The Key to Be Stylish with the Dark Winter Color Palette

dark winter color palette

Hi ladies! Welcome to the FashionActivation Blog! Today, we are going to talk about the dark winter color palette. To begin with our appearance and clothes have a significant effect on our feelings. That’s why we always look for creative ideas. People who are looking for outfit ideas for winter season, it is possible to see this palette because the dark winter color palette is indispensable for winter season. However, it is important to know which colors suit for you and which do not. Thus, you can have the best appearance!

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Seasonal Color Analysis of Dark Winter Color Palette

Basically, seasonal color analysis is a system to understand whether palettes are suitable for us or not. We look at the hair color, skin tone, and eye color in this system. There are 4 seasonal color palettes that we can belong to with these 3 factors. Understanding these may be important to choosing hair color, creating a wardrobe, or shopping for cosmetics that suit you.

dark winter color palette

The dark winter color palette belongs to the winter season, of course, and this palette usually contains intense and dark tones. There are 3 factors to understand whether you belong to the winter season palette. One of them is our skin tone. It is important to determine the skin tone. There are some keys to understanding skin tone:

Skin Tone

We can divide the skin tones which are cool and warm. So how we do understand our skin tone? There are different techniques for accurately identifying skin tone. Here are some common techniques that can help you determine skin tone:

Blue and Green Vein Test

Check the veins under your skin. If it looks blue or greenish, you may have a cool skin tone. If it looks more greenish, you may have a warm undertone.

Silver and Gold Jewelry Test

To find out which jewelry better matches your skin tone, try on gold and silver. If gold jewelry complements you better, you may have a warm skin tone. If silver jewelry looks better, you may have a cool skin tone.

Fabric Test

Control your skin tone by wearing white and beige shades. If white looks better, you may be a cool tone. Beige tones may suit warm tone skin better.

Online Tools and Applications

Many online platforms and mobile applications offer tools that help users determine their skin tone. These tools usually analyze your skin tone using images.
Please note that these methods provide general guidance and may vary depending on personal preferences. If you are not sure about your skin tone, you can get help from a makeup expert or skin care specialist.

Find the True Tones: Eye, Skin, and Hair Colors for the Dark Winter Season

Skin Tone

Your skin tone should generally be neutral cool or olive. Your skin may be dark too, or it may be very light. Generally, you may have fair or medium skin tones, but these tones should be more pale or matte.

Hair Color

Your hair color should generally be naturally dark. Colors with undertones of olive green, black, and ash tones with medium brown or dark brown can work well with the dark winter palette. In addition, it does not have highlights.


The dark winter eyes of course dark. The palette includes dark hazel, dark olive, dark brown or black eyes colors.

Overview of the Dark Winter Color Palette

The dark winter color palette is one of the three color palettes that contain the winter color palette. The other color palettes are clear winter and cool winter. Furthermore, it sits between Dark Autumn and True Winter on the seasonal flow chart.

Dark Winter Color Palette and Fundamental Colors

The dark winter color palette has cold and deep colors. This palette focuses on the winter season’s richness and contrast. That is why it offers a fascinating and wonderful color scale. Fundamental colors show the characteristic tones. These tones can be used in your wardrobe, cosmetics, or decoration.

Burgundy and Wine Red

Burgundy is among the fundamental colors of the color palette. This color adds warmth and richness to the palette and, it also has a perfect balance with the cold tones.

dark winter color palette

Midnight Blue and Ultramarine Blue Colors Tones

Midnight blue and ultramarine blue tones are an indispensable part of the dark winter. Especially, these colors are usually use the private and night events.

dark winter color palette

Purple and Fuchsia Color Tones

These tones show the dark winter palette’s dramatic and luxurious features. That’s why it can be a good choice for assertive outfits.

dark winter color palette

Charcoal Gray and Metallic Gray

Metallic gray is an ideal choice for creating a stylish look with cold tones.

dark winter color palette

Olive and Floral Greens

Olive and floral green color tones show the cold tones. Moreover, these tones reflect natural tones, and they have harmony with nature.

dark winter color palette

Dark Winter Color Palette in Daily Life

We talked about color analysis and fundamental colors of a dark winter color palette. So how can we outfit with these colors and are these colors suitable for daily life? Of course, yes! It is possible to see dark winter color palette in daily life. The key here is to choose items that go with your style and combine them into your style.

Pants of Dark Winter Color Palette

Metallic Gray Pants

These appearances are indeed quite noticeable. In general, it exudes office looks. A basic black t-shirt, sweater, and blazer jacket are suitable for completing your outfit. In addition, sneakers and boots can be preferred for shoes. Heels are not suitable for daily life, but I wanted to add that they would look great with these pants.

dark winter color palette

Burgundy Pants

Burgundy pants are especially popular for the winter season. In addition, burgundy leather pants are commonly preferred too much. Basically, when we look at these outfits, we often see basic crop tops and t-shirts again. It is necessary to adapt to daily life. Hoop earrings and chain necklaces are great accessories for these outfits.

dark winter color palette

Purple Pants

Purple pants with chic crop tops, black, metallic gray, or striped blouse combination creates a beautiful look. Particularly, purple slacks are incredibly comfy and elegant, and they make them a great option for daily life.

dark winter color palette

Midnight-Ultramarine Blue Pants

These assertive colors are usually preferred for palazzo pants. In general, they create a stylish look when combined with light-colored tops. Moreover, white sneakers and golden detailed jewelry are suitable for comfort while being stylish.

dark winter color palette

Leggings of Dark Winter Color Palette

Nowadays, leggings fashion is very popular. We can see our daily outfits as well as our gym life. We can say that black leggings are amazing and very popular. In addition, you can see sporty elegance with colored leggings.

dark winter color palette

Sweatsuit of Dark Winter Color Palette

Sweatsuits are the most preferred clothing in daily life, and we can see beautiful options with the dark winter color palette colors.

dark winter color palette

Sweatshirts of Dark Winter Color Palette

Sweatshirts save your day. It is easy and comfortable. Cargo or patterned pants or plain bottoms can be used and especially caps look well with these outfits.

dark winter color palette

T-shirts and Crop Tops of Dark Winter Color Palette

We talked about t-shirts and crop tops. Colorful bottoms and plain tops are very chic when using this color palette. However, it might be possible, though, to use the palette’s rich colors for the top and neutral or black tones for the bottom.

dark winter color palette

Blouses of Dark Winter Color Palette

If you want to see more formal look, blouses are a good choice. The tones in the palette offer the flexibility to use blouses in all seasons and different outfits. Although it is suitable for formal events, it is also suitable for drinking coffee with friends after work. That is why they are good options for daily life.

dark winter color palette

Cardigans of Dark Winter Color Palette

You can personalize your style by combining cardigans with business life and daily wear. Moreover, they are suitable for all seasons. And there are many types of cardigans, so they assort with all age groups.

dark winter color palette

dark winter color palette

Dark Winter Color Palette in Special Events

We need to mention this title when talking about the dark winter color palette! The Dark Winter color palette is the perfect way to create a chic and impressive style for special events. Dresses, skirts chic heels etc. with the dark winter colors look amazing! Here are a few tips for using them at special events:


Shine brightly on your special events with dresses with the dark winter palette! This color scheme seems to be intended for special dresses. Furthermore, you look even more impressive when you wear the fundamental colors.

dark winter color palette


When we consider skirts. Burgundy, blue, metallic detail, and floral green are very popular. Also, they are very elegant with long boots or heels.

dark winter color palette


We see many different options with heels. Vintage heels with burgundy color are especially amazing. If you have a special event, you can prefer these heels.

dark winter color palette

Boots of Dark Winter Color Palette

When we think of winter season outfits, boots play a huge part in this. The dark winter color palette generally includes cold and intense tones, and a boot selection can be suitable for this color palette. Also, boots can reflect the same tones. Here are some boot suggestions that would be suitable with this color palette:

Black Leather Boots

Black is a foundational color in the dark winter palette, representing elegance. Leather black boots can be a chic and appropriate choice for winter.

dark winter color palette

Dark Gray Velvet Booties

Dark gray tones can harmonize with the deep colors in the palette. Velvet-textured boots can offer a stylish and winter-ready option.

dark winter color palette

Navy Blue Heeled Boots

Deep navy tones can reflect the cold and elegant side of the palette. Navy blue heeled boots can match style and comfort.

dark winter color palette

Olive Green Knee-High Boots

Olive green tones in the dark winter palette provide a natural and chic look. And also olive green knee-high boots can be a striking option.

dark winter color palette

Burgundy Booties

Burgundy, being one of the rich tones in the dark winter palette, can be a powerful and complementary choice. Additionally, burgundy booties can add a strong touch to your style.

dark winter color palette

Accessory Selection of Dark Winter Color Palette

Dark winter with silver metal accessories has beautiful harmony. Gold accessories are suitable too. Of course, this depends on your preference. You can choose minimalist jewelry or create a striking style with different color combinations. Fashion and aesthetics to exhibit your style with accessories that harmonize with this color palette!


Firstly, colorful necklaces with neutral outfits look very good. You can combine colorful necklaces with the dark winter colors. Moreover, silver and pearl necklaces can have a chic appearance.

dark winter color palette


These days, hoop earrings are incredibly trendy, and they look great with outfits. You can add the dark winter color palette colors in your earrings. Thus, you can make stylish earring combinations.

dark winter color palette



Firstly, beanies are favored to provide protection against cold weather conditions as well as a comfortable and sportswear style. Additionally, colorful beanies complement your combination beautifully.

dark winter color palette


You may need a beret for a stylish and noble look! Additionally, dark winter-colored berets and combinations look gorgeous. Furthermore, you can see Lily Collins’s beret photos from Emily in Paris.
dark winter color palette


Caps protect your day from bad hair day. It can be preferred for daily combinations. In addition, we are able to see that many celebrities prefer caps for street style.

dark winter color palette


One indispensable item for the winter is a scarf. Scarves look magnificent when they are combined with simple neutral tones.

dark winter color palette

Makeup Looks with The Dark Winter Color Palette

A Perfect look with amazing makeup makes everyone happy. There are several details related to your choices. Firstly, you should be careful which color palettes belong to you and you can pay attention to the palettes’ color tones. Moreover, it is important to your product’s quality. Especially, poor quality products can cause skin problems such as acne or make you look more tired or older. Generally, a dark winter palette has dark and intense tones. There are some tips I want to give you due to personalize your makeup.

Eyes Makeup

Let’s start with eyes. The dark winter color palette has deep and intense tones therewithal, there are neutral and cool tones. It would be best to balance them. Eyeliner is indispensable and thick eyeliner and lots of mascara complement this make-up. And finally, you can add metallic glitter to your makeup.

dark winter color palette


We look for dark tones for lips. Deep purple, boysenberry, fruit dove, rose, deep pink, redbud, wine, cabernet, scarlet red, lipstick red, and chili red can be categorized as lip hues for lipstick. Generally, matte lipsticks are the most commonly preferred for this look Maybelline Super Stay Matte Ink Liquid Lipstick Ruby Red, 1 Count can be a good choice for this color palette. However of course, gloss can also be preferred.

dark winter color palette


Blush and lips tones are the same tones. As you know, blush tones contain red, pink, and purple shades. Your skin tone is important for your blush preference. If you have a dark skin tone, deep red would be great. Light skin tones can prefer pink shades.


The dark winter color palette offers a wide range of nail polishes. Colors like burgundy, deep blue sea or silver look great on our hands.

dark winter color palette

Dark Winter Color Palette on Celebrities

I will show you some celebrities who belong to the dark winter color palette. So, you can look at them and see if you are suitable for this palette:

Shay Mitchell

dark winter color palette

Priyanka Chopra Jonas

dark winter color palette

Naomi Campbell

dark winter color palette

Lana Condor

dark winter color palette

Jenna Ortega

dark winter color palette

Dark Winter Color Palette Outfit Ideas with Celebrities: Get Inspired by Style Icons

Zendaya with Burgundy Leather Jacket and Boots

Zendaya who is an actress singer, dancer, and model, inspires everyone with her street style and the outfits she chooses for special events. So, we all know Zendaya with her amazing outfits. Here we see her with a burgundy leather jacket and boots. Absolutely, this look provides a chic and outstanding appearance.

dark winter color palette

Hailey Bieber with Green Jacket

Hailey Bieber is one of the celebrities who takes attention with the clothes she wears. In the photos, she wears an outfit that reflects street style, with her green jacket.

dark winter color palette

Emily Ratajkowski with Navy Blue Pants

Emily Ratajkowski is an American model and actress known for her beautiful looks and strong social media engagement. She likes to choose navy pants for street style. You can see her in many photos with this look.

dark winter color palette

Bella Hadid with Green Leather Pants and Jacket

Bella Hadid’s look and wardrobe choices have consistently been given attention from people. Here we see the outfit she made with the green jacket and green leather pants. Definitely, this look brings together elegance and street style.

dark winter color palette

Miley Cyrus with Metallic Gray Top and Heels

We can say that Miley Cyrus prefers black color for her outfits. Here, we can see that she prefers to combine a metallic gray top and black skinny jeans for her outfits. Additionally, she reflects the colors of the dark winter color palette with her heels.

dark winter color palette

Kendall Jenner and Her Ultramarine Blue Outfit

Here we see the Alexandre Vauthier ultramarine blue transparent dress that Kendall Jenner chose for a special night. Additionally, it is possible to state that Kendall Jenner, who wore completely ultramarine blue with her dress and full look, added sparkle to the night. She looks so gorgeous!

dark winter color palette

Vanessa Hudgens with Purple Dress

We see Vanessa Hudgens with a purple dress at the Oscar after-party in 2020. Absolutely, her dress draws attention with its striking cut and of course the purple color.

dark winter color palette

Finally, as we approach the end of the article, I want to share a video with you. The video gives an overview of the dark winter color palette. There are also ideas on makeup and outfits, and it’s only 15 minutes.

So, this is the end of the article. I hope you all enjoy reading this article. And also I hope you learned information about the dark winter color palette. Additionally, you can follow us on Pinterest, YouTube and Instagram accounts for more information and photos. See you next article!

Stay stylish!

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