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capri pants

Hi lovelies! If you are wondering whether capri pants should be in trend or not, you have come to the right place. We are going to discuss anything and everything about capri pants. The history of capri pants, who wear them, how they wear them, why capri pants were and are popular, how can we style them and I hope all these things will give you the inspiration you would like to have.

As far as I have seen a lot of people are in a love – hate relationship with them. Some people think think they are good and comfy and some people think they are bad and unpractical. So there are people who wish this trend to never come back again and there are people who already made it come back. Well if you ask me, and this may sound cliché but life is too short to care about what others think, so wear whatever you want and have absolutely no regrets. I mean, what can go wrong, in the worst case scenario if you do regret it and when you look back in the future, you will have a good laugh with your loved ones. I think capri pants deserve a try.

What Are Capri Pants?

capri pants

Capri pants are pants that are longer then shorts but not as long as trousers. Capri pants or crop pants can be use as a term for any cropped slim pants but let’s not forget that fashion can be anything you desire, so they don’t have to be slim anymore. In fact you can see people wearing wide leg capri pants. So first of all let’s look at their history. Capri pants were invented by a woman called “Sonja de Lennart” in the 1945. The name “capri” is the name of an Italian island.

In fact she named her collection of capri pants after her favourite place for holidays – Capri Island. Since then, back in the ‘50s people loved them so much. She gave women to wear something different to wear other then wide masculine pants. And capri pants became favorite for some of the biggest names we all know; Audrey Hepburn, Marilyn Monroe, Grace Kelly and more.

capri pants

How Can We Wear Capri Pants?

capri pants

The answer to this question is actually however you want. But I am going to tell you some of my opinions and show you some ideas from the people who have worn them before. And maybe you will realize it is time to take a break from your ordinary jeans and trousers and try capri pants for a change. I hope we can find the right capri pants women love. I also want to add this, in the early 2000s instead of gift cards my parents used to buy me capri pants, and at that time I thought they were wonderful. Also if you are interested in sewing clothes you can go nuts with these capri pants while making one for yourself. I bet that would be lots of fun to do something like that. I would enjoy that a lot.

Cargo Capri

capri pants

Overall cargo pants are so trendy and on the rise this year, so why not wear a cargo capri? I am sure it will have many benefits. I mean if you are a fan of that era, you will probably love cargo capris. And also I am pretty sure back in the ‘90s a lot of musicians wore them. It is good choice if you are going with a street style. Cargo capris will definitely spice up your wardrobe. You should give them a chance if you haven’ already. As a matter of fact you can create your own outfit with this cargo c. that I have found.


capri pants

Capri jeans were probably the most worn ones. I had them, my family had them and my friends from the school had them. They were perfect for a nice sping or fall weather. Not too short but not too long either. And a pair of nice jeans is always a comfortable and safe choice. You can do no wrong with them. Additionally you can match them with any top that you like. Because it will look good with tshirts, shirts, tank tops, sweaters basically anything. Besides jeans can blend well with many places; beach, street, mall, school, a girls trip, anywhere you want. Celebrities wore them even on the red carpets in the early 2000s. As a matter of fact you can create your own outfit with this jean c. that I have found.

Different Fabrics

capri pants

We mostly see capri pants as jeans but of course there a alot of different kinds of fabrics that are look good on pants. They can be a thick fabric or a flowy one. You can choose one according to the weather or whichever season you plan to wear. Moreover with a different kind of fabric you can create something unique. A new and different texture is always a fun and bold choice. Not too many people dare, but with the changing world that we live in more and more people try new things. And this is a very good news in my opinion because we see these new things and then we take courage ourselves to do same and try new things. As a matter of fact you can create your own outfit with this linen c. trousers that I have found.

Low Rise, Mid Rise and High Rise

capri pants

Now this is a vey personal topic. Capri or not everyone has a different preferance of waist highs when it comes to pants. In the early 2000s low rise pants were the most popular. And actually low rise pants are becoming trend again, you can see many people wearing it on the internet. Personally I don’t think the low rise pants is a good choice but some people totally rocking it, even I am surprise about at that. Contrarily to low rise, I think mid rise and high rise are much much better choices. I don’t know it’s just me. I think mid and high rise are definitely more comfortable than low rise. But the choice is up to you, so choose your favorite. As a matter of fact you can create your own outfit with this mid rise capri pants that I have found.

What Goes Well With Capri Pants

capri pants

First of all you are the one to choose what you want to wear and what kind of tops that will go well on top of your capri pants. But if you are in need of an assistance, I will gladly help you and give you some ideas. Of course there are countless of options you can try and decide what is best for you, I possibly can not show you every option but I can show you the ones that I have encountered the most. And when I say “encountered” I mean what I saw on the internet mostly on celebrities like musicians, models, actresses or on the runway shows of big brands and so on.

Besides that what I really want tı say is let your imagination run wild and just let yourself to do the things you have never done before or try the things that you thought you would never even consider. This is the beautiful thing about fashion once you decide what you like and would love to try there will be no wrong. Because it is just you and what you feel at that moment.

Sleevless Tops

capri pants

No doubt they will go well with many bottoms. Skirts, shorts, thights, jeans, trousers… the list goes on and on. I think wearing a sleevless top on top of a capri pant is a really good choice because when I think about capri pants the first thing that comes to my mind is the weather. And when I picture it in my head I always think about spring somehow but of course you can wear capri pants any season you want, it is up to you. Back to the sleevless top, I think a decent sleevless top should be in everyone’s wardrobe. You never know how they can be helpful and save you. As a matter of fact you can create your own capri pants outfit with this sleevless top that I have found.

Basic Tshirts

capri pants

On top of capri pants or not, basic tshirts are a must in everybody’s wardrobe. I swear they go well with every single clothing item that you have. Because thay are basics, that is the most important thing about them. They are the saviors of a terrible closet case. One of the other good thing about basic tshirts is how easily you can find them. You may not even have to purchase it, you can find it in your mom’s closet or your sister’s or your friends. Sharing is caring people, don’ forget ;). And another good thing about them is they will never go out of fashion. They just possibly can’t. I am sure you will be very much pleased if you choose to wear a basic tshirt on top of your favorite capri pants.

As a matter of fact you can create your own capri pants outfit with this basic t-shirt that I have found.

Button Downs

capri pants

I always thought that button downs can help you capture a very different and one of a kind aura. Even if choosing an outfit that includes a button down takes a few minutes, it can look like it took more than just a few minutes to choose that outfit. Another thing that I like abour button down is there are many options. You can wear oversize, slim, transparant, cozy or something completely unique that you found maybe in thrift store. And by the way purchasing clothes from a thrift stores is a really really good idea. People can encounter with unique things there, or you can find clothes from the ‘90s or early 2000s. As a matter of fact you can create your own capri pants outfit with this button down that I have found.

Crop Tops

capri pants

Crop tops are so popular and loved that you can see so many people wearing them. It has become a favorite for so many people. It is no surprise though. Once you start to wear them you just can not stop wearing them. They fit perfectly with many clothes. Esspecially they can be matched with your favorite capri pants. The outfit that you created with a crop top and capri pants may become your new spring or summer outfit. Or if you prefer to wear it in another season, it is your choice. You can wear them as it is or you can add your favorite sweater and, voilà, you got yourself another outfit option. As a matter of fact you can create your own capri pants outfit with this crop top that I have found.

Are Capri Pants In Style 2022


Back in the days capri pants were everywhere; on the streets, red carpets, fashion shows, tv shows, movies, any place that comes to your mind. Womens capri pants will be in style if you make them. Any fashion item can be in style if you decide that you like them and want to wear them. Moreover if you are a fan of early 2000s fashion you can find some inspiration for your wardrobe from our All About 2000s Fashion article and choose your favorites among those and start to wear them all again. Besides don’t forget, anything old can become new again. Capri pants for women can be one of those. Don’t wait for some clothes to be in style, like I said at the begining they will be in style if you want to wear them. Everything is all up to your preferances.

Capri Pants In The Early 2000s


Before we come to an end I wanted to include this part too because celebrities who wore capri pants in the early 2000s were a big inspiration for me on this article. And I know they are an insipration not just for me but for a lot of people who decided to wear capri pants again these days again. So let’s just do them justice shall we?

I have shown a few pictures from the early 2000s of celebrities who wore capri pants, and I will be showing some more in here. For the most part one can not decide whether capri pants are loved or hated just like that because it kind of is a controversial topic. But this huge fact can not be put aside for me and that fact is that capri pants are a huge part of my childhood and maybe for many other girls like me. These capri pants have a very special place in my heart no matter what anybody says, a beautiful nostalgic feeling which makes you want to relive one of those days that you wore capri pants while playing with your friends in the front yard of your house.


Get More Fashion Inspiration From Early 2000s

And we have come to the end of the capri pants article. I would be so happy if you felt a beautiful nostalgia while reading this just like I did while writing this article. Also I found this video on youtube “Early 2000s Lookbook”, she is not just talking about capri pants but also clothes and shoes and accessories from the early 2000s. I thought maybe you would want to see not only capri pants but also other fashion trends that you can try and create from the early 2000s, you can see it down below.

And before we finish it I also found some other different capri pants that I thought you might like; a blue jean, a black trouser, a comfy sweatpants and a cute yoga capris. You can find all of them on my Amazon List!

I hope you found this article helpful and enjoyed it as much as I did. And don’t forget “Wear to express, not to impress”.

Stay stylish 🙂

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