4 Bedtime Beauty Tips To Wake Up With Perfect Hair


Having perfect hair isn’t necessarily reserved for celebrities and supermodels exclusively. You can also have stylish perfect hair with just a few simple tricks. While sleeping is good for your health and beauty, sometimes it can leave your hair frizzy, lifeless or bent in a weird way. So you have no other option but to wear it tied up. But fear not, there are ways to prevent this. We are bringing you the best bedtime tricks for perfect hair.

Apply Good Products Overnight to Wake Up with Perfect Hair


Sleeping is the best time of the day to nourish your hair. Because as your body heats at night, your hair will be able to soak in all the necessary ingredients from the products you use. This will leave you with shiny perfect hair when you wake up.

You need to find a hair treatment that is suitable for your hair type and apply it according to the instructions supplied. Wear a cap or a shawl, so you don’t get some on your pillows and bedsheets. Search for products that are moisturising and contain ingredients which are not too heavy for your hair.

While you’re at it, try using cruelty-free beauty products. More than 50 forms of cosmetic tests which don’t include animals have now been validated for use, so there’s no excuse for companies to continue animal testing. Get perfect hair and save animals at the same time by supporting ethical brands – a true jackpot.

Sleep on Silk or Satin Pillowcases to Wake Up with Perfect Hair


During sleep, you are bound to toss and turn in a way that will create friction with your hair. This causes the strands to appear frizzy, filled with static and upright. There’s no way you can style your hair without huge amounts of gel. So, the chances are you’ll just want to wash it again.

This can be avoided if you just change your pillowcases. Switch to silk or satin, which have a smoother texture and are friction-free. That way your hair will remain smooth and shiny. Even better, these materials don’t harm or dry out your hair like other materials do. Because of this, your hair will break less and it will be stronger.

Don’t go to Bed with Wet Hair

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A common mistake that women around the world make is going to bed without drying their hair. While this saves you time during the week when you work long hours, it leads to having weaker hair over time.

Sleeping with wet hair is also bad for your scalp, as it enables different bacteria to form and multiply on your head. The least of your problems lies in its appearance, as sleeping with wet hair might result in hair bending and twisting in weird, uneven ways. There’s no way of fixing that quickly in the morning.

Be Your Own Hairstylist Overnight

If you want beachy waves or bouncy locks, you can let your beauty sleep be your substitute for the hair salon. All you have to do is braid your hair or tie it in a messy bun before going to bed. And you will have a trendy hairstyle in the morning.

Make sure you divide your hair evenly and don’t tie it too tightly. You can use a shawl or a headband to create different sizes of locks, as well as to keep your hair away from your face.

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