Inseam Meaning – All You Need to Know


Hi lovelies! I’m here again with a very interesting and important topic, inseam. I will be talking about what you need to know about inseam. What is inseam, what is inseam meaning, how to measure it, what is the inseam on pants, importance of inseam and whatnot. And by the end of this article I hope you will have found the right size of inseam for your body. Surely you can use this information easily every time you purchase a pair of pants. Believe me, if you are a pants and jeans lover like me, you will be very much pleased to have learned your inseam. Let’s get right into it.

Inseam Meaning – What Does It Mean


You may be hearing this term for the first time or came across with it many times. You might have ask yourself what is inseam meaning, what do inseam mean or what is inseam on pants. Let’s see together what this word means. Inseam is actually a very important term when it comes to clothing, especially for pants. A right size inseam on skinny jeans, boyfriend jeans, straight leg jeans or any pair of jeans or pants makes a big difference on how your pants suits you. Inseam means the length of a seam on the inside of the leg of a pair of pants. Basically the length between the crotch and leg opening. And let me tell you, finding your inseam is not hard at all.

Importance of Inseam Meaning


Firstly you should know your body type to figure out what type of pants or jeans fits you the best; is it spoon body shape, apple body shape, triangle body shape, hourglass body shape or another shape, there are many body types and you can find out from our website if you don’t know yours. When you find a pair of pants or jeans that suits you so well, you will not just see but also understand the importance of inseam. Because your pants will look so right and beautiful on your body. As a result you will feel comfortable and most certainly confident, which is very important if you ask me. And obviously knowing your inseam will make buying pants so much easier.

Find The Best Fit – Measuring Your Inseam



Finding your inseam is much easier than you would think, trust me. To measure it, all you need are pants that fit well, measuring tape, a pen, a note pad and a flat surface. Certainly nothing you can’t find at home. There are many different fits and styles of pants, hence they all have different inseam lenghts. Besides when you are measuring your inseam you should take into consideration your body type and measurements. Let’s see how we should measure. I will divide the things we have to do into 3 steps:

First Step

Firstly, we should start with a pair of pants that is a perfect fit for you. In that case it wil probably be your favorite pants. And we should gather our tools; a measuring tape, a pen and a note pad.

Second Step

Secondly, we lay the pants that we chose on a flat surface, preferably on a table with good lightning around it. Make sure you to lay your pants on the table as neatly as possible.

Third Step

Thirdly and lastly, we take our measuring tape and start to measure from our pants’ crotch seam all the way to the pants leg, the bottom of our pants. Be careful not to slip your measuring tape when lowering it. Then you should write down your inner leg seam length on your note pad, so that you won’t forget it in the future.

inseam meaning

And these three steps are all you have to do. I said it would be easy. You can decide what you want from your next purchase, wether you want a shorter inseam length or a longer inseam length, it is up to you. And now you have a valuable information that will help you immensely when purchasing your next perfect pair of favorite pants.

inseam meaning

And we have come to the end of this article. I also found this video on youtube that shows how to measure three different kinds of pants, I thought it would be more helpful to see it visually, you can see it down belove. That is the kind of information you want to keep in mind if you ask me.

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Stay stylish 🙂

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