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met gala 2022

Welcome to the most anticipated and biggest night of the year: The Met Gala night! Met Gala 2022 happened last night. All the celebrities, social media personalities and business people were there with the most gorgeous version of themselves. In this article, we will take a really close look at each one their dresses one by one together! So, shall we start?

What is Met Gala?

Met Gala or as it is formally called Costume Institute Gala is actually an annual fundraising event which is held for the benefit of the Metropolitan Museum of Art Costume Institute in New York City. Although its main deal is being a fundraising event, Met Gala is more than that. Met Gala is probably the most prestigious and the biggest fashion event in the whole world. In addition, it is a social media phenomena. As you know, the host organizing institute is the popular American fashion magazine Vogue and the main organizer is Vogue editor Anna Wintour. Everyone is caught up in the hype of Met Gala 2022 but I am not exactly sure if you really know the answer of some frequently asked questions about this event.

Where is Met Gala 2022?

Firstly, let’s answer this faq. Met Gala annually takes place in the Metropolitan Museum of Art Costume Institute in New York.

When is Met Gala 2022?

Secondly, let me give this important information. Met Gala annually takes place on the first Monday of every May. So, Met Gala 2022 takes places on May the 3rd, Monday.

What is Met Gala 2022 Theme?

Every Met Gala has its own unique theme. Because, each year Met Gala celebrates the specific theme of the year’s Metropolitan Museum of Art Costume Institute exhibition and it marks the opening of this specific exhibition. Therefore, we can say that the theme of the Met exhibition decides for the Met Gala theme. The eye-catching, influential themes are set for deciding the dress code. For example, the Met Gala 2021 theme was “In America: Lexicon of Fashion”, mostly the celebrities went with vintage American fashion inspired dresses. By the way, you can have a look at the MET Gala 2021 Best Fashion Looks by clicking the link here to refresh your memory.

Whatever, last night’s Met Gala 2022 theme was “In America: An Anthology of Fashion” which was referred to the second part of the Met Gala 2021’s theme. So, what we had to expect from the celebrities is gilded glamour and white tie as dress code. As in the last year, it was a tribute the American history especially the Gilded Age.

The Gilded Age Theme Explained

The Gilded Age name is a name that we use to describe the late 1800’s of American History. The term “Gilding” itself is a practice to cover something up with a gold leaf to make it seem much more beautiful. Thus, it is an ironic comment to call a period as Gilded age because it means that this age is far from being a golden age but it seems so. The Gilded age refers to a society stuck between a truly healthy society and a society that hides its flaws and appears invisible.

Therefore, I can say that you need to expect a very showed off outfits that is full money and gold!

Met Gala 2022 Outfits

Let us start analysing all the Met Gala 2022 Outfits.

Golden Haze at Met GALA 2022

As I just said, Gilded glamour can mean gold in many ways and here are the golden queens of Met Gala 2022.

Blake Lively

Firslty, we have to start with Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds who were the co-chairman in Met Gala 2022. As you know Met Gala 2022 theme was “Gilded Glamour” so, Blake Lively showed off her “gilded” dress. And, she was the only one talked about during the night for sure.

met gala 2022 blake lively

Her first appearance on the red carpet was as in the first picture below. First of all, she looked stunning in her copper-colored gown with lots of shiny embellishments. Her ethereal beauty was completed with Metallic gloves, a little, glamouring copper tiara and diamond earrings. Blake looked like a literal beauty queen in 1800s with her look. However, she didn’t stop! Blake Lively unraveled her dress and turned into a turquoise green queen. Some people saying that it is an ode to the statue of liberty which went bad turning green from copper.

You can see her transition on the video above! To sum up, she is literally stunning at the Met Gala 2022 isn’t she? I know right.

Jessica Chastain

met gala 2022

Other than Blake Lively in Met Gala 2022, Jessica Chasten was one of the the most talked-about names. We can say that she completely reflects the Gilded Glamor theme with her red and gold detailed Gucci dress. Jessica Chastain, who looks like she came out of a history movie, will reign in American fashion for a very long time with this image. This is a sure thing.

Cardi B

Famous Rapper greeted us on the red carpet dazzled in her all-gold outfit. We already know how glamorous Cardi B is, so this Met Gala 2022 Gilded Glamor isn’t quite the theme for her, what is it? We see a totally awesome Met Gala 2022 outfit as a full package with a gold detailed body cone dress that hugs her body, wide and gaudy choker detail and bracelets.

cardi b

About her Met Gala 2022 outfit, Cardi B said on the red carpet: “I feel like a lot of fans don’t get the theme because they think ‘Gilded’ is supposed to be like an era, but gilded is gold, it’s regal, it can be any era. I love it.”

Possibly Iconic Met Gala 2022 Looks

You know that sometimes some looks become so iconic that we talk about them for years and year such as Rihanna’s pink puffy dress and the Michelangelo inspired dress Ariana Grande wore at the Met Gala heavenly bodies theme. Which we talked about on the articles The Ariana Grande Style and Rihanna Style. You should check them out if you haven’t read the comprehensive guides to these two gorgeous ladies’ style review. I think there will be some iconic looks from Met Gala 2022 as well. Let’s find out!

Kim Kardashian

kim kardashian

She actually imitated another iconic costume, but she imitated it so beautifully that we have no doubt that she will become iconic as well. Kim Kardashian’s Met Gala 2022 outfit is Marilyn Monroe’s J.F. It’s exactly the same dress Kennedy wore on his birthday. I must say it looks great, eye-catching and truly full of glam. Kim is one of the rare names reflecting her own style at Met Gala 2022 and showed her difference by wearing a tight nude dress. She provides a completely nude look with her make-up and hair. To sum up, I love it!

Gigi Hadid

gigi hadid

We see that Gigi Hadid made bold choices. We didn’t find it surprising that she wore a dark red leather jumpsuit that covered his body completely. Although the jumpsuit does not fit the Met Gala 2022 Gilded Glamor theme on its own, it creates a wonderfully majestic look with the coat on it. Together with her hair, we can say that she takes us to the clips of the rebel singers of the 90s. As you know, the 90’s is a great period, if you don’t know, we are waiting for you in the All About 90’s Outfits article!

This crimson bold and sexy Met Gala 2022 outfit will of course be iconic.

Kendall Jenner

met gala 2022

I think there is no one who does not love Kendall Jenner. Whatever she does, whatever she wears, she is always very stylish and always iconic. At the Met Gala 2022, Kendall Jenner chose to wear a floral embroidering tulle top over a mesh crop top. Underneath, there is a huge black ruffled skirt. GREAT! It suits Kendall so much to look so rebellious. Although it is not as iconic and eye-catching as last year’s Met Gala 2021 look, I also liked it.

Billie Eilish

met gala billie eilish

She understood the assignment and became such a Gilded Age woman in Met Gala 2022. Billie Eilish Met Gala 2022 outfit consists of a green and golden beige lace satin blended vintage dress. She is amazing and different as always.

Elegant Met Gala 2022 Outfits

Emma Stone

emma stone

Emma stone looks so cool in this white lace Great Gatsby inspiring dress with frills. However, she could be more extravagant with a long big dress because that is what Met Gala is for. I like her vintage styled white high heeled shoes and skirt.

Maude Apatow

maude apatow

Maude Apatow, the sweet little Lexi of the Euphoria series, which is a social media phenomenon, also appeared before us with an extraordinarily elegant vintage look just like Emma Stone. A sheer black sheer dress on her white skin was so beautiful that I couldn’t take my eyes off it. The stiff wide waves of her hair and her burgundy lipstick were the finishing touches to complete the look.

Not only is Maude Apatow’s Met Gala style, but the outfits of her character Lexi are just as beautiful. Let me quickly direct you to the Euphoria article and enjoy.

Nicola Peltz Beckham

nicola peltz beckham met gala 2022

Nicola Peltz Beckham, who always look like a member of the royal family, showed up at the Met Gala with an extraordinarily simple make-up, hair and dress. As you know, simple does not mean bad at all. Although I do not find it very suitable for the Met Gala theme, her pink tulle dress is so sweet and she is such a lady that it is impossible not to like it.

Hailey Bieber

hailey bieber

Certainly Hailey Bieber is the first name that comes to mind when talking about fashion in the 2020s, conquered our hearts by choosing minimalist elegance. And Hailey Bieber Met Gala outfit is so beautiful that I can’t even find anything to say. To sum up, you go girl!

This year, we saw a lot of influential people as honorary co-chair people including the famous Oscar wining Sofia Coppola, Martin Scorsese and Chloe Zhao. Finally, if you want to see more people from the Met Gala red carpet, here you are All the Met Gala 2022 Looks.

In conclusion, that was the all wrapped Met Gala 2022: An Anthology of Fashion from us. Finally, you can watch this complied video of the best looks from Met Gala.

Stay Stylish!

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