Party Themes for Adults – Awesome Party Theme Ideas

party themes for adults

Undoubtedly, a well-designed party becomes a fantastic host of unforgettable memories. This beautiful event, which you will share with your loved ones, is a great way to have fun and gain new experiences. I think especially new experiences are essential and the core of planning. Decorations, planned events, costumes, foods, and beverages are all choosing opportunities to create your dream party. From all these, you can pick one of the party themes for adults that everyone enjoys and share great experiences. In this article, I listed party themes for adults that can inspire you. So, let’s get it started!

Costume Party Themes for Adults

Costume parties are the first theme that comes to mind. As we are all used to Halloween, costumes are great for exciting the funny persona that everybody has inside. Even costume party looks cliché, it is also allowing creating your original party theme. Therefore, I listed some costumed party themes for adults that you can get inspiration from. Maybe you can create your favorite film/serial-themed party like these. If you are invited to a costume party and confused about what to wear, you can visit our previous article about Halloween costume ideas for couples. I believe it will give you the inspiration that you need.

Friends Themed Party

party themes for adults

Friends is one of the most favored TV serials in the world. Everybody likes the warm friendship they have. Everybody desires to eat the snacks that the characters love and make in the show. Wouldn’t it be fantastic to have a party where you decorate with similar items used in the series, serve snacks eaten in the series, and dress in costumes inspired by the characters?

party themes for adults

Even these days, character style is spoken: especially Rachel’s. You can visit our previous article and find some inspirations from her styling both for daily fashion and party costumes to see her incredible style.

Harry Potter Themed Party

Harry Potter is the most popular film series that everybody loves. In fact, the original fantasy world of Harry Potter gives so many tips for creating a themed party. I think it is an excellent option for a large party, as there are many characters in the movies. In this way, everybody can wear a unique costume for the party. Also, you can use so many fantastic decorations in your party that looks magical.

party themes for adults

Party Themes for Adults: James Bond

You can think of a James Bond party as only a theme or costume party. Because of the film’s theme, everybody will look in costumes. Also, it’s the classiest way to create an adult party! Napkin folds and name cards are some of the elegant details you should use in your 007 parties.

party themes for adults

Girl’s Night Party Themes for Adults

What is the most relaxing party? No doubt, a girl’s night party is the first thing that comes to mind. Furthermore its a great night with your girls will make you relaxed as fluff. You can use any kind of theme in your girl’s night party. For example, it might be movie night with your pajamas, or it can be a spa day. Whatever you most like to do with your girl gang can be the central theme of your party.

Party Themes for Adults: Slumber Party

party themes for adults

First, start with a classic one. Besides a pajama party being a classic, it is also the most relaxing way to have fun. You can pick the same themed pajamas with your friends and have good times in your place. Also, you don’t need well-organized party design. You just need to be sure that everything looks relaxing!

Pamper Party

How about pampering your own and your friends? Everybody needs a pamper party with care. Also, think about getting relaxed while doing care with your girl gang. For a pamper party, you have great options to create party supply. Lightened mirrors, make-up tables, different care products, nail products, etc. By the way, lots of different products will be exciting for your guests. Here I linked nail art tools that you can offer your guests with many stickers and tools. If you have an opportunity to hire someone, a make-up artist and nail art artist will make your party heaven!

party themes for adults

Bridal Shower

A bridal shower is a unique way to relax and have fun before your big day. Because of the theme, everything needs to be perfect as you like. Also, your guests will love your party with well-designed details. Using a color scheme is an excellent way to make your bridal shower well designed. Napkins, feathered decors, selfie wall, treat table full of chic foods… Also, you can choose a color scheme and design all details in these colors. In addition to decorations, the kimonos that your bridesmaids will wear need to be in a similar theme. In this way, your bridal shower would be well designed and chic.

party themes for adults

Traditional Foods Party Themes for Adults

What are the essentials of a party? Food, of course! On the other hand, food-party themes for adults are magnificent parties consisting of food that everyone will enjoy and have fun. It might be a good idea to invite friends who like to chat and try new foods to these parties. Also meeting new people at such a party will be an excellent opportunity for people who enjoy this novelty.

Hawaii Party

party themes for adults

It’s a great party idea with a table with fruit salads, exotic decorations, and local music. Everyone dresses comfortably and chills with the music. For example, prepare the cocktails with a mini umbrella and create your own Luau party; don’t forget to the palm trees; everyone will love it! If you are planning to do the Hawaii Party at home and do your DIY decorations, here, I linked a tutorial YouTube video that you might learn how to do tropical party designs.

Italian Dinner Party

party themes for adults

The most famous of the crowded and laughing tables is the Italian dinner. Dress your table with exquisite Mediterranean dishes and a variety of wines. Additionally, you can use simple decors, but don’t forget to prepare your Italian music list. As a chic serving platter, you can use wood serving platters in the Italian style. Here I linked natural wood serving platters to use at your Italian Dinner Party as party decorations.

Casino Party


This party is the best if you have funny friends who understand the game. Offer your guests nostalgic entertainment with the casino night party. With martini cocktails and stylish outfits, everything will seem like it from Great Gatsby. Besides, stylishly designed tables and vintage decors will add ambiance to the environment.

Game Party Themes for Adults

Party Games & Role Playing

As a classic, game night is one of the party themes for adults that everyone can easily enjoy. You can offer your guests a fun evening with a few board games and snacks. For example, it might be a good idea to play Monopoly at a party with a small number of friends. In contrast, a mystery game with role-playing can keep everyone entertained at a party with many people.


Dance competition party

How about a fidgety party? You can design dance competition-party themes for adults and your guests that you will invite to dance to the sound of music. You can organize a fun party with different snacks and drinks, where the participants will come in special clothes, either indoors or outdoors, depending on the season. Of course, the most important thing for a dance party is a playlist. And it might be hard to find a high-paced playlist. Therefore, I found a great playlist on Spotify with both retro and trending songs.

party themes for adults

Birthday Party

Picnic Birthday

The most aging party in the whole world is undoubtedly the birthday party. Although blowing the candles on the cake at a dinner table at home is the first thing that comes to mind when a birthday party is mentioned, you can celebrate this special day of your loved ones in a completely different way. The trendiest birthday party theme of recent times is picnic birthdays. Indeed, I love these birthdays that look like they just popped off Pinterest. Likewise, make your picnic birthday party unforgettable with a checkered picnic mat, fruits, a picnic basket, and most importantly, a decorated cake. Finally, I linked a classic picnic basket for you. You can use these baskets for all your picnic dates.


party themes for adults

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