Troy and Ephesus to little-visited wonders such as  Arykanda  and Sagalassos. Most sites are easy enough to visit either on an organised tour or by hire car, although some are best approached by boat. Readily accessible from many coastal resorts are geological wonders such as the incredible travertine basins and hot springs at Pammukale, and from Antalya the beautiful Turkish lakeland around Egirdir gives cooling respite from the coastal summer heat. The Lycian, Carian and St Paul’s marked trails have helped open up the mountains behind the coast to walkers; winter time visitors may be attracted by ski resorts at Saklikent and Davraz.

Yes, you’re absolutely right! Thank you so much for this great information 🙂

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