Birthday Hairstyles

birthday hairstyles

Are you looking for gorgeous birthday hairstyles? Finding the ideal hairstyle might be very difficult, but there are a lot of choices to do. So, don’t feel hopeless and feel relaxed because you’re going to have a lot of ideas and information about birthday hairstyles. I’m going to summarize the history and the meaning of birthday hairstyles first. Then, review the best suitable birthday hairstyles and mention how to find the right hairstyle for you on your special day. Just grab your cup of tea or coffee and let’s read!

Brief History of Birthday Hairstyles

People have styled particular hairstyles for their birthdays for thousands of years but the reason of styling is different than today’s. People used to style their hair in sophisticated styles with protection charms and jewels and other accessories because they believed that wicked spirits were able to interfere with them on their birthdays in the past. It is interesting, isn’t it?

Of course, over time, this tradition began to be made just for celebration. Hairstyles were personalized according to the wishes of the person and even more creative results emerged.

birthday hairstyles

What Are the Best Birthday Hairstyles?

Loose Waves Birthday Hairstyles

Loose waves are a hairstyle that looks natural and effortless. It is a famous hairstyle for years. The best part of styling loose waves is that suitable for everywhere such as parties, formal events, or everyday looks. We can say that Hailey Bieber, who is a fashion icon, has popularized this hair even more than it is. Whatever Hailey Bieber wears is somehow fashionable. For instance, her sunglasses, engagement ring, and glazed donut nails attracted a lot of attention.

How to Style Loose Waves?

Firstly, start with fresh and dry hair that has been divided into sections. Secondly, small pieces of hair should be wrapped around a curling iron with a longer base and held in place for a few moments before being released. As you make your way through every part, switch up the direction of the curls to achieve a natural and messy appearance. Then, apply a small spritz of hairspray to set in the style.

birthday hairstyles

Messy Bun Birthday Hairstyles

A messy bun is one of the cute birthday hairstyles. You may laugh and think you are joking but if you accessorize and choose the right clothing pieces, it can be a birthday hairstyle! You can wear a white shirt inside a black top and pair it with palazzo pants. A cropped jacket and brown handbag look great on it. Jewelry is the cornerstone of the outfit, so this hairstyle will look better if you wear jewelry such as rings and necklaces.

How to Do Messy Bun?

First, you should start brushing your hair to eliminate any knots and tangles. Then, put it up in a very high ponytail and roll the hair into a bun form. During that time, you can use some bobby pins for a stable bun. Afterward, you can apply hairspray to keep the bun in shape as you wish.

birthday hairstyles

Boho Braids Birthday Hairstyles

Boho braids are increasingly replacing traditional versions as the most popular looks to wear to birthdays, weddings, and parties… Besides Boho Braids, Colored Box Braids are also amazing hairstyles for every occasion. Braid hairstyles are the best!

birthday hairstyles

If you wondering how to do boho braid, you can watch this video down below. I believe that it is very clear and easy to do! Be ready for birthday braids 🙂

Low & High Ponytail Birthday Hairstyles

The high ponytail is a timeless hairstyle that goes with every kind of outfit and occasion. So, a lot of people style their hair like that for many years. This hairstyle boosts your look by lengthening the face and giving off a younger impression. Besides, a low ponytail hairstyle is for individuals who desire a more loose hair style that yet looks sophisticated and chic. Choosing a ponytail style is up to you.

birthday hairstyles

Crown Braid Birthday Hairstyles

Crown braids are a really adorable hairstyle in which your hair is literally wrapped around your head which is resembling a tiny headband. It’s ideal if you want somewhat more chic while maintaining a casual appearance.

birthday hairstyles

Half-Up Style Birthday Hairstyles

A half-up hairstyle is an the ideal choice if you want to pull your entire hair back. Only top part of your hair is enough to pull back and tie by letting the other part of your hair down.

birthday hairstyles

Accessorizing Your Birthday Hair


You should pick the correct flowers-fresh, fake, or dried ones before styling them in your hair. Moreover, you can tuck the flowers into your braid or behind your ear or hut clip the flowers into your hair. Also, you can make a flower crown out of floral wire, tape, and various flowers to achieve a boho aesthetic.

birthday hairstyles

Hair Clips

Pick a hair clip that fits the shade of your hair or goes well wi your clothes. There are many different kinds of hair clips including claw clips, snap clips, bobby pins, and so on… In order to learn more, you can read our hair clip styles article.

birthday hairstyles


A quick and fashionable method to add a elegance touch to your look is using ribbons while styling your hair. There are a lot of ways to style your hair with them. First of all, you can use ribbons as headbands or you can weave a ribbon into your braid. For an additional splash for your look, you can wrap the part of a half-up hairstyle with a ribbon or knot a ribbon around the ponytail.

birthday hairstyles

How to Find The Right Birthday Hairstyle?

Find Out Your Face Shape

Finding out your face shape is helpful to style your hair. For instance, if your face is round, you should pick hairstyles that add volume to your head. In this way, your face can appear longer. Therefore, you should figure out if you have a round face, square face, oval face or heart-shaped face.

Know Your Hair Type

Due to the popular culture that comes with globalization, you may only like popular hair and want to apply it. If you really want to do it, of course, but don’t forget that different hairstyles are required for each hair type. It is also important if you have long hair, short hair, or medium length hair.

Choose a Style

It’s important to pick a good birthday hairstyle because it can help you look trendy and feel confident at on your birthday party.

I hope you find this essay helpful and if you’re looking for learn more about hairstyles, you can read our articles about short hairstyles, wedding hairstyles for short hair, wedding hairstyles for long hair, prom hairstyles, beauty tips for perfect hair, hair care routine, the best hair braid styles.

Stay Stylish!

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