Metallic Dresses Styling Guide

Hi girls! The weather is starting to get cool. We are approaching the end of 2022. The end of the year means that New Year’s Eve is approaching. Last moments of the year, celebrations, parties, a nice dinner… How about making a change instead of cozy sweaters and cardigans? Like wearing a metallic dress? Without a fashionable dose of dazzle and shine, it is hard to say the holiday season has come. In my opinion, metallic dresses simply make everything feel more lively. Therefore, I’m going to talk about metalic dresses today. Firstly, I will talk about metallic dresses and their fabric briefly. Secondly, about various styles of metallic dresses. Thirdly, about metallic color options. Fourthly, makeup ideas for metallic dress outfits. Fifthly, about what kind of shoes should be worn. Last but not least, about where to wear them. Then, let’s get started!

Metallic Fabric

Fabric that has a metallic sheen or contains metallic fibers weaved into it is referred to as metallic fabric. This type of fabric has a distinctive sparkle, pattern, or texture. The iridescent fabric of the metallic clothes looks more glamorous on the person.


You can see the metallic fabric in all kinds of clothing items such as metallic dresses, tops, jackets, pants, or skirts. Although it is not fabric, you can see the metallic color in make-up and accessories. However, I will mainly talk about metallic dresses in this article.


Brief History of Metallic Dress

Metallic clothing began to take its place in fashion in the 1930s. These clothes, mostly worn by the stars, began to be popular with everyone after a while. Although we don’t frequently see these metallic clothes which became more famous with disco dancing in the 70s and 80s now, it is certain that metallic dresses will not be missing from galas and parties.


Various Styles of Metallic Dresses

Metallic dresses are available in a variety of styles. It has proven to such popular that women find it to be a must at parties. Therefore, I’m going to talk about different styles of metallic dresses in this section. Afterward, you may grasp some ideas about choosing what kinds of metallic dresses would look more outstanding and noteworthy for you.


Maxi Metallic Dress

In the beginning, I will start with a maxi metallic dress. In my opinion, these maxi dresses are more likely to be appropriate for special nights. The long length of the dress provides a more chic and cool look. For instance, Kate Moss while she was attending the Topshop Launch Dinner in the left photo. She is wearing a silver metallic dress with a fringe-beaded jacket and Christian Louboutin sandals. Accessories and the makeup she wore match amazingly with the silver metallic dress. And in the right photo, Izabel Goulart looks perfect in a slit-long gold dress.


Midi Metallic Dress

Now, I will talk about midi metallic dresses. The midi dress falls midway between the knee and the ankle. It is a perfect piece due to its length. In order to learn more about midi dresses, check out our article about midi dress outfit ideas. When we look at the photos down below, Emily Ratajkowski looks outstanding in her gold metallic dress. As you may see, her high heels choice is not exaggerated, just chic and simple.


Mini Metallic Dress

Last but not least, it is time to talk about mini metallic dresses. I personally think that mini dresses are more likely to be adjustable to any occasion. You can get any look by changing some small details. While you get a masculine and chic look by wearing blazers, you can attain a street and comfy look by wearing sneakers. In order to learn how to style mini dresses, I recommend you to check our article about mini black dresses.


One shoulder mini metallic dress looks stunning on her! She completed her look with silver glitter high-heels. Completing the remarkable dress with outstanding high heels. The silver glitter high heels do not drown the dress, on the contrary, they reveal the dress more. In my opinion, it is very important to choose high heels that are thinner and less shiny, instead of choosing thick and very shiny ones.


At this time, I need to talk about runway looks. In the first photo, a model is wearing a gold rose metallic dress with balloon sleeves. This look is from Isabel Marant Spring 2019 Ready-to-Wear fashion show. In the second photo, she wears a metallic gold long-sleeve blazer detailed mini dress by Saint Laurent’s Collection. Do not forget to review these metallic dresses!


Colors of Metallic Dresses

Now, let’s take a look at the colors of metallic dresses in detail. It is really important to find which metallic color suits you well because the metallic fabric is so loud and attention-grabbing.

Metallic Silver

The color of silver comes to mind when people think of metallic colors. Metallic silver is more outstanding than others. This is my opinion at least!


Metallic Gold

The secret is to combine metallic gold color with warm neutrals like charcoal gray, coffee, or soft white.


For daytime meetings, a gold metallic dress and white cowboy boots are in perfect harmony.


Metallic Blue

I didn’t know a metallic blue dress was this beautiful until I saw Bella Hadid. The adorable color makes Bella cuter than ever!


Metallic Red

Thereafter, metallic red dresses give a person a more elegant look. Metallic red has a distinct vibe that I find difficult to describe. It is so chic, so classy and so sexy…


Metallic Lilac and Pink

Lilac and pink. I love soft and cute colors. While the metallic lilac dress reminds me of summer, the metallic pink dress reminds me of spring. A Lilac metallic dress would be amazing for a high school or university prom. In addition to that color, a metallic pink dress would suit more formal meetings such as graduation ceremonies. I’m sure that it would be adorable under the gown.


Makeup Styles for Metallic Dresses

It is time to talk about makeup. There are so many makeup trends these days, it is totally okay to be confused about them. In my opinion, when you wear metallic dresses, you should indeed emphasize your lips or eyes. Emphasizing both may distract people’s attention. They may be confused about which part they should focus on. Your metallic dress, your eyes, or your lips…? Therefore, we need balance. In the first place, I will talk about eye makeup and then lips. Let’s go!

Smoky Eye

Smokey eye makeup is the best choice for date nights, galas, or red carpet. Dark eyeshadow is essential for the smoky effect. Because we want to stress our eyes, we choose a lipstick color that is close to natural lip colors. You can see this stress by looking at Alexandra Anele’s looks, who is a makeup artist in the photos.


Powerful Red Lipstick

Red lips have always represented women’s power, independence, and bravery. If you are about to wear a metallic dress, emphasize your lips. Red is the color that you need. It is hard to forget red lips as your metallic dress. To get an idea about red lipsticks, you can check out these lipsticks by MAC Cosmetics. Of course, I would like to remind you that skin tone is a really important factor when you try to find the best red lipstick for you! It would be better if you know your skin tone whether cool-toned or warm-toned. Thus, you might not struggle to find your red. But in the end, it really doesn’t matter. Wear what you want. Wear what you are comfortable with. Rules or suggestions are not the issues when the topic is you.


Which Kinds of Shoes for A Metallic Dress

What kind of high heels to wear with metallic dresses? What we are looking for is high heels that attract less attention than a metallic dress, but still attract attention. Wearing metallic color high heels is also a great option. I would prefer glitter high heels.


Where to Wear Metallic Dress

Where should we wear the metallic dress? Only at parties? Of course, no! Actually, there are many places where you can wear metallic fabric. Let’s take a look at these.

At Night Events

I wanted to start with a well-known place. Dinners, parties, galas, or red carpets… While thinking about what to wear for a party, metallic dresses can be your savior.


At Work

I know you will be surprised by this. Metallic fabric is not a piece we see often in work life, but I can say that if it is combined well, it can be adapted to the work environment.


At Christmas and Happy New Eve’s Day

I wanted to reserve a separate title for Christmas. Although we also go to parties or dinners during Christmas or New Year’s Day, I want you to really consider wearing metallic dresses during this period. I’m not an insistent person, certainly. However, I can’t stand still when I think about the harmony of the metallic dress with the new year.


If you want to learn more about metallic fashion. I suggest you watch this video. You will be surprised by the metallic clothes’ versatility.

Finally, the article has come to an end. I sincerely hope you all like reading this. Keep visiting, folks! In addition to this article, you can read our article about outfit ideas for Christmas parties.

Stay Stylish!

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