Colored Box Braids – Hair Styling Option

Hi, stylish! Today’s topic is box braids, which is considered an art with its history and style. It has a style that wins the admiration of everyone who uses box braids or not. I will talk about the different colors, various ways of using this hairstyle, and what kind of clothes will fit with colored box braids. This hairstyle that you will admire has many further options, if you want to try colored box braids but can’t decide what color and style to choose, you are at the right place.

The History Behind Box Braids


The braid box is not only a hairstyle but also an identity that includes African culture. The African braid hairstyle, which is made by shaping the hair or adding synthetic hair into the hair, varies from society to society in Africa. Many different ethnic groups have their braid style. These different types of box braids also reflect social status. I would also like to point out that there was a silent method of communication in ancient times. African braiding has begun to gain popularity worldwide thanks to the “nappy” trend, which was started in the 2000s to encourage Africans to wear their natural hair. This style was more than just a fad; it was a representation of people rediscovering their selves. It has become very common today and is also used as a fashion trend used all over the world.

Most Common Misunderstandings About Box Braids

Box braids are one of the protective styles. So, box braids do not harm the hair in any way, and we can say that it relieves the hair and provides benefits as it saves the hair from applying things such as gel, foam, and heat for styling. You can wash braided hair just like your natural hair. Check out our Hair Care Routine article for many suggestions on how to care for your hair before having colored box braids. When you wash your hair by breaking it into pieces using regular shampoo, it will be as clean as your old hair. Also, it is among the known mistakes that she sheds a lot of hair, but it does not shed more than the normal daily shedding, but seeing it all at once creates an illusion. Finally, you may think that you will have to use your hair in the same style all the time. But you will see that this is also wrong because you will have the chance to observe many different styles in this article. Just keep reading!

Types of Box Braids


There are many options for braid hairstyles. I want to mention some of them before talking about the colors. This way, you can decide more easily how you want to braid your hair. While lemonade braids and corn braids seem like different categories, lemonade braids are made using the style corn braid. So, long cornrows braided in tiny, basic patterns are known as lemonade braids. The most popular lemonade hairstyles involve horizontally braided little cornrows or many small cornrows that extend straight back from your hairline.


Jumbo braids and mini box braids are distinct in size but both of them are gorgeous. In addition, another category is goddess braids, which are created by leaving curled hair from the ends or in between. In my opinion, this type of braiding can be a good choice to capture a soft and natural style. Moreover, there are many different styles of braids such as Havana twist, crochet braids, faux locs, and ghana braids. I will try to give you examples of the most popular ones.

Braid Length


Braid box hair short, medium, and long can be used in any way. You can choose long braids for a dramatic look. If you are going to choose a long-colored braid box, you may need to take into account that it is more difficult to use than other sizes because of the care and comfort. Although the medium size colored braid box is not a size that we see a lot, many people use it and make it. It is up to you to choose the synthetic hair length according to your style.

Color Options for Colored Box Braids


I am excited to offer you many color options by making a sharp return to our main topic colored box braids. Although it is difficult to choose hair colors, I am sure that this article will guide you. Colored box braids will show you how to dance with colors. Now you can choose your favorite braid color.

Natural Colored Braid Box


The most basic option for a colored braid box is to go with your natural hair color. This look will give you a stylish look and will not spoil your natural and soft look. You can choose black, brown, and natural blonde tones. I think black braids can be one of the most preferred colors. We can say that authentic and bohemian box braids with the color natural of your hair complete the bohemian style of the people.

Bleach Blonde Box Braids


This color is my favorite among colored box braids. In my opinion, it suits every style, face, and body shape. All styles can be used, from elegant chic to a full look basic. Blonde colorings like the one shown are cheerful for summer and will animate your impression. In addition, since your long hair does not undergo the bleaching process, it does not wear your hair much. In other words, you both protect your hair and have long baby blonde hair. Amazing!

Ombre Box Braids


The ombre hair trend is everywhere! Making use of ombre transitions when choosing colored box braids will add a more voluminous air to your hair and provide a unique look. If you prefer naturalness for ombre-colored braid boxes, you can choose to switch from dark colors to light blond tones. But if you want to make a bolder move, there is no limit to your imagination. These braids can be made with the hair of any color. An ombre effect is produced by each color blending into the one after it. Starting from electric blue and endings in purple tones, the harmony of pink and purple, or transitions from black tones to red tones are some of my favorite choices.

Red Box Braids


Red is a popular color that reflects the bold female look no matter who is looking at your hair. red-colored box braids emerge in my memory with Rihanna’s iconic look. Red-colored box braids are suitable for winter and fall seasons, your hair looks gorgeous with any dark color outfit. There are many options for red shades. You can use ombre red colors red and black or you can prefer to add other colors front and middle of the hair.

Blue Box Braids


Colored box braids have many options for blue colors. Blue box braids are a daring choice, but they can make you appear great. You can utilize colored box braids in all blue tones, which come in a variety of blue hues. The most rugged blue hues are electrifying and royal, I think. Also, when deciding on the color of your blue box braids, take the metallic undertone into account. These braids are the brightest and give you a gorgeous appearance. Additionally, metallic blue looks stunning with natural hair roots, keeping your natural hair safe and healthy. Check out the electric blue ombre synthetic hair I found, it looks really gorgeous!

Purple Box Braids


The purple color was used by royal families in many different ways as a symbol of nobility. Using purple on the braid box looks like a mix of classy and cute. In addition to being an attractive and striking color, many different tones are also used in the production of colored box braids. Are you brave enough to make your hair purple?

Pink Box Braids


You are a barbie girl with these pink shades! Pastel pink hair is the most popular hair color when it comes to pink hair color. I suggest playing with different colors for a better effect. This is your life, go crazy and leave fascinating color combinations in your hair!

Yellow and Green Box


The iconic color combination is yellow and green for colored box braids. Both are great on their own but together they create the most iconic look for me. Neon tones can be perfect for this look, but if not used, you should choose bright colors for this look, not dark colors. Dark greens and yellows can make you look bohemian, if that’s your style, I suggest you look for softer colors rather than bright ones.

Neon Colored Box Braids

While neon tones are mentioned, I would like to talk about other colors. You can have this look by using neon paints of any color such as pink, purple, green, etc. My favorite is orange neon-colored box braids. If you prefer orange neon-colored box braids, you will be the star of the nightclub.

Rainbow Box Braids

Box braids in different colors are one of the options for rainbow-colored box braids. In other words, these are the braids in which these colors are used in a certain order so that you can choose the colors yourself. This is a bold decision. If you have a colorful, happy, fun personality and you want to express it with your appearance, your choice is rainbow-colored box braids. The perfect choice for the festival season! Colorful box braids made using pastel tones are my suggestion to you. Autumn hues, dark hues, pastel hues, bright hues, and many more. Reflect your personality with colors!

Two Colors Half and Half

If you cannot choose between two colors, the best solution is to have two colors done. Combinations of two colors are very fashionable today, especially hair that is black on one side and white or blond on the other. But this is not only limited to this, you can adapt a combination with many colors you want. Looking stylish has never been easier.

Beaded Box Braids


This hair design fascinates me every time I see it. It provides a perfect stance for night parties and parties. Of course, you can use it not only in these styles but also in many styles. By adding threads and beads between your hair, you can create a bohemian look. By adding beads or metals to the ends of your braids or between them, you can have this hairstyle. Cleopatra would be proud of you.

Accessories for Box Braids


Colored box braids and many accessories fit perfectly. The most suitable ones are bandanas, diamond hair pins, hair clips, etc. You will love the silk vintage bandana I found, I obsessed it the moment I saw it. On the other hand, you can use hair rings, metal beads, hair cuffs, and strings. In addition, many hair accessories from the 90s are perfect for colored box braids, if you want to examine the accessories of the 90s, take a look at our 90s Accessories article.

Colored Braid Box Hairstyles


Although box braids seem like a difficult hairstyle to shape, there are many hairstyle options available. The most classic of these is the classic box braids buns, where you can collect all the hair. Classic always works. Gathering all your hair can create some weight, and the solution can be half updo or semi-updo hairstyles. In these hairstyles, it will be enough to make a bun from the middle part of your hair from above. Space buns are the perfect choice for a sassy girl look. If you want a slightly more authentic and striking style, you can crown shape with your hair, this will not add weight and will create an elegant look. If you say go wild and crazy, make sure you can style your hair any way you want!


But if you say you don’t want to deal with it at all, you can catch great models in just a few minutes. If your choice is for colored box braids, you can be sure that even putting your hair in a ponytail will make you look stylish.

How to Add Color to Box Braids?


If you are wondering how these perfect hair colors are created and added to your hair, you can check out the video below. Moreover, you can learn how to make feedin braids as a tutorial.

How to Color Box Braids?


Even without color, braids are stunning, but adding color adds even more appeal. Synthetic braid dying is a reasonably easy process. A spray bottle, rubbing alcohol, and acrylic ink is all you need. Then, choose a dyeing technique that is most convenient for you, such as spraying or dipping braids in color. Acrylic ink should not be used on natural hair; instead, hair color should be applied. There are a few tips for dyeing synthetic hair. A bleach blonde base is necessary for bold hues, along with braided synthetic hair that is gray or almost white. Moreover, keep in mind that dyeing synthetic hair only makes it darker if you want a brilliant color. In order to prevent the spray bottle’s brilliant color from fading, try not to add too much water or alcohol. Your hair will look amazing. Keep stylish, love you!

Stay Stylish!

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