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Fringe Pants and Styling Guide - FashionActivation

Fringe Pants and Styling Guide

fringe pants

Hello girls! Welcome to the Fashion Activation blog! I will talk about an interesting topic today. About fringe pants! Wearing fringe pants can be the finest choice for you, especially if you’re looking for a distinctive and stylish look. I personally like these pants but everyone has their own viewpoints. I’m genuinely curious about your thoughts after you’ve read this article! Anyway, let me go through all that you need to know about fringe pants. I’ll start by giving a quick overview of the definition of fringe, then a brief history of fringe fashion. Thirdly, how to style fringe pants. Fourthly, about some DIY (do it yourself) fringe pants. Lastly, some essential points about pants. So, grab your coffee and be ready to read!

What is fringe?

Fringe is a fancy trimming on clothes. Throughout centuries, fringe fashion appeared occasionally and became a trend again. You can notice these fringe items in a range from fringe pants to fringe bags.

fringe pants

fringe pants

Brief History of Fringe Fashion

According to what has been said, the Fringe fashion originated during Ancient Mesopotamia, about 3000 B.C. The reason for finding sculptures and figures that are remnants of Mesopotamia. At that time, fringe is seen being used in skirts.

We can also see Fringe fashion as an element of Native American Culture. We can say that they are one of the pioneers of fringe fashion. When they sewed clothes, they had not cut the seams and used them in a fringed way to avoid wastage. In addition to this, when it rains, the tassels were a useful item for spraying the rainwater.

fringe pants

In the 1920s, fringe fashion was very famous and adored. The fringes would have started at the end of the dress and were designed in different ways. The Charleston dress appeared around that time. The dress consisted entirely of fringe. The fringes would move when she danced. This was the most beautiful part of the dance. Therefore, it was a really common piece for dance parties and an inevitable piece for the flapper look.

Although fringe fashion came back to the agenda in different ways (jackets, gloves) from time to time (in the 1950s, 1960s, and 1970s), it could not take its place as an indispensable part of fashion. During the 1960s, pants with fringe ruled bohemian fashion.
Now at times, we occasionally see it on runways. Although it is not a permanent piece, it is a fact that it appeared and disappeared for a certain period over many years and this indicates that it will perhaps go in this order. Who knows?

fringe pants

How to Style Fringe pants?

Building your personal fashion style is important. You must make every effort to represent who you are through your clothing when it comes to fashion, rather than merely adhering to the most recent trends. If not, you wouldn’t feel comfortable dressing how you want to and wouldn’t be able to play around with your appearance. Therefore, Our goal is finding what we really want and not being scared to try new things. I will share some fashion styles for inspiration. Thus, you can get an idea what to wear with fringed pants.

Cowgirl Style

It’s about to get western, YAY! Western fashion is on the rise. Cowboy hats and cowboy shoes started to be preferred again. A black t-shirt and black fringe pants are in perfect harmony. To look cooler, you can try to add your outfit to leather sandals, a cowboy hat and a traditional look- buckle belt. I would like to recommend two kinds of women’s cowboy hats. One is a wide-brim belt buckled cowboy hat, another is a woven straw cowboy hat. The latter is more suitable for the spring and summer seasons. You can just click on their names to look at the hats.

fringe pants

Furthermore, when you say cowboy or cowgirl, you may think of dark colors such as black and brown. But when you use light colors, you can get the same cool and sweet look. You can get this look, if you wear a cream cowboy hat and off-white cowboy boots, in addition to a creamy tee, and colorful fringe pants.

Elegant Style

Being well-dressed is incredibly powerful and a tremendous confidence builder. Therefore, we are advised to look for classic pieces generally. But I assure you that you can also look elegant even if you wear non-classic or unique pieces. You only need a chic item and unique fringe pants. For instance, look at the left photo, a one-shoulder ruffled white top, black fringed pants, and black high heels look really incredible. Of course, we should not forget the impact of jewelry and the bag. In order to find black fringe pants, you can click here.

fringe pants

Unique Style

If you want to look unique from head to toe, you have to combine unique and different pieces. I think color harmony is very important in this regard. Dressing in a color from head to toe or wearing close colors can give a much more beautiful and unique look. If you have noticed, the outfit combinations in the photos are created in the same or similar colors and have a perfect look. For instance, I found a fringe pants set for you. It is a combination of a cable knit fringe crop top and pants. Wearing these fringe pants and a sweater would be really cozy and unique for cold weather.

fringe pants

Cute Style

Want to do something different? How about making some recycled clothes? All you need is a blanket and pants for the pattern to make such a sweet and cool outfit! The teddy bear looks so cute! As someone who doesn’t wear these types of clothes, I would love to wear them! Although it is a jumpsuit, you can also sew it just as fringe pants. You will also contribute to the sustainable environment. So, how can you just sew fringe pants? Let’s find out.

fringe pants

How to make Blanket Fringe pants?

Firstly, you need a blanket and pants. You can use some loose jeans or any pants you have because you just want to trace around them to see your pattern. Second, you should trace it to have your front pants pattern, so fold your pants on the front side. Then, we’re aiming to get a back portion of the pants pattern as well, so fold your pants on the back portion to have that pattern. When you begin tracing around the back design, you’ll notice that it has a slight slant, whereas the front does not. The reason is that it can fit your bottom.

When you get to the bottom of the pants pattern, you need to add around an inch. It would be better if you add an inch for seam allowance to ensure the length is not too short. Of course, don’t forget to mark it! Then, it is ready to cut out the fabric pieces.

Afterwards, you will sew these two pieces together with a zig-zag stitch in the center after they are pinned together. Once they are pinned, use a zigzag stitch to sew all the way around, from the bottom of one leg to the crotch and then to the bottom of the other leg.
You can get more detailed information from this video. I’m dying to make fringed pants as soon as possible!

Important Tip For Styling Fringe Pants

Firstly, limit your use of fringe when you wear fringe pants. It would be better if you keep the focus point on one single piece of fringe. The extra piece of a fringe may cause you to look excessively. In this tip, it depends on your preference. If you want to look simple and chic, a tiny fringe would work for it. Not-so-powerful touches will give you what you really want. Keep it simple!

Last but not least, I would like to mention the famous singer, Rihanna. I feel like she is the pioneer of fringe fashion. She likes wearing eye-catching, unusual outfits. Her pregnant style was so attention-grabbing and iconic. I would highly recommend you to read our article that is about Rihanna’s pregnant fashion style.

fringe pants

We already talked about making fringe pants but why don’t we talk more? LOL! I really like Rihanna’s performance outfits. Her outfit with white fringe pants is another level. If you are interested in sewing fringe pants, you should definitely watch this video.

Finally, we have come to the end of the article about fringe pants. I hope this article was informative and enjoyable for you. If you want to learn more about pants, you should definitely read our articles about MC Hammer Pants, Capri Pants, and Two Tone Pants. All of them are really styling guides! See you in our other articles.

Stay Stylish!

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