Skin Care Routine

Skin Care Routine

All women want to have a smooth and radiant skin, in this way they can look much beautiful and healthy. Like all women (me too) pay attention to skin care. That’s why I’ve created this skin care routine for you.

In my opinion it’s important to do basic steps correctly like washing face, moisturizing or removing makeup. Because if you are good at this steps you don’t need to buy lots of skin care products or spend lots of time on skin care routine. If you ready, let’s start learning what is best for your skin type!


Skin Care Routine
First of all you should know your skin type to choose correct skin products.

Normal Skin: Not too dry or not too oily. Balanced, radiant and not sensitive. Generally they don’t have any skin problems like pimple or acne. This is a skin type which everyone wants!

Oily Skin: It generally looks shiny. They usually have blackheads and pimples problem. This type of skin has large pores.

Dry Skin: Flaky, dull and rough complexion. They generally have red patches and visible lines. It’s pores are almost invisible and this kind of skin is less elastic.

Combination Skin: Some spots are oily and some spots are dry. Dry areas are generally cheeks, and the oily areas are nose, chin and forehead.(T-zone) This kind of skin has blackheads and big pores like oily skin.

If you understand your skin type well let’s start to create a skin care routine together!


This is the basic step for your skin care routine. If you want your skin always look and stay healthy, it’s a must! You need to clean your skin every morning and every night.

Use a cleanser which is best for your skin type. Here  are some suggestions for choosing  the correct cleanser for every skin type.

Dry Skin Care

If you have Dry Skin Type, don’t use cleanser that have any type of alcohol,fragrance, salicylic acid or sulfates. These ingredients can dry out your skin.

Also don’t use hot water for cleaning. Because it removes the natural oils from your face. Always rinse your skin with warm water and dry out with a paper towel. Don’t use the towel to your face which you used to dry out your hands.

Furthermore, you can try exfoliating to get rid of flaky skin cells. Try to make it a part of your skin care routine and apply it once a week. In this way your face look more clear and smooth.

Oily Skin Care

If you have oily skin, you should use a cleanser which is oil-free. Wash your face with this type of a cleanser and rinse it plenty of warm water.

Also you can use toner to wipe away any make up your cleanser has missed. If you use a toner which have alcohol(but not too much) it can help you to get rid of extra grease from your face. Already, this kind of tonics can only used by oily skins.

Combination Skin Care

If you have a combination skin type, you should find the cleanser or toner which is best for your skin type. This may take time to understand what your face actually need.

Try to use a toner after washing your face with a cleanser which is made for combination skin type. You can apply the toner especially the areas which are more greasy on your face like T-zone. Because it prevents to get your skin greasy and shiny more quickly.

And also you can apply a clay mask for your oily areas on your face, and a moisturizing mask for dry areas. Try to apply this treatment once a week for your skin care routine.

Normal Skin

If you have a normal skin type, you should use any cleanser which is for normal type. You don’t need to worry about something specific.

Also if you prefer to use toner, exfoliation or something like this you should choose them for normal skin type. Actually using a toner or exfoliation is up to you because you are the lucky one!


This is a step which is as important as cleaning skin. You should moisturize your skin every morning and every night within your skin care routine. Because all kind of skins need moisturizers. It helps to keep the water on your face so prevent wrinkles and makes your skin feel renewed.

They help your skin to prevent drying out, even if it’s an oily skin. You should apply moisturizers while your skin is still damp. So, your skin can get the moisture much easy.

But if you have dry skin avoid to use moisturizers which contain alcohol. As I said before alcohol makes your skin the most dry.

And also if you feel your skin is very dry, you can apply some pure argan oil or coconut oil to your face. Because, it can help your skin from drying out.

If you have oily skin, you should use moisturizers which are lightweight or oil-free. So it doesn’t block your pores.

If you have a combination skin type,you should apply the moisturizers especially to the dry areas on your face. And be sure that you’ve chosen the moisturizer which is available for combination skin type,not for oily skin. Because, it may causes some problems at the dry areas.

If you have a normal skin type you can just use a water based moisturizer every morning and every night.


Many of us wearing make up every day. Therefore we need to remove makeup and clean our skin as correct as possible.This is the reason why this step is indispensable for your skin care routine.

First, never go to bed with make up! This will be the worst thing that you will have ever done for your skin. It can clog your pores and cause acne.

It is very important to know how to remove your makeup for your skin type. Because our skin has already being damaged by make up products during the day. We should remove make up correctly and leave the skin smooth and relax.

If you have dry skin you should try to use oil cleansing method. In this way you can remove make up and dirt without drying out your skin. You can buy this kind of remover or use a natural oil for this application. Argan oil, jojoba oil and almond oil can be useful for this step.

Apply the remover or the oil to your skin with fingers gently. After this, rinse it off with plenty of warm water. And dry out your face with a paper towel. Don’t forget to moisturize your skin after this step.

If you have oily skin you can use cleansing waters for remove your make up. Because, this kind of removers leave your skin mild and less oily then the other removers.

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