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Prague is a special place for me. I am really falling in love with Prague and its historical places. Therefore, I want to share my travel experiences with you. In this text, you will find some Prague travel tips ranging from historical places to suggestions for overnight stay, bar and also precautions you should take as a tourist. These tips are really enjoyable and unique. If you ready let’s get it started with the historical place of Prague:

Charles Bridge

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Charles Bridge has a perfect atmosphere with its special artists, musicians, foreign visitors and its architecture. The construction of Charles Bridge had started in 1357. Although it is an old bridge and came across with many floods, it still stands as a stable construction and too many tourists visit it every year.

This bridge has different statues on it. Most of them are in baroque style. All of them have a different meanings but they are replica statues. Their originals are in Lapidarium. If you ready number one of Prague travel tips is coming!

Cutest Prague Travel Tips: Let The Artists Draw Your Caricature On The Bridge!

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There are too many talented artists and they are ready to draw a funny caricature of you with your favourite beverage on Charles Bridge! And trust me it will be a fun memory from Prague.

And also there are lots of souvenir vendors here on the bridge that you can buy a small present to your family and friends. Finally, if you want to walk alone and feel the romantic atmosphere of Prague, you should go there early times in the morning when the city is still asleep.

Travel with Chis Robot Ls Ginger If You Have Less Time

This is the second Prague travel tips I give to you. Actually walking on the narrow streets of Prague and its historical places is awesome. However, if you have a restricted time for travel, this is a perfect option for you. I know it is a little expensive from the other options but it is definitely worth it because it is fast and enjoyable. Besides, don’t worry about how to use it. In 10 minutes you will understand how does it works. And it will be easy to go uphill.

Best Prague Travel Tips: Stay In A Different Hotel On Vltava River: Florentina Boat

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This will be a outstanding experience for you! If you visit Prague, you should definitely stay in Florentina Boat for one night. This boat is on Vltava River and it has a perfect view from the rooms. When you wake up in the morning, you will see the swans and the historical Charles Bridge from your window. Additionally, you can use the terrace of the Florentina Boat to read your book, if you visit Prague on a sunny day.

This is much better from staying a normal hotel or a hostel. Additionally, it is not expensive and really close to the Prague old town square. Also it is opposite of the theater of Prague. If you have enough time to spare, you should definitely buy a ticket and go for a night full with music.

Be Careful About Change Offices In Old Town Square

Change offices around Old Town Square are really expensive! You need to use the official currency of the Czech Republic. It is Czech krown. But be careful about the change offices in oldtown square. They take too much commission so you shouldn’t change your money at oldtown square. You need to walk for a while and find a exchange office which doesn’t steal your money!

Drink Something At The Roof Of Dancing House: Glass Bar

prague glass bar

Dancing house is a very famous building in Prague. This building’s architect is also very famous: Frank Gehry. It has restaurants, bar and rooms in it but my advice to you as a Prague travel tips, drink something at the Glass Bar in the night. It has a perfect view. And there is a different statue at the roof. When I was at the Glass Bar, there was a firework display on the river. It was magical for me to see that scene.

Go For Top Of The Clock Tower

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Firstly, take your coffee from the Starbucks and spend time in old town square. This is a must-do Prague travel tips for everyone. The old town square is magnificent especially in Easter time. If you go to Prague in Easter week you will absolutely understand what I mean.

The view of the Prague from the clock tower’s roof is incredible. You can see the adjacent buildings and their narrow streets from the top. And the inclined roofs of buildings give you a different city view. You should definitely go and see this view and don’t forget to take some photos.

Adventurous Prague Travel Tips: Go To Prague Castle With Your Ginger

Take your ginger and go to Prague Castle. You will see a different and perfect city view from the Prague Castle. On the road, you will come across with some art statues. This castle is the largest coherent castle complex in the World. Also this castle is a home for presidents of the Czech Republic.

See the Narrowest Street In The World

Here is an another different Prague travel tips for you. This street is only for one person! It is impossible to walk with your friend in this street. You should definitely go and see it. There is a traffic lamb at the beggining of street to regulate the traffic.

Prague Travel Tips: See The Moving Sculpture Of Franz Kafka

This is the most different sculpture I’ve ever seen. It is a sculpture of Franz Kafka’s face. All the pieces of this sculpture are turning another way but the face of Kafka never changes. It is really incredible you should see this sculpture. Afterwards, you can visit the Franz Kafka Museum and get one of your favourite book of Franz Kafka. For example, I bought the Kafka’s first published book, Contemplation, which contains eighteen short pieces together with 18 pen-and-ink drawings by Kafka which makes this book unique.

If you have enough time, there are lots of things to do in Prague. I’m sure you will love Prague as much as I loved it. This city has a gothic atmosphere that you will lose yourself in it. I drop a link below to learn more about Prague travel tips. When you watch this video I’m sure you’ll want to see these places.

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