Horseback Riding As A Weekend Activity

Hey! Welcome to my blog! How are you feeling today? I hope that you’re happy and energetic, but if you’re not, I know how to make you feel excited! I’m really happy that we are going to talk about my favorite sport: horseback riding! But today we are not going to talk about its techniques. We are going to talk about the happiness and energy that horseback riding gives us! Besides, I have a perfect Sunday plan that will make you feel excited! If you get bored doing the same things every weekend, just keep reading!


horseback riding

Our Sunday plan is starting with a healthy breakfast. I know after a busy week, you want to sleep more and be lazy at home but please don’t do this! Come on, life is going and there are too many different and happy things to do! This Sunday wake up early and go a studfarm where you can spend time with horses and have a healthy breakfast, like I did! My day started with the breakfast that you see on the photo! It was a nice morning with bird sounds and horses near the breakfast area!

horseback riding

After your healthy breakfast, you can read your book or magazine near the fireplace. Oh, okay maybe you don’t have a fireplace in the farm that you went but it doesn’t matter. You can also read your book outside with horse sounds. Ups! Don’t forget to have your coffee! It is my favorite time of the day…


horseback riding

Before doing horseback riding, it will be better to spend time with horses. So, after you read your book or magazine, go outside and try to communicate with horses. They will be very happy when you touch them and show some love. You will see it!

horseback riding

horseback riding

horseback riding

Trust me, you will start to smile automatically on this step. Look at my face!


horseback riding

If you are a beginner or if you don’t know anything about horseback riding, don’t worry! This weekend activity plan is already for you! There are 15 minutes horseback riding tours for this kind of riders. You can get a horseback riding experience in the nature! Trees, birds and village life. It will make you feel relax after the complicated city life… Just need to search the nearest studfarm and check it if they have this kind of tours. Actually, usually they have! By the way, you don’t need to afraid from this kind of horseback riding tours because stableboys will always with you. They won’t leave you alone at the village.

Furthermore, with the aid of this weekend activity, you may see that you love horses as much as me! And also you may want to do it regularly. Don’t forget that, this is the only sport that we do with animals. It is something really special and if you make this weekend plan real, I’m sure that you’ll understand what I mean. As well as it is a relaxing sport, it is also a different kind of love!

horseback riding

As you can see my horse is eating some grasses because they are his favorite!

You had a healthy breakfast, read your book and drunk your coffee with bird sounds. You did a horseback riding in the middle of nature and get relaxed. I can’t imagine a weekend better than this! I hope you’ll try this enjoyable horseback riding sport and have a great weekend! Please write me your experiences below! I really wonder if you like it.

If you want to learn more about horseback riding, just click here! You can get an idea what to wear. And also, I shared some basic rules about horseback riding for beginners.

Hey! If you want a bit exciting experience about horseback riding, you can check out this Cappadoccia tour! It would be great if you have time!

If you want to see how they do horseback riding in Cappadoccia watch this video! Look at the 1:12 minute of the video, what a view!

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