The Best Useful Makeup Brushes for Different Applications

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You can find too much different makeup brushes in personal care markets. However, for everyday makeup routine, you don’t need to buy all of them. Therefore, you should know the brush types and their usage well. That’s why I’ve created this text for you. When you read this text, you will learn the best useful makeup brushes for different applications, and what you actuallly need to wear a flawless makeup. Let’s start to learn with foundation brushes!


The important thing for foundation application is a clear, flawless finish. Here are some different types of foundation brushes which are really useful.

Oval Brushes

Nowadays, oval brushes are really on trend. They are more expensive than the other brushes but it’s worth it. Because oval brushes have very tightly picked bristles that can help you to apply your foundation on your face evenly and sheer. It gives you a flawless coverage.

From all the makeup brushes, I’ve chosen this one for you! This is Mac Oval 6.You can use this brush for foundation, blush or powder applications.

Flat Kabuki Brushes

Like oval brushes, kabuki brushes also have tightly packed bristles which help you to distribute powder foundations evely on your skin. Furthermore, you can prefer this kind of brushes while using your BB cream or liquid foundation. So you can get a more Professional 2-layered thicker look compared to application with your own hand.

Kabuki brushes have different types and usages, but the flat kabuki brushes are good for foundation application.By courtesy of it’s shape, you can distribute your foundation onto your face evenly. You should apply your foundation to your face by sweeping over in circular motions.

From all makeup brushes, I’ve chosen this one for you! This is Sigma Flat Kabuki F80. It can avoid absorbtion of product and gives you a clear end without any line or brush trace.

Duo Fibre Stippling Brushes

This kind of makeup brushes have two type of bristles. They have natural bristles at the roots and synthetic bristles at the end. In this way, it can give you a natural and airbrush finish without absorption of foundation. Furthermore, you can use this kind of brush to apply your powder and blusher.

From all the makeup brushes, I’ve chosen this one for you! This is Sigma F50 Duo Fibre. You should apply it to your foundation with this brush in circular motions. Because of it’s different bristles, it will give you a flawless end without any brush lines.


The important thing to consider while choosing powder brush is choosing the brush size according to your face widht. Moreover, it must be soft and fluffy. Otherwise, any of powder brush will do the same job. You don’t need to spend too much money!

Large Powder Brushes

These brushes are my favourite from all makeup brushes because of their fluffy and soft bristles. You can use these brushes to apply your mineral powder, transparent powder or any kind of it. You should apply it to your face in circular motion, gently.

Additionally, you can prefer duo fibre powder brushes, or oval powder brushes for application but my favourite is the large fluffy one.

I’ve chosen this powder brush for you. This is Sigma Large Powder F30. It has soft and tigthly packed bristles which can help to distribute powder to your face evenly.


For choosing a blush brush, the feature I’m looking for is it’s angled shape and softness. Because of it’s shape you can use it for contour applications too. Apply your product and blend it well. It will give you a natural blush shade.

Angled Brushes

From all makeup brushes I’ve chosen this one for you. This is Mac 168 Contour Brush! It named Contour brush but it is very useful for blush applications too.

If Mac 168 is expensive for you, you can prefer this brush. This is Sigma Large Angled Contour F40. It can give you the same result as well.


You can find too many different types of highlighter brushes. But you don’t need to buy all of them. For highlight applications you can chose one of these makeup brushes I’ve listed below.

Tapered Highlighter Brushes

This is Sigma Beauty Tapered Highlighter F35. It is a small brush so that you can apply your highlighter easily onto your cheecks, top of your lips and tip of your nose.

Fan Brushes

This is Sigma Fan F90. It is a very useful makeup brush for cheeks actually. Due to it’s shape, you can apply your highlighter at once. If you buy a fan brush for higlight application, you need a small brush to highlight your nose, and top of your lips. However, you can apply it with your small blending eye brush too.


In my opinion, eye brushes are the most important makeup brushes. Because a good blending eye brush can help you to do many type of applications. Let’s start to learn with blending brushes!

Blending Eye Brushes

This type of brushes are exactly what you need. You can use these brushes to apply your eyeshadow and also to blend it. If you don’t want to buy too many different eye brushes you should prefer blending brushes. It is pretty good enough to wear everyday makeup with this blush.
I’ve chosen Sigma E40 Blending Brush for you. You can soften up the harsh lines and blend the colors.

Pencil Eye Brushes

If you like to wear a smokey eye makeup, you will need a pencil brush. You can use it for precision shading on lid and also your lash lines.Afterwards, use a small blending brush and you can get a natural finish.

Sigma Pencil E30

Mac 219

In my opinion, they are enough to wear a pretty good makeup. In time you can buy different types of brushes for detailed applications. I drop a link below that you can see 38 types of makeup brushes and their usages!

I hope this text will help you to learn new things about the brushes and to find your favourite brush ever!


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As a college student, I’m broke and I would add to your list some elf and wet&wild makeup brushes. They’re really good and super affordable! But I do love the one you first mentioned, form Mac, it has an amazing finish!

Firstly, thank you very much for this commentary. You’re absolutely right about the prices of these brushes for college students. It’s better to prefer cheaper ones for this age group. I will be happy if you share your suggestions about brushes with me! Maybe, this subject will be the topic of my new text!

I didn’t know these, interesting read, thanks ?

Thank you very much Ann!

OMG! I really needed this blog! I’m always trying to figure out which brush to use for my attenpted highlights!

I’m so happy to hear that Ashley!

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