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soft autumn color palette

Hello ladies! Thank you for visiting Fashion Activation Blog! We are going to talk about the soft autumn color palette as the subject of today. It is an interesting topic to discuss. Because our appearance and what we wear affect our feelings. Our clothing selections can enhance our appearance and increase our confidence and ease. Therefore, it’s important to understand which colors are appropriate for you and which ones are not good for you.

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What is the Seasonal Color Analysis?

Which colors go best with you will depend on your color season. Therefore, knowing this information is very helpful when choosing your color scheme. Also, it can be challenging to determine which color season you belong in, though.

Seasonal color analysis is done by looking at skin tone, eye color, and hair color. Then, the four basic seasonal categories of spring, summer, autumn, and winter will apply to your skin, eyes, and hair.

Most people think that wearing incorrect colors might draw attention to faults like wrinkles or uneven skin tone, but wearing the right colors can boost one’s inherent appeal and make one look more attractive. Therefore, the goal of the method known as seasonal analysis is really beneficial to explore more.

Furthermore, the seasonal color analysis could function as your go-to manual for selecting the right eyeshadow or concealer for you, building a soft autumn wardrobe, and simply emphasizing what makes you unique.

soft autumn color palette

Do You Have Warm or Cool Skintone?

In order to find your skin tone, there are several methods. A fascinating and thrilling adventure may be had to learn about your skin tone! To find out whether you have warm or cold undertones, you can try these tests.

Gold vs. Silver Jewelry Test

Also, to determine which jewelry best matches the tone of your skin, examine the veins on your wrist or explore different combinations of gold and silver jewelry.

Burn vs. Tan Test

Plus, you can also keep in mind to take a test in the sun to check if you burn or tan.

White Paper Test

In addition, you can grab a piece of blank paper for an original twist, and then notice which skin undertones stand out.

Do not worry if you are unable to identify your undertone, you may simply be neutral. Enjoy learning about your unique skin tone! You will get this.

Types of Autumns

Autumn color palettes are warm and rich, representing the change of colors of the leaves and the harvesting season. There are three types or kinds of Autumn Color Palettes.

Deep Autumn Color Palette

Firstly, deep autumn is one of the autumn seasons. Bold and deep colors like cinnamon, ocean, timber, browns, and dark greens can be seen in the deep/dark autumn color palette. Whatever their skin tone, the distinctions between the deep autumn color palette characteristics are usually fairly visible and strong.

True Autumn Color Palette

Warm and vibrant colors capture the True autumn color palette. This palette includes colors like ruby red, pumpkin orange, and golden. Warm skin tones and shades of hair look best on people wearing these colors.

Soft Autumn Color Palette

Lastly, there is a Soft Autumn Palette. Let’s walk through this color palette.

Overview of Soft Autumn Color Palette

Unlike other autumn season color palettes, soft autumn is warm and characterized mostly by chroma. The features have a generally subdued gray appearance, despite the apparent warmth. Soft Autumns’ color palette is not vibrant. Their highly contrasting only ranges from low to medium. For instance, their hair or eyebrows can be darker than the skin, but the contrast is limited.

Characteristics of Soft Autumn Color Palette

I will mention more about skin eyes and hair. Let’s start.


Soft Autumn hair color tends to be golden blonde, strawberry blonde, golden brown, medium golden brown, and medium brown. Their hair has highlights giving an ashy hair vibe.


Soft Autumns generally have light hazel, green, soft blue, light brown or medium brown eyes. They do not have extremely light or dark eyes. Actually, their eyes usually appear subdued or muted because of some grayish in them.


Soft Autumns tend to have neutral or neutral warmish skin. Therefore, both silver and gold suits but gold stands out more. Their skin colors are usually ivory, rose beige, the light then, sun beige, and warm almond.

Soft Autumn vs Soft Summer

Realizing the difference between Soft Autumn and Soft Summer can easily be mistaken because these palettes actually don’t differ so much. In other words, Soft Summer and Soft Autumn similarly have muted colors. However, while the Soft Autumn color palette is warmer, the Soft Summer Color Palette is cooler.

Soft Autumn Colors

People with a Soft Autumn color palette should think about including neutral colors in their wardrobe, such as Espresso, Beige, Cream, Ivory, Olive, and Blush Pink. These soft autumn neutrals will go well with their skin tone and produce a polished appearance.

They should take into account colors like Marzipan, Flax, Brass, Cameo, Squash, Mauve, Rose, Rosewood, Burgundy, Gray Violet, Deep Teal, Soft Teal, Green Tea, Fern, and Glade while deciding on their ideal colors. These colors will highlight the warmth in their skin tone and give them a glowing look.

In order to prevent clashing with their skin tone and seeming washed out, they should stay away from hues like Butter, Lemon, Hot Pink, Fuchsia, Jade, Shamrock, Sky Blue, Azure, and Purple. In addition, black and white is not ideal for Soft Autumn Color Palette.

soft autumn color palette

Color Combinations

The Soft Autumn Color Palette actually allows you to pair up every colors in the palette when you style your outfit. But of course, there are specific color combinations that look more great.

Since, Soft Autumnns don’t make peace with high contrasts, you should prefer complementary color choices for your outfit. So, styling monochrome color outfits are the best and effective approach for you. Thus, there will be no dramatic but slight contrasts in your outfit look.

Summarily, high color contrast is not a good idea for Soft Autumns but you can blend similar tones of the colors and colors that have similar values. For instance, dark rose pink and light lily pink are great combination for monochromatic color combinations.

Color Combinations

Also, less saturated blue and darker green color combinations go well together. Besides that, you can pair dark or light neutral colors with your accent colors. Such as dark beige and indian red is a great pair.

Patterns for Soft Autumn Color Palette

Natural and delicate designs, like circle or oval designs, and leaves, work well with Soft Autumns. Moreover, floral designs are appropriate since this is their season.

In addition to that, small designs are the best for Soft Autumns rather than large and geometrical shapes.

Wardrobe Basics for Soft Autumn Color Palette


Midi redwood collar dress with a gathered belt. Orolay ¾ Length Green Double Breasted Trench coat can be an example of outwear. You may consider wearing beige or redwood trenchcoats, they would look wonderful on you. Especially, you can create monochromatic look. Wear tiger lily sweater and dark palazzo pants under the redwood trench coat. For a little pop of color, add beige handbag.

soft autumn color palette

Jackets & Blazers

A warm, moderate-wash denim jacket is a fantastic choice for people with Soft Autumn Color Palette. Moderate or medium wash enhances warm undertones and gives a more great look. For instance, darker denim-washed jackets need to be avoided because they could be too strong or overwhelming for their delicate color.

soft autumn color palette


For color combinations, warm, muted colors like marzipan, rosewood, or sage green dresses are excellent choices for Soft Autumns. These hues will harmonize with the warm tones in their color and give them a homogeneous appearance. Soft Autumns ought to stay away from bolder colors like extremely vivid pink or fuchsia since they might not go well with their muted complexion.

soft autumn color palette

Pants & Jeans

People with Soft Autumn Color Palette ought to pick warm, earthy colors for their pants, such as beige, camel, and olive. These colors will go well with earthy tones and produce a beautiful appearance. Soft Autumns should stay away from vibrant hues that may interfere with their muted color. For denim jeans, medium-washed types of denim are perfect choices. Not too light and acid-washed denim or too dark types of denim should be considered.

soft autumn color palette


Moreover, warm beige, warm brown and olive colors look best in shoes for Soft Autumns.


New Balance 515 V3 Sneakers and Hypocrute Beige Canvas Slip On Sneakers might look good on Soft Autumns.

soft autumn color palette


Obtaom Beige Pointy Toe Sude Loafer Flat and Lucky Emmie Ballet Flat can be your choices if you look for flats.

soft autumn color palette



Similar to shoes, neutral or earthy colors are perfect for bags. Tote bags or canvas tote bags are ideal when you try to combine an outfit. As an example, Dreubea Soft Faux Leather Tote Bag and Botanical Tote Bag might be a great idea to buy if you need them. If you want to learn more about tote bags and get new ideas, you can check out our article about tote bags.

soft autumn color palette


Gold is the perfect jewelry for Soft Autumn Colour Palette. Of course, silver can be good though because neutral-ish skin tone but you will realize that gold suits better for you.The reason is that Soft Autumns have warm tones in their palette, so eventually gold suits better than silver.

Smooth and glossy metals are the right metals for you. You should avoid metals that are darkened.

soft autumn color palette

Soft Autumn Color Palette Makeup

The best makeup for Soft Autumn is natural, fluffy makeup. People who wear such makeup appear elegant, dewy, and gentle.

So, The finish of your Soft Autumn makeup should be matte rather than overly bright or dazzling. They look fantastic in shades like beige and brown. Earthy pink, coffee brown or olive-colored eyeshadows are excellent for eye makeup. L.A. Colors Matte Eyeshadow is great for people with Soft Autumn Color Palette. However, brown mascara or eyeliner gives a better appearance than black. You can check NYX Professional Makeup Mechanical Brown Eyeliner if you are looking for brown eyeliner. Plus, the nicest blushes are peach pink or earthy pink. Also, the nude color is great for lipsticks such as soft pink, soft coral, caramel, and faded rose. My choice for nude lipstick is Maybelline Color Sensational Lipstick. Moreover, nail polish colors can be nude pink, rose gold, light brown, warm brown, light blue, olive, and matcha.

Soft Autumn Color Palette Celebrities

Furthermore, Gigi Hadid, Drew Barrymore, Toni Colette, Mischa Barton, Adele, and Devon Aoki are one of the Soft Autumn celebrities.

soft autumn color palette

Finally, I would like to suggest you watch this video. In my opinion, it is highly detailed and helpful.

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