Comfy Belt Bag Trend

I want to start with a huge thank to the creator of this amazing trend. Because this is exactly what I was waiting for! Belt bag trend came in 2018, to our wardrobes and it looks like it will stay with us for a long time. Because they have become the star pieces of all the trendy outfits. So, if you still don’t have one, keep reading!

Belt bags are very useful even if you’re going for a vacation or an event. Because they have different variations which can suit with sporty and also chic outfits. Before showing you the way that using belt bag trend with sporty or chic outfits, I want to talk about their comfort.

Wearing big and heavy bags are old fashioned. Now, it is time to be comfy and stylish at the same time! Finally, belt bag trend give us the freedom that we are waiting for. You don’t need to worry about your bag anymore. You can walk handsfree and take photos of your enjoyable times in comfort. I like travelling and taking photos, so I can’t imagine a bag better than this!

Small and Cute Belt Bags

As I said before, belt bags came with different types and sizes, so I’m sure that, you can find one which will fit your style, if you still haven’t joined the belt bag trend yet. For example, you can wear them like a belt on your dresses, long cardigans or on your pants. Besides, you can wear it as a cross body bag on your pullovers or even on your puffer jackets. But trust me, you’ll feel very free and comfortable in both way.

Today I’m going to show you my cute and small belt bag from Mango, with an outfit. However, you can check out my other belt bag from the link. It is also one of my favorite bag, because of belt bag trend and of course its awesome color.



Here is my cute small belt bag from Mango. This belt bag came with three colors however, I chose nude one. I’ll show you the other options but this one is very easy to match with different colors and styles. I combined it with my long gray cardigan and white sneakers. I thought that, this kind of small belt bags fit very well with chic and also sporty outfits because of their shape and size.

If you want to catch belt bag trend with this kind of small and cute ones, you should remember that, you need to use a small wallet. Because there is not enough place to put your big wallets in it. Actually, it doesn’t take even my mobile phone but I like it very much!



Animal Printed Belt Bag

This is the second option of this cute belt bag. As you know that, animal printed pieces are very trendy in woman clothes this season. We can easily see lots of animal printed belts, high heels and also thick pullovers in any store. So, it is very normal to see them in belt bag trend. Honestly, I like animal print in small pieces like bags, belts or accessories. When you wear a big piece of something which has animal prints on it, I think it is getting harder to combine it in a correct way. That’s why, it is better to give this effect with small pieces like this belt bag.




As you can see from the photos, you can combine it with your sporty outfits like jeans, sneakers and trench coats. Or if you prefer to combine it in a chic way, you can easily match this belt bag with your dresses, skirts and high heels shoes. It looks perfect in either way!




Belt Bag Trend with Black

I also love belt bag trend with black. If you usually wear dark colored clothes in winter, you can go for a black belt bag. I think it is pretty useful for winter outfits. Therefore, it can be your joker bag. It can be also combined with sporty or chic outfits as you can see from the photos.



I hope you girls like this belt bag trend as much as I love! I can recommend you to buy one in peace of mind. Because you can also wear this cute belt bags in sunny summer days!

Stay Stylish!

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