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Hi stylish ladies! Welcome to the Fashion Activation blog! I came up with an intriguing topic. We’re going to discuss the spring color palette. The color that we choose, how we look and what we wear has an impact on how we feel. When we are at ease in our clothing and the color of our clothes flatters us, we may feel more confident. Knowing which colors are good for you and which ones are bad for you is crucial.

Let me just summarize what this article says. I’ll start by discussing seasonal color analysis and how to determine whether your skin tone is warm or cold. Following a brief overview of types of spring color palettes, I’ll discuss some of their distinguishing features, including their eyes, hair, and skin. I’ll then list the colors that are best and worst for people who have a spring color palette and talk about wardrobe essentials. Last but not least, I’ll discuss some spring makeup suggestions and respond to some often asked issues regarding this color palette.

What is Seasonal Color Analysis?

Your color season will determine which colors complement you best. Consequently, having this knowledge is really beneficial when creating your color palette. However, figuring out which color season you fall into can be difficult.

By examining skin tone, eye color, and hair color, seasonal color analysis is carried out. Your skin, eyes, and hair will then fall into the four fundamental seasonal categories of spring, summer, autumn and winter.

Additionally, the seasonal color analysis might be your essential guide when it comes to creating a wardrobe, choosing an eyeshadow or concealer that suits you, and just displaying your best features.

Your skin undertone: Are You Warm or Cool?

I will talk about some common methods shortly to find your skin undertone.

1-Gold and Silver Jewelry Test

When it is still sunny, you can wear both silver and gold jewelry on your skin. Then, consider which one gives you skin that is more harmonious and appears healthier. If you look your best in gold jewelry, you have a warm undertone; if you look your best in silver, you have a cold undertone.

2-Do you burn or tan? Burn vs Tan Test

If you tan really quickly, your skin has warm undertones. If you burn quickly or are completely incapable of tanning, you might have chilly undertones.

3-White Paper Test

For this test, you’ll need a blank sheet of white paper. In the light, without any makeup, bring the paper near to your face. If your skin seems more yellow or gold, it has warm undertones; if blue and red, it has cool undertones.

It is clear that for certain people, these techniques might not be trustworthy. You might have a neutral skin tone if you are one of those people who cannot detect the undertone of their skin. The other possibility is that you actually failed to locate it or that you are stuck in your old routines and unable to make a choice.

Winter and summer are the cool seasons, whereas spring and autumn are the warm ones. I’m going to talk about the spring color palette today.

Overview of Spring Color Palette

Warm and vivid colors are prevalent in the spring color palette. The color palette for this season is warm and intensely saturated. Despite having a strong presence on the palette, the colors provide a spring palette to some liveliness. There are 3 types of spring color season. Bright Spring which has high brightness, True Spring which has warmness and Light Spring which has emphasis on the light. True Spring is considered as a general of spring color and it is between Light Spring and Bright Spring. Therefore, I will generally talk about the true spring color palette instead of others. However, they are sister palettes, so true springs’ colors can look good on bright or light springs.


Spring color palette is fresh, light, and warm. Nevertheless, this does not imply that people who have a spring color palette have pale skin or light hair. Clarity is the key to having Spring colors; whatever hair or skin color, there is a sparkle to the face and eyes that shines through. Additionally, warm or warm-leaning colors work best with them. It means they are typically warmer.


The hair dominates warm, golden tones as well. The tones of spring hair can range from light blonde or golden to brown hair or dark brunette.



Moderately light eyes with increased clarity and warmth characterize true spring. Although they can be brown, spring people generally have green, blue or blue greens eyes. Their color varies from warm blue to warm green to bright hazel.


True Spring skin has undertones that are warm and gold. In other words, Springs’ skin is frequently described as ivory, pinky-peach, cherry, or golden. This indicates that silver looks quite mismatched when compared to gold because gold makes the skin appear healthful. Although skin tones can differ from light to medium to dark, they are indeed warm.

Types of Springs

Bright Spring

Firstly, the bright spring color palette is also referred to as “clear spring color palette”. The color palette is warmer than the winter season palette but colder than spring and more vivid. Their hair often fluctuates in color from a golden blonde to a black-ish brown. Eyes are blue, bright green, or brown aside from that. Light to brown skin tones are available. In other words, warm, highly saturated, and high contrast colors form the palette. Therefore, you can combine warm and cold tones for your outfits and makeup.


True Spring

True Spring is the truest form of Spring. Generally speaking their hair color varies from light blonde to medium brown. Honey, gold, or caramel colored highlights look wonderful on hair, regardless if it is dark blonde or brown. Eyes are frequently hazel, golden brown, or blue-green. Though they frequently have pretty light hair and have an overall golden appearance, you may occasionally see dark brown eyes too. Moreover, warm skin tones with undertones of yellow or gold vary from light to dark.


Light Spring

Light spring color palette is somewhere between spring and summer. In other words, the light spring palette contains more cool colors than the spring season but also contains warm and light colors than the summer season palette. Their hair is typically strawberry blonde, ashy blonde, or gold brown. Usually they have green, blue, hazel, or brown eyes. Also, they generally have a skin tone that varies from light to medium-toned skin. Basically, the light spring color palette is similar to true spring but with less saturation and intensity.


Spring Color Palette

In overall, springtime colors have a bright, vivacious, and moderate to warm feel. Clarity is the secret to springtime colors. Look for vibrant, clean hues that have been lightened with white or creamy when selecting colors for spring. Some of the neutral Spring colors are ivory, cream, camel, and clearer browns. Spring clothing colors are happy, joyful colors such as poppy red, daffodil yellow, and tangerine.

Attention! Bright Spring and Light Spring, which are sibling palettes, both contain the warm and bright elements of True Spring. You may be able to borrow some colors from these sister palettes because they are sufficiently similar to the True Spring color scheme, based on where you fit on the True Spring range.

Best Colors for Springs

Best colors for spring people are tulip red, banana, lime, peach, tangerine, violet, poppy red, ivory, watermelon pink, daffodil yellow, bright navy, wheat, spring blue, sweet peach, hyacinth blue, lupine, green apple, apricot.


Worst colors for Springs

Your worst colors are cool and dull because the primary color characteristics of true spring are warm and vibrant. Such as ice-cold blues and grays, muted pastels, murky browns, black and white, dark colors…


Spring Color Wardrobe Basics

Springs should build their wardrobe by emphasizing monochrome colors, medium contrast colors, analogous color or dark neutrals and light neutrals with accent colors. There are so many wardrobe basics, I can only share some of them to give you some space and you can fill the blank. Because, creativity and personal interests are also significant when it comes to building a wardrobe.

Red Tops and Beige Bottoms

Red tops such as turtleneck, shirts go well with beige pants.


Red and Amber Color Dresses



Let’s talk about patterns. Geometric shapes with dots, liveliness, originality, and rounded shapes work well with True Spring. It’s excellent to include natural components like butterflies and flowers. However, there is an important point to remember, which is that the size and density of the elements shouldn’t be excessive. Furthermore, it would be better to avoid rigid, square geometric shapes along with extremely small and large patterns.



White, beige and brown colors are also ideal for shoes. White sneakers are essential due to looking good with any outfit, beige and brown flats can provide an elegant look and brown boots can look amazing if you build your wardrobe related to spring color palette.



Beige, coral pink, tulip red or bronze as neutral colors can be ideal colors for bags because these colors can be paired easily with any outfit. Beige crossbody bags from Telfar brand, coral pink chanel heart bag and red tote bag are the one of the examples. You can check out our article about Chanel heart bags and tote bags if you want to get more ideas about them.



The greatest metal for the springs is a warm gold due to its prevalent warmth. Additionally, a bright, dazzling gold is preferable to a deep, dark gold. Warm rose gold can also be used.


Spring Color Palette Outfit Suggestions

Monochrome Outfits

Dressing in one color has been highly common for years. Monochrome outfits are the best for springs. For instance, yellow and red can be worn to acquire a monochrome look. I suggest you read our article about monochrome outfits.


Analogous Outfit

On the color spectrum, analogous colors are those that share a similar hue and are near to one another. Such as combining amber and citron, or combining cantaloupe and watermelon or combining cyan, teal, denim colors.


Neutral Outfits

Springs can create an outfit in neutral colors which generally goes well with a professional environment. It is totally okay to use neutral colors but if you make sure to also add a bright, vivid color to your attire! In this approach, you will absolutely look elegant and sophisticated.


Spring Color Palette Makeup

Spring color palette has a warm and fresh nature. Therefore, using warm or light color makeup cosmetics would be beneficial for them to shine.

Eye Makeup

Brown but close to peach color would be an excellent eyeshadow for daily makeup. Springs can also just use brown mascara or eyeliner to get no makeup look or golden eye makeup and blue bright or green eyeliner can provide a springs’ beautiful look. Warm tones of those colors are needed, do not forget.



Red, peach, and coral colors make for the springs’, especially warm spring’s best lovely blush.



In addition to blush, the ideal lips for the springs are made of red, peach, and coral colors. Warm, somewhat intense, and not overly dark lipstick colors are also ideal. Glossy lipstick is the inevitable shine for springs. They can just wear some pink glossy lipstick and blue.



Warm, moderate, vivid nail polish colors with shiny and glossy ends are the most stunning nail polish colors for the springs. For instance, coral glow, violet, warm red and teal, etc.


Spring Celebrities

Springs (bright, true, and light) will contain a variety of vibrant colors that are warm toned as well as warm colors with a shine significance. Spring color palette is warm, vivid, and clear.

1-Bright Spring Celebrities

Emma Stone, Ni Ni, Brittany Snow

2-True Spring Celebrities

Blake Lively, Kristen Bell, Chloë Grace Moretz

3-Light Spring Celebrities

Kerry Bishe, Elizabeth Banks, Amanda Seyrfried


Common Questions about Spring Color Palette

Do I need to wear each of these colors?

Nooo! You should wear whatever you want to wear! It is entirely up to you whether or not to wear cool or dark colors. You may, however, come to understand how your season affects how you look and how those things affect your feelings and confidence. After all, you are free to dress anyway you choose. Finding your proper season palette and caring for it, in my opinion, are crucial.

Are true spring and true autumn the same thing?

The two seasons’ color palettes reflect these differences: true spring’s colors are brighter, more vibrant and fresher than true autumn’s which are more dull, muted and deep.

Finally, I’ll suggest a video that I think you should see. This movie teaches us how to design a wardrobe, select beauty items, and truly comprehend our seasonal colors. Finding your season palette quite exhaustive, I know. However, you ought to watch it without a doubt. Addition to this video, you can also check out other seasonal color palettes, find our article about deep autumn color palette.

Stay Stylish!

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