Easy Road Trip Ideas

easy road trip ideas

This summer, more and more Americans expect to take part in road trips thanks to the pandemic. In fact, it makes sense as no planes are flying overseas and it’s also possible to maintain the perfect social distancing during a road trip. There are so many amazing sites to see from the comfort of your car and stopping in unique cabin homes or city chic hotels.

Texas to Mexico

Nowadays, road trips between Texas and Mexico are common amongst the inhabitants of the border towns in either country. As we speak, the border crossing is quick and straightforward. It is essential to note that the whole southern land border of Texas borders the entire northern part of Mexico. It’s easy even to do a day or weekend trip down to Mexico, go for vacations or shopping expeditions into the country! The government is currently investing to make the infrastructure in Mexico better for visitors and for the economy. Take advantage of it now for a super fun, Hispanic cultured road trip!

Blue Ridge Parkway

easy road trip ideas

If you want to take a road trip that runs for over 5 miles through the states of North Carolina and Virginia, the Blue Ridge Parkway is the trip to consider. One thing you will love about this route is that boasts soft green valleys, which runs from the Blue Ridge Mountains and then connects the Shenandoah and Great Mountains National parks on both ends. As a precaution, it is essential to take care while driving on this route as heavy mist fills the landscape at dusk and dawn.

Pacific Coast Highway

easy road trip ideas

Look for a convertible and enjoy every detail of this road trip as you drive down the fantastic Pacific Coast Highway (PCH). Here, enjoy a terrific 120-mile drive along the stunning central California coast. If you need your trip to be a memorable one, start it in San Francisco, drive to the southbound, and take a couple of days in the coastal region if you are in no hurry. Spending some time in the coastal towns, such as Monterey and Carmel-by-the-Sea, gives you the morale to continue with your trip.

Cape Cod

Taking a trip of over 57 miles on this iconic and scenic Cape Cod route is an assured memorable journey. From Brewster to sandwich, you will irrefutably love the dune lands and the lovely historic villages that were established almost 400 years ago, 1639 to be precise. Also, shop in stores that have been in the industry since the 1850s! If you are a history buff, then this journey is for you also thanks to all of the celebrities who vacationed there!

Outer Banks

Outer Banks is a 100 plus miles route in North Carolina and features a rich mixture of incredible coastline experiences, such as iconic colonial towns, white-sand beaches, and fishing points. On this route, you can make your way to the famous duck beaches as well as the city of Corolla.

At the end of the day, you don’t want to go on a trip where you cannot make a few stopovers to refresh your body and mind. With traveling by car, you lower your chances of becoming in contact with others, so just ensure when you stop places you use hand sanitizer and a mask! With this in mind, you will have a memorable, safe and thrilling road trip.

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