Chanel Bags New Season

There are lots of luxury and well designed Chanel bags in the stores this season. I mean, who doesn’t like a Chanel bag? I know that, all of us like and want to buy them! However, I really wonder what do you think about these new Chanel bags design? If you haven’t seen it yet, let me introduce you the Chanel side packs!

chanel bags

I really wonder that, if we can see women walking around the streets with these bags or not? I’m not sure how comfy is this Chanel bag, but I have to say that, it looks something really unique!


chanel bags

chanel bags

As you can se from the photos, they are actually two bags together which means you have too many space to carry something. I’m not sure but maybe it can be useful for travelling. You can put your camera and makeup products into left and other things in the right one? I don’t know, is it make sense?


chanel bags

If you like this trend, I want to show other color options too! This Chanel bag comes with different cute summer colors like yellow, beige, denim or light red. I like all of them very much! They are perfect fit for hot summer days.

chanel bags

chanel bags

chanel bags

I’m sure that you will draw attention with these bags if you want to wear it! Actually, it is not just a bag. It looks like a huge jewel on your outfit!

By the way, if you want to check out this kind of new and trendy designs from popular brands, just click here!

If you don’t like this trend too much, than I want to show another Chanel bag trend to you. Here is Chanel vanity case bag! It is one of my favorite Chanel bag!

Finally if you still haven’t watched the Chanel Fashion Show 2019 yet, you should watch it! It was really amazing!

Wow! She is at Chanel boutique to show us new season Chanel bags! Let’s watch it to learn what is new!

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