Scarf Tying Ways- How to Wear a Scarf

There is no doubt that scarves are an accessory that everyone has in their closets. There are different ways to tie a scarf which is why they are one of my favorite accessories. Scarves are so versitile accessories for us especially in spring summer seasons. And also they are a good way to spice it up your style like add some color or add patterns into your clothes. Just as a small accessory makes your combination more stylish, scarves can also make you stand out easily. Because the weather getting warmer and warmer, it is time to get your scarves out of the closet! This article will teach you every different scarf tying ways than you could ever think of. If you are ready, let’s start!

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Scarf Tying Ways with Hair

Our first scarf tying ways are for your head. This is my favorite way to tie a scarf because in addition to being very cool on your head, on hot summer days, if you are tired of wearing a hat like I do, scarves are a complete savior. It both protects you from the sun and looks very stylish and also it can save you for your bad hair day. You can tie it so many differnt ways. I have put some of my favorite scarf tying ways that you should try this summer.

scarf tying ways

I live with this bandana style scarf tying! This way will look stunning every styling of yours, even with your bikinies. For the tying; simply fold a square scarf in half diagonally, then tie the two opposite ends under your hair and leave the third corner loose.

scarf tying ways

Ponytail tying way is also a good option. If you dont want to show your elastic hair band, you can cover it with a scarf. You can also do a good bun and wrap your scarf around it a few times.

scarf tying ways

These scarf tying ways are also good options. Especially with a curly hair, these looks so cute.

Scarves as a Top

If you have a bigger scarf, you can wear it as a top. This summer, I would like to try to use my scarves as a top. Like wearing it for your head, there are so many ways to tie your scarf on your body. Scarves are so much more than a seasonal accessory, they’re a year-round necessity. With their pretty prints and breezy materials, scarves can be your go-to wardrobe piece this summer with the right tying ways!

scarf tying ways

This is the most famuos scarf tying way. Wear it on on their own, under your blazer or over your bikini.

scarf tying ways


You can also prefer these scarf tying ways. There are lots of options to choose. If you want to make a more closed top, the last two tying ways are for you.

Here is a video for you! She shows so many different scarf tying ways, 20 ways to use as a top, I can’t choose maybe you can!

Scarf Tying Ways as a Accessory

We learned ways to tie scarves on our heads and on us as a top. Now is the time to see how we can actually use the scarf as an accessory. Before it became fashionable to wear scarves as a top or bandana, most women preferred to tie them around their neck and ankles. Let’s look at how we can use scarves in smaller areas.

scarf tying ways

Scarves are preferred as accessories in neck. Especially if you make a nice combination with lots of gold necklaces, I think it can look very stylish and cool. Of course, there are many ways to tie the scarves around our neck. You can prefer tie it on the front and you can keep the long parts in front or you can wrap it around the neck a few times and tie it at the back and use it like a choker. I think it will look beautiful with a nice tight low bun.


Another scarf tying way is for our bags. I think it is a very good idea to tie our scarves to bring some color to our handbags and save them from commonness. It would be great to bring some color to our everyday bags that we are tired of using it the same all the time.

On Nordstrom’s Website, they show very cool scarf tying ways. You can check it out.

Stay Stylish!

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