Combination Ideas With Mini Skirts for Women

mini skirts for women

Mini skirts for women are good old classics. They never lose their popularity altogether. The style and season of mini skirts are all about the pieces you combine them with. Let’s get into the world of mini skirts for women!

Pleaded Tennis Skirts

I am starting with the tennis skirts because they are in the hot trends now! As I have already mentioned in the fall outfit ideas article (bu henüz yüklenmedi ama yüklenirse kullanılabilir burda link diye düşündüm.) , pleaded mini tennis skirts are so stylish this year. You can wear them with sweaters, hoodies, crop tops and so on. I can not say that they are winter materials but I am sure with a sporty boots and hoodies you can make a great fall outfit from it. Each color looks so cool and beautiful but to be honest, white one is the sweetheart! Tennis skirts are everywhere now, you should get one ASAP!

mini skirts for women

mini skirts for women

mini skirts for women

Corduroy Mini Skirts for Women

The winter months are coming and I am thinking its a good time to bring corduroys up. Corduroy mini skirts are best kind of mini skirts for women in the cold weather. It is so easy to combine them with knitted sweaters and boots. I especially like the combination with the blue suit. It is so chic. Corduroy jackets have been so trendy for a few years and I believe it is still not late to wear them confidently on streets. Especially if you combine them with a matching skirt, you will be all the rage! You can combine them with pantyhose and long boots. Here is your perfect productive weekday style!

corduroy skirt mini

mini skirts for women

Leather Skirts

I have always thought that leather skirts are kind of rebellious because of the common style below on the right. I should admit that it looks super cool. With a denim jacket and a printed t-shirt, everybody can rock this leather mini skirt style. But the thing want to draw your attention is the picture next to it. The same skirt itself looks pretty pretty rebellious with its asymmetrical zip fasteners and then the girl combines it with a pretty nice basic black top and high heels. SHE LOOKS FABOLOUS! I believe that Leather skirts are much more functional than you probably think they are. Wearing chunky boots under leather skirts is so stylish and logical as they can be worn in the cold weather easily.

mini skirts for women

leather skirt mini

I also mentioned some other leather pieces in the fall outfits ideas so you can read it for more leather style.

Plaid Skirts

This plaid mini skirts have 30-year-old trend history. They first came with the grunge style and they are still so fashionable. To be more grunge-y, it is popularly combined with printed t-shirts to complete mini skirts for women outfit. I personally like to combine plaid skirts with basic tops because I want the skirt to be the star of my mini skirts for women look. With a basic knitted sweatshirt and a really long boots its a wear-and-go outfit for the cold weather. It is really fun to combine plaid pattern, if you want to know everything about the grunge style and the plaid pattern, you can visit this article.

plaid skirt mini

mini skirts for women

Breezy and Printed skirts

I call those kind of skirts “summer skirts” because they are a-cut easy to fly so it gives me the summer breeze feeling! They tend to be animal, floral and polka dot printed. They also tend to be combined with sandals! I really like these mini skirts especially with crop tops and mini handbags. They also look so cool with tricots or denim jackets for the summer nights or chilly cool days. I think they are so cute for the summer mini skirts for women outfits.

mini skirts for women

mini skirts for women

Denim Mini Skirts For Women

Denim skirts may be the most risk-free ones of the mini skirts for women look. They don’t care if it is summer or winter, they are the perfect fit. I like them a lot with blazer jackets or long trench coats. Denim Mini skirts for women are usually tend to be sporty and young but when they are combined with trench coats or blazers they look more mature and casual. Since the denim is so easy to combine with colors, I can’t choose which color is the best for denim mini skirts for women.

denim skirt mini

There is a relatively new video on youtube which has 6 mini skirts for women outfit ideas for you.

This article has a lot more mini skirts for women outfits ideas. Don’t forget to take a look at it!

Stay Stylish 🙂

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