Spring Outfits With Casual Pieces

spring outfits

Bye bye coats! The weather is getting hot and I know it is hard to decide what to wear at this kind of transitional periods. Because it is not cold enough to wear a coat but, also it is not hot enough to go out with a t-shirt. Therefore, I want to show you 3 spring outfits which are perfect for this kind of weathers. Additionally, they are really easy to combine and you can find a similar one in any store you go!


spring outfits

Trench coats are absolutely perfect fit for spring outfits! Because of their fabric, they don’t make you sweat! And they look pretty stylish even if you wear it with jeans like I did. Because of their natural color, it is really easy to combine trench coats with different styles. For this spring outfit, I combine it with jeans. I’m wearing a light blue denim shirt with a basic white t-shirt in it. I think it looks better if you don’t button up. Just put your shirt in your jeans! That is enough to look cool.

spring outfits

I usually wear sneakers with this kind of casual spring outfits. As you can see, I prefer to wear my colorful New Balance sneakers. They look matchy with my denim on denim look. However, I don’t wear a same colored bag, because I don’t want to make everything look too matchy. It won’t seem cool! Therefore, I’m wearing my Bershka small camel bag for this trench coat outfit. I think this effortless spring outfit is pretty casual and stylish! Look at my hair! I just made a random hair knot on the top! It is my favorite hairdo these day.

Furthermore, if you wonder this season’s trench coat outfits, just click here to see the most stylish ones!


spring outfits

Even though I like wearing trench coats too much, I know that some girls don’t like to wear them. That’s the reason why, I want to show my other spring outfits to you. If you don’t feel happy in a trench coat outfit, you can go for long plain cardigans. They are also perfect for this kind of weather! The cardigans that I talk about, are not very thick. It will be better to wear a long sleeve top in this cardigans. In this way, you won’t feel cold.

spring outfits

As you can see from the photo, I’m wearing this long black cardigan with my mom jean and a striped top. I like to combine black and jean together. They look nice when you don’t use any other color. I’m wearing my Bershka bag and black New Balance sneakers. Ups! It is not appearing on the photos. click here to see my comfy black New Balance sneakers! They are really going well with everything.


spring outfits

Here is my another long cardigan for spring outfits. I like this gray cardigan because it is really easy to match it with different colors. This time, I prefer to wear it with same pastel colors. I think it looks so nice with this side striped gray pants from Zara. I don’t want to make an extra contrast for this outfit. Therefore, I’m wearing my white pullover with white sneakers. Oh yes and my popular white socks! If you are always feeling cold like me, you’ll definitely understand what I mean. I can’t go outside without socks until the summer comes. I’m sorry, what can I do!

spring outfits

I like to give a color with bags to this kind of spring outfits. Did you see my small touch to this outfit? Yes, I prefer to wear a velvet claret red backpack. It absolutely gives the color that I’m looking for!

You know I like to show my style with the places I went. So, if you wonder any of these places that you see on the photos, you can ask me at the comments below! I will explain or share more photos of these places with you!

Finally, here is a video about how to combine trench coats. Omg! I like Anna’s third outfit very much! Good job girl! By the way, if you have a classic trench coat and looking for a different way to combine it, you should definitely check out this website girls! I like every detail of this outfit. Especially her bag!

See you at the next article girls!

Stay Stylish!

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