A Small Chat About My New Yves Rocher Products

Hi girls! Today, I want to talk about some Yves Rocher products which are new in my skin care routine. This month, I changed my creams and makeup remover. Therefore, I want to share my opinions with you about these Yves Rocher products. You may wonder why I tried to use Yves Rocher products instead my existing skin care products. So let me explain some important features about these products before I start to share my opinions.

Actually, the main reason that I start to use products from Yves Rocher is the natural ingredients in products. %100 of extracts they use in Yves Rocher products are botanicals. And also they avoid to use paraben in the products which is really deleterious for our health.

Furthermore, their sensitivity about saving the nature is an important reason for me. From the paper to plastic they use, are a friend of nature. They saved 62 tons of plastic since they started to use the eco-friendly tubes. And also the paper they use is comes from sustainable forests.

As a result, I decided to use Yves Rocher products to my face and skin. If you ready let’s start with new Yves Rocher set named: Hydra Vegetal.

Yves Rocher Products


I can say that this cream is the best cream I have ever used. My skin type is really dry so I need to apply my moisturizers many times in a day before I find this cream. Now, it is enough for me to use only morning and night. Let’s start to analyze this Yves Rocher product.

Botanical ingredients:

Maple sugar extract, organic agave sap extract, botanical betaine, organic witch hazel water.
Its written on the cream: 24H intense hydrating gel cream. That is absolutely true! As I said before you don’t need to apply this moisturizer lots of time in a day because of the cream’s intensity. However, it doesn’t mean that, this cream is very oily or very thick. It is really light and it has a gel texture. So that you can easily apply to your face with massage. I can suggest this cream to you especially at this cold weathers.

I know that, the natural products generally don’t smell good. However, this Yves Rocher product has a fine, light scent. And it leaves your skin soft and fresh.

In conclusion, If you have a dry skin I think that you’ll like this cream as much as I liked. I dropped a link below, so that you can buy and try this Yves Rocher product quickly!


I can’t say that, this is the most perfect eye cream I have ever used but my point to this Yves Rocher product: 8 ! Actually, this eye cream is from the same Yves Rocher set (Hydra Vegetal) but its texture is a little different from the face cream. It is more fluid than the face cream and its texture is like a sticky water. Your skin can absorb it really fast but at the end it leaves your skin a little sticky.That’s why I didn’t give 10 points to this Yves Rocher product. However, a few seconds later it makes your skin really soft and brighten.

Additionally, very less of this cream is enough to moisturize your eyes around so you can’t finish this cream very fast. I used to use Loreal Paris eye cream before I started to use this gel cream. Loreal is cheaper than this cream but when I learn it contains paraben, I stopped to use it. Now, this cream is a little expensive than the Loreal one but it is worth it. Because as I said before, this Yves Rocher product is also doesn’t contain paraben!

I dropped a link below that you can buy this Yves Rocher product quickly!

Additionally, you can see and get an idea about the other products of Hydra Vegetal set from this video!


This makeup remover is maybe better than lots of removers but it can’t be my favourite one. Firstly, it hasn’t got a fresh scent. It smells like olive oil! Actually, it has botanical ingredients like cornflower. In my opinion, the reason of the scent is this flower.

This eye makeup remover has bi-phase formula so that it can remove waterproof makeup easily but it leaves your skin a little oily. You should shake it before use and also you don’t need to rinse your face after the application.

I prefer to use Garnier micellar water instead of this Yves Rocher product. It is more fresh and it doesn’t smell bad. Besides, Garnier is cheaper than Yves Rocher. And also, it doesn’t contain paraben too!

Nevertheless, I drop a link below that you can buy this Yves Rocher product. You may love its scent more than me!


Here is a perfect Yves Rocher product! This body lotion is really what my body needs! As I said before, my skin is really dry. So I always need to use a moisturizer after showers. This body lotion is a perfect moisturizer. You can use it in the mornings and nights to your body. But I prefer to use it after showers when my pores are open. And I don’t need to apply this moisturizer again.

If you use this perfect Yves rocher product you’ll see that it doesn’t leave your skin oily. The lotions I used before were a little oily so I really love that Yves Rocher one. Because of the lotion’s texture your skin can absorb it very fast. And you don’t need to moisturize your body again, in a day.

Additionally, it smells really good. I used the coconut one. When you apply this lotion to your body you’ll see that, the scent of the lotion will with you during the day.

I drop a link below, If you have dry skin type you should try this perfect Yves Rocher product!


Even if I didn’t wear makeup, I apply a lip balm before I go out. I love to use them! And also I need to use them because of the weather. That’s why I want to talk about this lip balm. Ofcourse, you can easily find a lip balm which satisfies you but this is a small suggestion for you to find your best girls! This lip balm contains honey and it makes your lips soft. It nourishes your lips, at the same time it is a good protector from external factors. This Yves Rocher product is paraben free and it has a formula that contains %99 natural ingredients. So I can suggest this lip balm to you with peace of mind.

I dropped a link below so you can buy this Yves Rocher product quickly!

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