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Feather trim has become one of the most popular trends of fashion nowadays. Plume began to take part in all kinds of clothing. It is one of the pieces we see most frequently in fashion weeks, fashion shows, and showcases. It appears in different products of many brands such as YSL and Zara. Feather details are featured on the collar and ends of dresses and skirts, and on the ankles of shoes. In this article, we will examine different feather-detailed dresses that you can choose for invitations and cocktails. In dresses with plume accessories, vibrant tones such as black, white, and pink usually stand out. That’s why we first divide the dresses into different categories according to their color. Then we will evaluate feather trim dress according to its length. It will be an article where we will see a lot of feathers. So let’s start!

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White Feather Dress Ideas

White is one of the noblest colors. It is ideal for understated elegance no matter where or how you wear it. Feather white dresses are frequently preferred in ceremonies such as weddings, engagements, celebrations, and invitations. We can say that especially feathered wedding dresses have become very fashionable lately. You can choose to wear white feather dresses in different locations according to their size and style. If you are preparing for marriage, you can take a look at the plume-designed wedding dresses here. In addition to the models in the images, you can also take a look at the feather dress alternative I have chosen for you. Now it’s time to examine the white feather dresses in detail!

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Maxi Dresses with Feather

Feather detailed wedding dresses provide a modern and eye-catching look. Feather accessory, which has been widely used in wedding dress models in recent years, gives a nice appearance to the wedding dress. This detail, which gives an understated elegance, is highly preferred by brides-to-be. If you are one of these candidates and you have not yet decided on your wedding dress, one of these examples here may be an option for you. If you are thinking of wearing a plain dress instead of a wedding dress for your wedding day, then again, the maxi white feather dress may be suitable for you.

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Midi White Dresses

Midi dresses always provide a cool look. They are dresses that will make you look very cool and elegant, whether you wear them at an invitation or a formal event. The white color makes these dresses even more pleasant. You can choose to wear your midi feather dress on your wedding day, or at a special event, you attend. As an example, Priyanka Chopra Jonas preferred a white feather dress for her bridal shower. If you want to see what she preferred for her wedding, you can take a look at the article we wrote about her.

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Mini White Party Dresses

White mini feather dresses are one of the most ideal choices for parties. Feather details create a basic elegance. You can wear this type of dress at fun events you attend or at the after party of your wedding. The feather dress in which you can move and dance comfortably will provide you comfort.


Black Feather Dress Suggestions

There are many different options of feather dresses in black color. These dresses, which provide an elegant and stylish look, also have a vintage stance. We can say that black feather dresses create a perfect look when they are completed with dark red lipstick in simple make-up. Let’s take a look at the black feather dress models in different lengths and styles.


Mini Black Dress with Feather Detail

These kinds of dresses are also appropriate for parties. You will look very stylish when you combine your mini feather dress, whose collar is made of feathers, with a bun hairstyle and high heels. Celebrities also prefer black feather dresses. For example, Dakota Johnson looks very cool in her street-style dress. Kendall Jenner, who is one of today’s fashion icons, also preferred a black feather dress for a party she attended and it was very stylish. You can take a look at this article to take a closer look at Kendall Jenner’s style.

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Black Dresses in Midi Size

Midi black feather dress is a model that you can choose at different events such as weddings and ceremonies. We can say that Kate Moss carried the black feather dress very well with this iconic image. If you want to take a look at a similar model of this dress, this dress can be an option for you.


The Cutest Pink Feather Dresses

Pink is always a good idea. Combined with the feather detail, the pink dresses in different tones provide both a cool and sweet look. Your pink feather dress made of satin or silk fabric will become one of your favorite pieces of your wardrobe. You can complete your dress, which is ideal for any event, with your shoes in nude tones and soft make-up.

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Maxi and Pink Feather Dress

These kinds of dresses are suitable for special events such as award ceremonies. One of the most preferred models for a dazzling elegance, the pink dress is one of the pieces we see a lot in celebrities. For example, Scarlett Johansson chose a maxi light pink feather dress for the BAFTA ceremony she attended and she looks very stylish and Lady Gaga looks amazing in her feather pink dress.

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Mini Pink Dress with Feather

If your birthday is approaching and you haven’t decided what to wear to your party yet, this part is coming for you. I think one of the best pieces to choose for a birthday party is a pink mini feather dress. In this way, you will once again show that you are the star of the night with your dress, which provides a very sweet and elegant look.

I hope this article will be helpful for you in your choices for different events. Besides these suggestions, this article may provide you with different options and ideas for your feather dress choice. See you in the next article.

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Stay stylish!

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