Green Christmas Nails For a Festive Spirit

Hi lovelies! The most beautiful time of the year is almost here. With Christmas and the holiday season fast approaching, what’s better than finding green Christmas nails that fit your Christmas outfit? You are probably on the hunt for the perfect Christmas nail ideas and Christmas nail designs and we all know you will not be finding those ideas under the Christmas tree, but don’t you ever worry because I’ve got you covered. I would love to show you some examples of green Christmas nail designs. And at this time around it is so much easier to find inspiration because everybody is experimenting with new and different kinds of Christmas green nails. Before I show you some wonderful green Christmas nail ideas, I wish you all have a wonderful Christmas with your loved ones.

Green Christmas Nail Ideas

green christmas nails

Christmas nail art is absolutely among my favorites in that, the Christmas colors amaze me. By colors, of course, I mean especially red and green. No other time of the year will you see these two colors carry so much meaning. At Christmas, red and green belong with each other. So, I will be showing you mostly the designs where green color is dominant, but we will also see red and green Christmas nails, green and gold Christmas nails, some white and maybe brown. The list goes on. And I will be dividing these designs by their complexity. Some will be easy enough to do so at home by yourself or with your friends that you won’t need that much equipment, but some will be not that easy that you will have to go to salon probably or many more equipments to do. Let’s see what we have.

Easy to Hard Christmas Green Nails

First Pair-Green Christmas Nails with Gold

green christmas nails

If you love festive gold touches on your nails, you should give the design on the left a try. It is not a tricky design. You apply your gold glitter and green Christmas nail polish to all of your nails, but draw a nice and cute Christmas tree on the one nail you choose. The tree doesn’t exactly have to look like this one, you can make a simpler one. Additionally, you can add red dots to make it look like the tree has Christmas ornaments. If you look at the right picture, you will see the easiest yet not boring at all and totally cool green Christmas nails. For this design, all you need is green glittery nail polish. You apply it to all of your nails and voilà! You just got yourself simple and wonderful Christmas nails.

Second Pair-Green Christmas Nails with Nude Colours

green christmas nails

This is probably the simplest design I have seen while searching on the internet for Christmas green nails. But look how cool it looks and I have to say cute too. You can combine green with many colors because it will look good and, this time, green is combined with a simple nude color. You apply your choice of nude color to all your nails and draw this wavy tree shape to one of your nails. If you think you can’t draw a star, just draw a dot. It will look good. And we also have some Christmas candies here. Green is the color of Christmas together with red. All you need to do is draw circles on all your nails. And on top of these circles you need to draw slightly curved white lines. You can draw these lines easily with the products I will list at the end.

Third Pair

green christmas nails

green christmas nails
Now we have come to our third pair. For both these designs, we need especially red and green Christmas nail polishes. And additionally, a good beige or a beautiful shade of nude color would be great to recreate these designs. You just paint some of your nails without adding any design and then you draw shapes on the rest of your nails. Doing a striped design is much easier than doing a Christmas tree shape. But don’t let it fool you, it is not as hard as it seems. And when we look at our other designs, you will see that this one has even smaller shapes. For these, my suggestion is using stickers. Definitely will do the trick. And if you are a perfectionist like me, you will be satisfied because they sure will be decent.

Fourth Pair- Green Christmas Nails French Ideas

green christmas nails

Here we have two different shapes of French tip nail designs. Both are gorgeous and also, not that hard. I am sure, just like me, many people adore french tip nails. Because they fit in absolutely every situation. Now I am sure I don’t have to tell you how to make a French tip, probably all of you know, even though you didn’t do it personally, you must have seen it somewhere. Rather than that, I want to tell you how you should do the other shapes. Making a Christmas flower garland might seem hard, but it is not. You just draw dots with different colors in the shape of a circle and leave the middle empty. You can draw a bow if you like too. Now for the other one, you can draw a cross and put dots in the middle and a few dots around it. That’s it.

Fifth Pair

green christmas nails
I didn’t realize how well green and gold fit each other until I started to write this article. So get yourself into some holiday spirit with these nails! Dark green is surely the color that gives us that festive feeling we are all looking for at this time of the year. So use it as many times as you like this month. And the gold glitter is just gorgeous. For one of your nails, draw a bow and two big lines to make it look like it is a present. And paint the rest of your nails without drawing anything. Now, for the other design, you could either use a green glitter nail polish or green nail polish and a glitter nail polish. Paint all your nails and draw these shapes on one of them. Or again, you can use stickers for it.

Sixth Pair

green christmas nails

I just love to see these kind of little details on nail art. Well, this article is mostly about green Christmas nails, but you can use the green color however you want. Just like in these designs, you can use it a little, but as a whole, both of them look so nice. And I know drawing these kinds of little shapes is very hard. You can either go to a salon and get help from a professional or you can use stickers, which probably will be a lot cheaper. You can get creative with your nail art and add stickers like snowflakes, gingerbread cookies, Christmas trees, stars, ribbons, garlands, snowman, candy canes, mistletoe, present packages and jewels for a more trendy and fun look. Just like these designs. And I will link a wide range of Christmas themed stickers at the end. Make sure to check out.

Seventh Pair

green christmas nails

They look gorgeous, I know. And they are pretty but maybe not the most beginner friendly. These are not easy designs to do at home on your own I assume. They need a lot of work and most definitely time. So if you want to go to a salon that would be a great choice but press on nails will surely do the trick. These green christmas nails can be what you are looking for this holiday. You immediately get the festive feeling when you look at these. The combination of gold and green colors look amazing on both of them. And with tree branches, snowflakes, christmas tree and christmas lights you can’t help but get in the mood. I am sure both of these designs will look absolutely gorgeous with your favorite christmas sweather.

Eighth Pair

green christmas nails

These two designs look alike but also different from each other. The concept is definitely the same but the shapes and the tone of the green colors are different. Both of these designs have probably been done by professionals because they look so neat. But the one on the left seems velvety, whereas the right one has a matte finish. And we have glitter in here too. Glitters add a more festive aura to the designs. The way they sparkle reminds me of the ornaments people put on their Christmas trees. And you could also add red rhinestones to make it look like mistletoe but a sparkly one. I know they are hard but you can try to do them at home to have fun and if you need more ideas about activities to do at home you can check out the have the best Christmas at home with these activities article.

Nineth Pair

green christmas nails

I love the shape of a star (obviously not a real star because they don’t have just one shape), but you know what I mean. These Christmas themed patterns look gorgeous. If we look on the left side, we can clearly see that darker green tones with white and nude colors are awesome together. And to do these shapes without any failure is pretty hard. Help from a professional would be so good if you want something like this. And I have to add dark green glitter is stunning. And if we look at the right one, we will see a beautiful shade of green Christmas nail polish and plaid designs with white stars. What more can I say, altogether they look complete. The beautiful contrasting of sparkle and matte design.

Tenth Pair

green christmas nails

The left one looks super festive without feeling overwhelmed. And I should also add, any nail color or design looks the best on healthy and well manicured nails. Don’t forget to take good care of your nails. Anyway, let’s look at the designs. The left one has the cutest mistletoes and I assume snow. This design looks simple and minimalist, but to do these details you have to be really good at what you are doing. And if we look at the other one, we will see snowmen but they both have ears just like Micky Mouse’s. And also Christmas lights, a checkered design, mistletoes and thick wavy shapes. They look fresh, they look trendy and totally festive! It is a good design to try this Christmas.

Eleventh Pair

green christmas nails

I am telling you, working with glitter is hard! Like extremely hard (I think). Because once you open them, they are everywhere. And you don’t know how to get rid of them, it feels like they are going to stay with you till the end of time. So, if we look at our first design, we can clearly see that this one has less glitter than the other one. But this one also has more thin lines, which is harder to do. A cute little bow, french tip, snow flake and thin lines never looked better. The combination of dark green nail and silver glitter looks so good. And when we look at the other designs, you can immediately feel that festive spirit. Beautiful Christmas trees and Christmas lights with mistletoe. An example of wonderful red and green Christmas nails.

Twelfth Pair

green christmas nails

We have come to the last pair that we are going to talk about. I put these two to the end because somehow they seemed like the hardest ones to do to me. They both have embossed designs, and if you ask me, they don’t even look real. I would say they are toys but they are most certainly not and that is what makes them so unique, I think. Again, both of them have predominantly green, red and white colors. I don’t think anyone can do these at home, you absolutely need some sort of equipment for them. So my suggestion is, if you want these designs, you should definitely go to a salon that you really trust. These are one of the best designs you can get this Christmas with all the santa, snowman, heart and more beautiful shapes.

And we have come to the end of the “green christmas nails for holiday spirit” article. Also, I found this video on youtube “ recreating trendy pinterest christmas nail designs at home – christmas nail art 2022 ”, she is showing two different and interesting designs that you can try at home on your own easily. You can see the video down below.

Moreover, I have found these nail polishes and some equipments you may need while doing your designs, here are gel liner nail art polish, christmas nail art stickers and christmas press on nails. You should definitely check them out. I hope you found this article helpful and enjoyed it as much as I did. And don’t forget “Wear to express, not to impress”.

Stay Stylish!

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