Personal Care at Home During Quarantine

personal care at home

With the coronavirus pandemic, our routines are changed and we’re still trying to deal with this. However, don’t forget that it’ll end someday. Therefore turn it an opportunity for your personal care at home, hence your beauty still matters! So, here’s how to take care of yourself during quarantine, enjoy it!

Make a Daily Routine!

Sleep enough! We’ve started to spend the whole day at home, which causes sleeping routine changes. However, personal care at home starts with getting enough sleep to avoid your skin and mental health from stress.

personal care at home

Built a working out routine! Working out is not only a way of personal care at home, but also is a hobby to keep your body in your ideal form and weight. If you don’t have a work out routine, you can start with basic steps through tutorials. Henceforth, call it in your life and recharge your spirit!

Stay hydrated! Aim for at least 2 liters of water per day and reduce caffeine for personal care. Likewise, eat well and try healthy recipes!

personal care at home

How to Take Care of Your Skin?

If you luckily have a balcony, you relatively get vitamin D and fresh air. However, it’s not enough, hence exposure to dry air affects your skin. Therefore, wash your face every morning and night, use skin masks, and make it a routine for your personal care at home!

personal care at home

Likewise, with the pandemic, we’ve started to wash our hands more often, thereby try ultra-moisturizing hand therapy after washing. Also, you can use natural oils like coconut oil if you get exfoliation due to eczema.

personal care at home

Treat yourself with bubble baths! In order to get extra hydration, give that time yourself, but keep away your skin from long hot baths nevertheless.

personal care at home

More Personal Care at Home!

Give your hair a break! As you stopped using a hair shaper during quarantine, you can also repair your hair with oils. Also, if you’re those who cut their hair, send your picture from Instagram to give courage to us!


Just like your hair, your nails need some personal care at home. Apply virgin oils instead of polish and get a manicure tool kit to keep your nails well-groomed!

personal care at home

Also, you can find more suggestions here, I love her daily routine way in the video!

Stay home, stay healthy!

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