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baddie outfits

Hi lovelies! Welcome back to another fun article. This time we are all about baddie outfits and baddie aesthetic. I am sure you are all familiar with this concept, of course thanks to social medias, even if you don’t know this term you probably have seen this style of outfits on social media platforms. Baddie outfits are getting more and more recognition and popular every day. And there are a couple of reasons for that. But before that let’s see what we are going to talk about in this article.

We are going the talk about the term “baddie outfits” and learn all about it, what can we wear to look like a baddie and how to dress like a baddie depending on the occasion – baddie outfit idea. If you are discovering this aesthetic right now with me, I say you should definitely give it a try, you won’t regret it. Especially if you are looking for something new. This might be your “thing”. Let’s get started.

What is a Baddie Outfit / Aesthetic

baddie outfits

So basically a baddie outfit is a combination of streetwear style, sexy style and sporty style. Thanks to these combination of styles you can do and try a lot of things. Mix and match these styles and find out what you would like to wear and make it your own. I think baddie outfits and aesthetic emerged because of the influence of bratz dolls. They are a huge inspiration for this aesthetic if you ask me. And baddie outfits are all about confidence and main character energy with a lit bit of attitude. A baddie aesthetic starts from the inside, not from the outside. It is like a mindest, a representation of girl power. Certainly self confidence is the key to look good in these outfits. Evidently we can not forget the other huge inspirations behind this aesthetic, instagram and tiktok. Social media is where the baddie outfits were born.

Where To Wear Baddie Outfits

baddie outfits

The answer is absolutely anywhere and everywhere you can think of. There is no limitation for baddie outfits. You can go anywhere you want and do anything you want. This aesthetic breaks every boundary and is definitely groundbreaking. Now let’s see some examples where to wear to create ourselves some outfit ideas. You can create yourself baddie birthday outfits, baddie club outfits, baddie concert outfits, baddie streetwear and more. There is no place where a baddie outfit can not enter. Like I said, it is all about being confident and bold. No doubt that this aesthetic is a trendy look.

What Can We Wear To Look Like Baddie

baddie outfits

Now this question has tons of answers but we are going to talk about the most worn and preferred ones. Of course there is no limitation to baddie style but some of the pieces stand out. As I have said before baddie outfits have this sporty vibe with a fashionable twist therefore we can mix and match the pieces we love so much but thought they might not look good together. Who knows maybe you are going to find yourself a new style that you really like.

Surely baggy clothes are a favorite in this aesthetic; baggy jeans, baggy sweaters, baggy sweatpants… And with a beautiful accessories you can change the dynamic of your outfit and make it elegant. Another thing that will make your outfits look fresh and trendy is a pop of color. That will definitely make it more interesting but of course monochrome is another favorite too. Especially full black outfits are irreplaceable but day by day people tend to try new things, as we all should.

Ripped Jeans for Baddie Outfits

baddie outfits

Ripped jeans are taking the world slowly. Especially baggy ones. Not a day goes by where I don’t see them either on social media or on the street. They look absolutely cool and extremely comfortable. You can style so many pieces with ripped jeans. When talking about jeans, most people immediately think of casual, streetwear outfits but one can always turn them into a chic night out outfits with unique accessories or a change of color than your usual choice such as green pants and you can learn more about them in our green pants outfits to look stylish article but most important thing that you will be wearing is your confidence for sure. Nothing makes a woman look and feel good better than a strong self confidence. Also you can check out the ripped jeans that I found.

Bike Shorts for Baddie Outfits

baddie outfits

Okay bike shorts are loved by so many people that I have seen hundreds of people wearing it this summer. And for sure they rocked it, every single one of them. It is so nice to see people try different things with their clothes because they actually give you new ideas without even knowing. I have seen people wearing baggy sweaters, oversized tshirts, crop top or really cool shirts with bike shorts. Not so surprisingly bike shorts have become a go-to for fashion lovers. Their versatility is their best quality. Anyone can make them pop with a nice bag choice such as chanel heart bags and you can learn more about them in our chanel heart bags types and cool outfits with it article. Also you can check out the bike short that I found.

Corsets for Baddie Outfits

baddie outfits

Now, where do I even begin to explain how much I love corsets. They are just gorgeous. You can wear them with anything and they will still look elegant and continue being the best clothing item in the world. Corsets will go well with any event you attend. Now that people have started to wear them more, we can clearly see so many people are very creative when thay are styling them. They are not as commonly worn as other clothes I am listing right now but you should definitely try them and sse for yourself how nice they are. Corsets are one those baddie aesthetic’s must haves if you ask me. Also you can check out the corset that I found.

Oversized Tshirts for Baddie Outfits

baddie outfits

Oversized tshirts are loved by probably everybody. Why? Because they are just so comfortable, once you have a taste, you become addicted. With oversized tshirts you can do so much more than you can think of for example; you can wear them simply with sweatpants, with shorts, with ripped jeans, with bike shorts, with mini skirts or as a dress. And I can’t help but say Billie Eilish is definitely both queen and king of oversized tshirts. She just knows what she is doing. She and her stylist are taking every outfit to the next level. You can check out her outfits for some inspiration. Also you can check out the oversized tshirt that I found.

Mini Bodycon Dresses for Baddie Outfits

baddie outfits

Mini bodycon dresses are becoming everyone’s favorite and we are here for it. Due to the great interest that people show toward them, there are more variety of mini bodycon dresses on the market. You can find them on any brand you like and there are many kinds that you can try. With a mini bodycon dress you can look effortlessly chic. And they are able to fit any occasion you are in. It can be a birthday party, a girls night out, a day at your friends house or a night event. Also you can check out the mini bodycon dress that I found.

Mini Skirts

baddie outfits

Especially this season mini skirts are so popular. There are so many things you can do with them because there are no limits. For inspiration to style your favorite mini skirt you can just simply look at social media because they are all over the internet. And I have seen so many people styling them so good, it made me want to recreate some of them and have fun with my outfits. There are a great variety of options in colors and patterns. Find what suits you the best and then you are ready to go. Also you can check out the mini skirt that I found.


baddie outfits

This one is probably the most comfortable one for sure. Thanks to so many celebrities and people on the street who are creative as hell, the interest for tracksuits is increasing day by day. Even though a lot of people choose to wear them monochrome, you can always pop a color and make them more interesting. Or you can easily wear something else other than sweaters, such as crop tops or even a corset. The choice is yours. Make your outfits as interesting as you can. Moreover you can add a big funky bucket hat and a pair of chunky sneakers to your tracksuit outfit, they can be a good combination. Also you can check out the tracksuit that I found.

And we have come to the end of the ultimate guide for baddie outfits article. Also I found this video on youtube “How to look expensive on a budget – baddie on a budget”, she is sharing her opinions about the whole baddie concept, not just clothing but also accessories, makeup and more, you can see it down below.

I hope you found this article helpful and enjoyed it as much as I did. And don’t forget “Wear to express, not to impress”.

Stay stylish!

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