Deep Autumn Color Palette – Ultimate Guide

Dear Ladies, we appreciate you stopping by the Fashion Activation blog! I’ll talk about a fascinating topic today. Our appearance, and the clothes we wear affect our mood, even if we don’t realize it. We feel more confident when we feel comfortable in an outfit and the color of the dress we wear suits us. Therefore, it is important to know which colors are the best and worst for you.

There might be times that you feel something is wrong when you put on an outfit you eagerly bought or think that an eyeshadow you bought looks weird on your face. And then you may overthink how you consume your time and money a lot… Now, it is time to end this relapse and find which color season you are in. There are 12 color season palettes and a deep autumn color palette is one theme and the one that we will talk about. We have so many things to talk about. So get yourself a cup of coffee or tea and get ready to read.


Let me walk through what this article tells quickly. In the beginning, I will talk about seasonal color analysis and how to find if you are warm or cool-toned. After the short definition of deep autumns, I will introduce characteristics of deep autumns like eyes, hair, and skin. Then, I will indicate which colors are best and worst for deep autumn and wardrobe basics. Last but not least, I will give some makeup recommendations for deep autumns and answer some common questions about this deep autumn color palette.

Seasonal Color Analysis

Which colors go well with you depends on your color season. Therefore, having this knowledge is really helpful when coming up with your color scheme. Yet determining what color season you belong to can be challenging.

Seasonal color analysis is done by evaluating skin tone, eye color, and hair color. And then, there are four basic seasonal groups that your skin, eyes, and hair will fit into autumn, winter, spring, and summer.

Furthermore, when it comes to creating a wardrobe or selecting cosmetics that work for you, and simply expressing your good qualities, the seasonal color analysis might be your inevitable guide.


Your skin undertone: Are you Warm or Cool?

Vein Color Test

Check the veins on the inside of your wrist. Your skin is cool-toned if they are predominantly blue or purple. If they are primarily green, your skin tone is warm. For some people, this test can be quite beneficial, while it may be difficult for others due to having different colors of veins. I know, it is really hard. However, there are other methods to find skin tone.

Gold and Silver Jewelry Test

You need to put both silver and gold jewelry on your skin while it is daylight. Then, ask yourself which one provides you with skin that is more in harmony and looks healthier. You have a warm undertone if you appear best in gold pieces of jewelry, and a cool undertone if you look perfect in silver jewelry.

Do you tan or burn? Tan vs. Burn Test

You have warm undertones if you tan very quickly. You may have cool undertones if you burn rapidly or cannot tan in any way.

White Paper Test

You will use a white piece of paper for this test. Bring the paper close to your face in daylight without wearing any makeup. Your skin has warm undertones if it seems more yellow or gold, and cool undertones if it appears primarily blue and red.

These methods may be unreliable for several people. If you are one of those who can not find the skin undertone you may have a neutral skin tone. The other option is maybe you really couldn’t find it or you are used to your previous habits and can not decide.

While the cool seasons are winter and summer, spring and autumn are the warm seasons. Today, I’m going to talk about autumn, specifically dark or deep autumn.

Dark Autumn

Warm and dark characterize the deep autumn color palette. It is also called “dark autumn”. In addition to this season, true autumn and soft autumn are also included in the autumn color family. Dark autumn colouring is more likely to be warm and deep.


Features of Deep Autumn

The distinction between deep autumn color palette characteristics is always quite strong, regardless of the skin color you have. In other words, dark autumn skin, hair, and eyes all have a lot of contrast. This is due to how starkly the teeth and white parts of the eyes contrasted with the darkish eyes and skin and also hair.

The deep autumn color palette has the warm feature predominantly in the skin as well as in the eyes and to a lesser extent in the hair.


Dark autumns’ tend to have neutral or neutral warm skin. There are many different tones of dark autumn skin, from mild to deep. Silver and gold both conflict with neutral skin, but gold stands out more. In addition to gold, rose gold may be another option for deep autumns. The undertones of the skin are yellow or gold. Eva Mendes and Leighton Meester are deep autumn examples.



People who have a deep autumn color palette generally have dark hazel, dark brown, dark green, and also warm black.



Deep autumn color palette people’s hair often has warm undertones and that range from medium to dark golden brown, dark brown, or warm brown black. No matter the color, dark autumn hair has quite a rich, warm, and deep shine about it. When exposed to sunlight, it may also produce gold or reddish sparks. Eva Mendes and Penelope Cruz might be the best examples of dark autumn.


Dark Autumn Color Guide

Now, it is time to dig into the dark autumn colour palette. As I mentioned before, warm and deep colors create a deep autumn color palette. Therefore, these colors and shades of them would be a great choice for dark autumn people.

Best Neutrals for Deep Autumns

Beige, cream, olive, burgundy, and brown are the best neutrals for dark autumn people. While beige and cream are the light neutrals, dark olive and burgundy are the dark neutrals.


Best Colors for Deep Autumns

Copper, crimson, cinnamon, sangria, plum, ocean, aegean, and timber are the best colors for dark/ deep autumns.


Worst Colors for Deep Autumns

Neons, pastels, and any cool-toned colors don’t work well with dark or deep autumns. While some people look good in these kinds of colors, deep autumn beauty is hidden because of these hues. If you wonder why I will explain this reason. Because these colors lack the intensity, warmth, and depth for Deep Autumns. They are not capable of bringing them to life. For instance; Baby Blue, Lemon, Carnation, Taffy, Periwinkle, and Seafoam.


Deep Autumn Wardrobe Basics

Because the natural appearance of dark autumn is so contrasting, the ideal color selections for your clothing should also be. Thus, you can be sure that you will carry contrast combinations well because deep autumn people are contrast-weighted. As a result of that, the greatest method to generate contrast is to pair light colors with dark ones. Like dark green and red wine color, or beige, smoked, dark brown harmony, or camel and burgundy combination. These matches are excellent for a dark autumn wardrobe. Let’s go into detail about these colors and their combinations.

Considering the deep autumn color palette, a ruby red dress and an olive green blazer are a great match. You can complete your outfit by wearing green dark kidskin leather high heels. You can check out the ruby red dress and dark green blazer that I chose for you by clicking the underlined words.


Moreover, a long olive green palazzo jumpsuit may be another option for you if you like wearing jumpsuits. You can wear burgundy or gold Hermes sandals due to their chicness.


By combining darker colors with lighter or more vibrant accent colors, you can create contrast. Neutral light colors can be combined with dark tones and you can have a beautiful look. Indian red, almond, and burgundy colors would be great to create an outfit. You can also choose a pair of colors that contrast in colors, like mustard and blue. You can check a mustard-colored shirt from here.


Due to their lack of contrast, monochrome outfits are less alluring for the dark autumns. If you decide to wear it nevertheless, make sure to try to pair the lightest and darkest colors together. Otherwise, you’ll look sluggish despite your naturally contrasted appearance.


After all, what about patterns?

Patterned pieces such as animal print, especially leopard, are a great decision if you want to wear them. Leopard is a pattern that looks wonderful on Deep Autumns. You can find this leopard print everywhere but my favorites are shoes, high heels, and handbags. You check our article about leopard print accessories.


Makeup for the Deep Autumns

Makeup ought to be warm and dark to highlight the characteristics of a deep autumn color palette. Therefore, smokey eyes and natural red lipstick would amazingly suit you. If you aim to create a more natural look, deep and definite color choices work much better for you.


Let’s start with eyes. If you have a deep autumn color palette, you should incline to use neutrals in medium and dark brown or black for the eyes. Warm and dark-toned would be the best choices for you. I highly but highly recommend Dark autumns to try smokey eyes.



The deepest warm tones of wine, coffee, and rust red can be worn in dark autumn. Wearing nude lipstick that is close to natural lip color may look good on you rather than extremely bright tones. Because these tones will conflict with the other characteristic details. In addition to extreme and cool color tones, dark autumn people should avoid using cooler colors such as soft pinkish or raspberry red lipstick.



Rich warm colors such as cherry, peach, and coral look stunning on the cheeks and contrast beautifully with the deep autumn’s warm-toned complexion instead of extremely soft or bright pink colors.

Deep Autumn Celebrities

Deep autumns will be made up of warm colors with deep significance as well as a variety of lively warm tones. The color palette of Dark Autumn is soft, cozy, and warm, and has less jarring light tones. Examples of deep autumn celebrities include Sofia Vergara, Jessica Alba, Julia Roberts, Alicia Keys, Angela Bassett, Eva Mendes, Leighton Meester…


Common Questions about Deep Autumn Color Palette

Do I need to wear each of these colors?

Nope! You should dress in anyway you want to! Go ahead and wear soft pink if you want to, that is totally up to you! Nevertheless, you can realize that becoming aware of your season influences how you look and how they affect your mood and confidence. Of course, you have the right to wear anything. I just think that discovering your appropriate season and taking care of it is significant.

Are dark or deep autumn and dark winter the same thing?

Since deep autumn and dark winter are dark-based and have high contrast, these two can be confused with each other. People may think that a dark autumn is a dark winter. But I would like to point out that if we know the basic points, we can understand the difference. While dark autumn is more warm and dark based, dark winter is cold and dark base. You will realize the difference if you just look at the photos down below.

What about Autumn Family?

Deep Autumn VS Soft Autumn

In addition to dark autumn and dark winter confusion, deep autumn and soft autumn is other confusion that people deal with. Although they both belong to the warm autumn family, the contrast between them is different. Soft autumns have muted tones and moderate to low contrast, whereas Deep autumns have sharp contrast. Because of this, Deep autumn color palettes are more likely to be deeper and more vivid.

Deep Autumn VS True Autumn

Deep autumn and true autumn can be also confusing to distinguish since they are both from the autumn family. One of the reasons is that both of them are warm-based. But dark autumn has more contrast. Moreover, the deep autumn color palette is a neutral warm based while the true autumn color palette is a pure warm based.

Finally, I’ll recommend a video that I believe would be helpful. This video helps us understand better our seasonal colors and learn how to build a wardrobe and buy makeup products for deep autumns. It’s quite thorough. You should definitely watch it.

Stay Stylish!

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