Summer Bags – 2021 Summer Trends

summer bags

For every new season, there are new it-bags. After a boring winter that we are all staying at home, there are many dark colored bag options in timeless and long-lasting styles, but in this Summer, there are way more sweeter colored summer bags in the market.

With the arrival of summer, our clothes and accessories became colorful like nature. We already have an article about Spring Summer Trends on the site, but if you haven’t read it yet, you should go and read that article too! But in this article, I will tell you about the 2021 summer bag trends and I will show a few options that are on my radar.

Bags are our biggest accessories that complement our clothes. And they have so many styles and sizes. So if you’re a fashionista like me, you have so many summer bags to buy this year! It’s hard to choose I now. But maybe this article help you to short it out. Let’s start!

Mini Bags

Mini bags are very fashionable this summer as they have been for several seasons. Cute mini bags, which we can still see easily on runways and luxury brands, have also taken over fast fashion brands this summer. It is now possible to see many kinds of mini bags in every brand.

But also a new mini bag trend came out this summer; Neck pouches! We all used coin purse in the past. This summer, old coin pouches became bags and became an “it” item. If you’re okay with just carrying a credit card and some cash with you, you need to try this summer bag trend. Because it is not possible to carry much with this neck pouch! Let’s take a look at these very trendy bag models this summer!

summer bags

We are all familiar with this Jacquemus mini bag. This summer they are still a rocking option.

summer bags

This tiny summer bags with a chain looks amazing. These are a good option for the neck pouches too. You can style it on your neck or wear it on your hand.

summer bags

These two bags are the original form of those “it” neck pouches I mentioned above. This is how the stylists styled it on the runways and I think that is a very unique way to wear a bag. Yes they are too small to meet our daily bag needs alone but who said we had to use them alone! If you want these summer bags, you can combine them as an accessory or use another bag with you. It’s up to you!

Colossal Summer Bags

There are a lot of stuff you want to carry with you and don’t want to leave them at home? Then these summer bags are just for you! Extra large tote bags are about to reign supreme this summer season and we all see that they have already entered our lives with fast fashion brands. And the options are truly endless.

This is not my cup of tea but if you have lots of stuff to carry, if you are a hard-working business woman and you need to carry your computer everywhere with you, or even you are a beach girl, you need a least one colossal summer bag for this season . Since tote bags are very trendy this summer, you can choose the cloth version or a beautiful straw bag. This is up to you! Now I’m going to show you a few of the tote bags that I had my eye on this season.

summer bags

OMG! I loove those Fendi summer bags. They also have bottle bag and some coin bag on their side.


These two summer bags are great for city life.

You can sew your own tote bag with watching this video!

Bottle Bags

This summer we carry our water with us in their own special bags! Considering that the effects of the pandemic still continue around the world, and I’m still a little afraid to go out. When I go out, I hesitate to buy food and drink from the outside because we need to be cautious. But the fashion industry thought of people like us this summer and created a new trend, bottle bags! Now even our bottles have bags, and this is so cute!

summer bags

They rocked this summer season’s runways.


These bottle bags are look very unique. And it is a good option for summer to carry it on your belt.

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Stay Stylish!

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