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If you searching for a place to travel you should have a look at this city! I really love Florence and it’s historical places. You will see different architectural structures in every corner of Florence. There are too many historical churches, bridges, basilicas and statues to see but I want to share my favorites with you. That’s why I’ve created this Florence travel tips article for you. I hope it will help you to love and wonder this city!

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Learn More About Medici Family Before Going To Florence

First of all, I suggest you to learn about Medici Family before going to Florence because The Medici Family is really important in the history of Florence. If you don’t like to read long texts about Florence or Medici Family you can prefer watching Da Vinci’s Demons. You will see and learn about the life in Florence in old times from this Tv series. Therefore, It will be more meaningful for you when you see the house of Medici Family or the effects of this family to the city. By the way, this Tv series is one of my favorite!

Definitely Visit The Splendid Cathedral Of Florence: Santa Maria Del Fiore

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This cathedral is also known as Duomo. Duomo is the third largest church in the world. This church is like the heart of Florence. Due to it’s location, you can see the gorgeous dome of Duomo from the different hills of Florence. Especially from Piazzale Michelangelo!

The dome is made by the winner of the competition, Brunelleschi. He built the dome with different techniques and as you can see, the result is unbelievable. Actually, it’s hard to understand but Brunelleschi was not an architect, he was a jeweler. That’s why I’m interested in this topic. He changed the working methods of workers and he was very gentle to them. If you want to learn more about Brunelleschi and his gorgeous dome, you should read “Brunelleschi’s Dome” written by Ross King. I’m sure that if you read this book before go to Florence, you will love this church as much as I did.

Take A Picture With The Most Different Bridge In The World: Ponte Vecchio


Third from all Florence Travel tips for you is walking around this bridge and taking pictures. You will feel the Florence’s different atmosphere better while walking around this bridge. This is the oldest and the most famous bridge in Florence. There are too many small jewelry stores on Ponte Vecchio. And all of them seems like houses stuck on the bridge. Since the bridge was built, these stores were always used for commerce. Today you can shop from these stores and the other souvenir shops near the bridge. And also you will see that, there are too many talented painters here in Florence mostly in this area. You may take a painting from these talented painters, as a memory.

Additionally, Ponte Vecchio is really close to the famous Florence museums. Therefore, you can go to Palazzo Pitti and Uffizi from Ponte Vecchio on foot easily. This place is much like a tourist center of the city. There are too many showy cafes, shopping stores and museums by this bridge. You can have very enjoyable time here.

Finally, I want to suggest you a museum to visit, named Uffizi. Because this is the most famous art museum in the world. You can see exceptional collections of paintings and ancient sculptures in this museum.

Florence Travel Tips to Eat a Delicious Meal: Ristorante Santa Felicita

Another Florence travel tips that I want to share with you is about restaurants. You can go to this restaurant from Ponte Vecchio in 2 minutes by walking. This is a really cool restaurant with it’s delicious meals, drinks and architectural design. And also, employees are really cute. If you want to eat something luscious and not really expensive you can prefer this restaurant.

Stay At Comfortable And Enjoyable Michelangelo Camping

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If you go to Florence in summer months you can prefer to stay at Michelangelo Camping. Trust me, this will be a different experience for you. There are too many young and foreign visitors from different countries. So that you can meet and be friend with different people at this camping area. Other than that, staying at Michelangelo Camping is really affordable and comfortable. They are like small houses and you can prefer staying with 2 or 3 people in the same tent. However, if you don’t like to stay with somebody else I can suggest you a really comfortable hotel named: Hotel Rapallo.

Florence Travel Tips to Stay in A Nice Place: Hotel Rapallo

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If you care about your comfort and luxury, you should follow this Florence travel tip. Hotel Rapallo is a little expensive than the other option but it is really worth it. This hotel is extra comfortable and the rooms are very clean. You can sleep in safety and in the morning you can have a completely delicious breakfast in Hotel Rapallo. Additionally, this hotel’s location is very good for tourists. You can go to San Marco in 10 minutes by walking. By the way, San Marco is an important church that must be seen!

If You Have Less Time To Travel You Can Prefer: City Sightseeing Busses

This is one of the best Florence travel tips for the tourists which have less time to travel. By courtesy of this type of busses, you can see all the historical places and buildings of Florence in only 1 day. City sightseeing busses have 3 different routes from shorter to longer. You can prefer a route according to your time and you can travel the important places of Florence easily. If you wonder any of these historical places, you can get off the bus and jaunt this place. When you finish the jaunting you can get on the next bus and resume travelling. Therefore, you can travel the city quickly and tirelessly!

I hope you’ve got an idea about travelling Florence and it’s historical places. I want to share this video with you so that you can watch and understand why I really fell in love with Florence!

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