Black and White Leopard Print Dress Look

Welcome to my blog girls! Today we are going to talk about a cute summer outfit created with a black and white leopard print dress! Before showing you the details of the dress and accessories that I wear with it, I want to give a small information about animal print trend if you still have no idea about it.

Actually, animal printed clothes are not something new in fashion history. It is a really timeless trend but in some seasons it become really popular like 2020. Especially leopard print became the queen of this animal print trend. It has started with a leopard print midi skirt trend and continued with leopard print accessories, dresses and more and more…

You can get detailed information about the trends I mentioned above, by clicking the words girls! 🙂 Because I want to turn back our real topic black and white leopard print dress outfit! If you ready let’s have a furhter look to the details!

Details of the Look

black and white leopard print dress

First of all, I want to give an advice about the color choices. As you can see from the photos, my leopard print midi dress is not in the exact color of this animal print. (I mean brown and black one) In my opinion, this kind of full look pieces in animal prints, look much more better if their color is black and white. Therefore, if you want to wear a midi leopard print dress, my suggestion for you is black and white. The original color looks better on mini skirts, mini dresses or more smaller pieces like small bags and hair accessories. Otherwise, your outfit look too much feminine for an everyday outfit.

This black and white leopard print midi dress has a vintage sleeve detail which is one of my favorite. And also, I always prefer this kind of sleeve length because it looks more chic than the classic shorter sleeve length. Even my t-shirt sleeve lengts are the same with it!

black and white leopard print dress

I wear my hoop pearl earrings with this black and white leopard print midi dress. (Earrings from H&M) It matches the white part of the dress. And I complete the look with my white nail polish from Flormar which is called Over the Alps -FC01. White nail polish is very trend this summer and it looks great with any black & white outfit! You should give it a try girls!

black and white leopard print dress

black and white leopard print dress

black and white leopard print dress

Finally, I want to give my outfit a color with orange bag and orange sandals. Orange is a cool color option for black and white outfit combinations. However, if you don’t want to take any risks and make it simple, you can go for white bags and shoes for this look. It will look pretty nice too!

black and white outfit

Want to Make Black and White Leopard Print Dress Look More Sporty?

If you want to combine this leopard print dress in a more sporty way, you should go for white sneakers! White sneakers are great option even you wear a black or white bag. Make a messy hair bun on the top and just wear a nail polish which is more colorful like red or yellow. A jean jacket can complete your look very well and that’s it! You’re are ready to go girl!

You can wear this type of dress at office or on a weekend trip. It is all about what kind of accessories and shoes you choose for it. I hope you girls like my black and white leopard print midi dress look. If you like to wear animal printed clothes like me, just share your outfit photo with us! (Via e-mail or from the contact page) So we can share it under this post and get inspire each other!

black and white outfit

Click here to watch the video of the dress girls!

Have a lovely day and Stay Stylish!

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I love this dress!! 🙂
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